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This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by panelists the host of the podcast “A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone” it’s Jamie Stone and the host of LATV’s anchor show “The Zoo” Dennis Pastorizo. Plus, we celebrate the newest and the first black cast of member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but does Salvador and the panel hear back from her via text? Also, someone’s feeling really “horny” on today’s panel. Let me give you a hint it rhymes with chorizo. Jamie Stone host of A Little Too Much with Jamie Stone Dennis Pastorizo host of LATV’s The Zoo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

So I said, you know you'regetting old when you fall in love with
adult and tear contemporary music like SamSmith. Okay, so I know that's
maybe the redhead one. Then,oh, ed, sure, and yeah,
but isn't Ed like bisexual or something, or non binary or something like
I have you know, I don't. I can't keep up with the kids
astle. Today, on the winddown we have the host of a little
too much podcast. It's Jamie Stone. Hi, guys, hi, and
also the host of zoo on LaTV, Dennis past three Zo. All
this and more after the break.Cheers. It's Wednesday and welcome to the
wine down, your favorite show fora Lisas and cheese man with me,
studs, about lot to come,Dinna on my God, you guys.
Welcome to the mine name. Okay, where I am back from a life
hiatus, I guess you would callit. I'm exhausted. What the Hell
were you doing that? You wereawful. My being, my life from
one side of town to another sideof town. Dennis. Okay, Oh,
wait, where do you I'm when? I don't know if you can
say it on the little you shouldsay and then sleep it out like Ramona
on the did you see there.She said I'm full address. I don't.
So I currently live at Boo andthose voices you here in the background
are my panel who have never beenhere before. First Up is, well,
you might have heard of this voice. Hi, my good friend Jamie
Stone. Jamie is a beauty expert, the career eater and editor of the
lifestyle website, honestly, Jamiecom andhas recently launched her own podcast. A
little bit too much with Jamie Stone. Plus, you can follow Jamie Stone
on instagram at it's Jamie Stone.Guess what, what? It's my friend
Jamie Stone. It's Jamie Stone.Yay, and so I just love saying
Jamie Stone. And I wrote thisby the thanks. I was like it's
a good one, it's a goodname. That other voice you heard in
the background is Dennis Pastor Rizo.Pastor Rezo is the host of La TV's
anchor talk show, the zoo.You can also follow Dennis a star studded
vlogs at youtubecom Slash Dennis Pastor Rizoand on Instagram at Dennis past ris I
know it's hard to like pronounced.It's a long name. Yeah, just
remember it runs with thereiso. Ohof course, well then, in that
case, hello, welcome Dennis.Thank you, bobby pastorison. Hi,
guys, it's like really wins in. We're having wine. Yeah, yeah,
mine Wednesday on the Wine Gone Hashtagone Wednesday. Cheers, cheers.
We're having it like a variety ofmargish board, as they would say,
of a French wines, which youwere trying. Lalo Shnnon bronch. Very
good, but I took French fortwo yers you did in middle school.
I only know how to count atthis point. Yeah, what's your favorite
French thing? French fries or Frenchkissing? French fries? Friends, because
I'M gonna have to go with andthen French right, and then French fry,
yeah, and French right. Okay, so we're going to get to
know you guys a little bit betterand we're going to start with something with
that I like to call the fastfive. So it's five questions about you
or what you're into at the moment. So first we're going to start with,
oh my God, it's such agreat name, Jamie Stone. Okay,
your current pop culture obsession and why? Oh, I mean there's so
many to choose from. I youknow what, I recently got into Vander
pump rolls, which I know I'mlike very late to the party on that,
okay, but now I'm obsessed.Okay, I love it. Stacy's
my favorite. I actually listen toSAUCY's podcast. I heard it's good.
She's very good. I feel likewe're feel like connection with her for some
yeah, she's very relatable. Yeah, I like her a lot. Okay,
tell us about, honestly, Jamiecomand how long did you start your
website? How long ago? Ohboy, so I started my blog in
two thousand and six, which isa very long time ago. It was
like one of the first beauty blogs, I would say ish, and it's
mostly beauty, but there's some lifestylemixed into it too. And Yeah,
I launched the podcast a little toomuch with the Jamie stone recently. I've
about eight or nine episodes now andthat's like women's lifestyle in general. So
we talked about beauty, but it'skind of a little bit of everything.
Okay, that was really like weplanned this. So do you feel like
a little too much? Your podcastis an extension of your website. Do
you feel like that was a natand like natural brand's branch she had to
go to next. Yeah, Ithink so, because, you know,
I love my blog and I youknow, I love writing, right,
but I think I really got intopodcast. Is just a new media channel
in general, and I think they'rethat's the next step for for content creator
just to have. I'm not everybody, obviously, because not everybody has the
skill set to do interviews and stufflike that, right. No, I
mean I just wanted are listening topodcast. I really wanted to do my
own right and if you don't knowJamie, I've known Jamie for a long,
long time and she's a great,brilliant writer. Thank you. Very
funny, very sarcastic, very relatable, but she's also a great conversational list
on her podcast. Oh my God, that's just is just showered with.
Okay, as a beauty expert,what is the one thing you notice on
a person and what is the onepiece of device you would give someone in
terms of a skin, hair care, etc. I don't know if there's
one thing that I noticed, becauseeverybody's so different, but you know,
you know I'm skin care obsessed.Yeah, so for me, like skin
is number one. If my skinlooks like shit, I have like a
bad day really, but that's mepersonally. You know, I think everybody
has to be their own true self. What do you do to avoid,
like you having a bad day interms of skincare? Well, washing my
face every night. You know,I can't like stumble home drunk and like
forget to take my makeup off,which happens everyone's in right, and then
I wake up and I have likelittle bumps on my cheeks. It's not
good. I don't wash my faceevery night. What I well, why?
I'm so lazy? If it's differentwhen you're wearing makeup, because that
you can't I mean you shouldn't sleepwith makeup on. Yeah, but I
mean if I didn't wear makeup,I probably don't Wash my face. Okay,
so I'm okay. Yeah, Ithink you're fine. Okay, unless
you feel like there's like build upand stuff. I'm scared for you,
honey. Why? Because I don'tknow. I'm just like, if you
don't wash it every night, Iwould just I'm afraid that you would break
out. Yeah. Well, Imean if you're fine, then you're fine,
but I mean you're getting like lotsof pollutants just from the outside air
on your skin. So like evenif you took just like a makeup wipe
and maybe just whoops, I justhit the microphone angry quickly. Yeah,
you can take a makeup wipe orsomething and just like quickly wipe down to
get all like the dirt and grimeand pollution. I've been physically exhausted moving,
so I usually have been falling asleepwith a wine, white, white,
white wine Spritz or can in myhand. Oh boy, yeah,
Bundy stuff. Yeah, real,real, real classy hair. Who are
your beauty e consent inspirations, Jamie? HMM, sorry, I was sipping
Um. I think Gwen Stefani hasprobably been like the longest inspiration to me
and your she'd like she has makeupartist obviously, but she also is really
good at doing her own makeup andshe I just love how she you know,
she really kept tured always having herporcelain skin, I think tan you
know, for like a really Paleperson. I've always wanted to be tanner,
but she always really just like heldtrue to the fact that she has
pale skin and didn't like, youknow, the Tanning Salans and like all
that stuff right in the S andtwenty early to my thousand age. Lara
did that right? Oh my God, yeah, kind of Um. So,
yeah, I love her and shealways just looks flawless. I love
that. JLO's another good one.Oh yeah, jlo's great, Jamie.
So we just love you. Thankyou. I love you to you know.
Okay, next is the Theresa Den. It's pass thereizo great, but
I'm gonna be as those here witha piece of meat. We're not that
of mind. Yeah, I'm you'renot mad at it. No, how
did it? So, Dennis,how did you get your how to get
started in TV, like hosting andthings like that? You know, I
was doing a lot of hosting andred carpet work at a website called Taracom
years ago. Did Tara read onit? No, it's like I'm obsessed
with her, like terra cotta,Tara Ta are right, Sara Shart Nado
man, you broke every oh mygoodness, I actually interviewed her. She
was it was really cool to meether. I mean just like she's I
feel like she's like s iconspt yeah, like growing all Boyd America. I
yes, I was like, Ohmy good is Tara read is on my
show? I can not believe it. Rual intentions. She was on crual
intentions. She was. She's theChe's the girl that got fucked by Sebastian
the beginning when Sebastians at the psycho, it's the psychologist's daughter. I have
to really watch it. Don't rememberthat. I know that you were watching
it the other night. Yes,I was, and he goes, you
look beautiful, I want to takea picture of your legs, and he
said the same thing to the daughter. That is so creepy. Okur I
have to watch it again. Ihaven't seen it in years, so I
forgot stuff. Twenty years old,by the way. My God, don't
even remind know, I know,don't even remind me, but he'll go
and going back to the cards.So yeah, so I started doing that.
I was doing a lot of Junkids, a lot of red carpets,
and then, you know, someoneasked me the same question and it's
been so long that I'm like,my memory has blurred, but I'm positive
that I ran into one of myclothes for from latv at a red carpet
in Vegas. They liked me andthey were like hey, we want to
bring you into for a pilot andthen never, nothing ever happened with that
pilot. But then months later,right, they were starting production on another
show, and that's kind of likehow I officially got into television. which
how long ago was that? Thatwasn't two thousand and thirteen. I can't
believe it was six years. Facebookjust reminded me they were like six years
ago. That's all right, though. I mean, fuck, yeah,
believe. Do you curse real tocurse? We shouldn't, I guess.
Yeah, sometimes right gives me again. Sometimes he's like no, they're not
gonna like you. Okay, tellus about the view on La TV.
So the zoo is a panel talkshow. There's four host it's myself on,
Bertoguida, moving in Leaguarde and BrunoCerro's U Yo. I let Bruno.
Yeah, he's a sweet and sowe just have celebrity guests on.
We cover different events here in lawell, I think sometimes. Yeah,
some we've been to Vegas. Soyeah, we went outside of La and
sometimes we cover other things that arenot entertainment related. You know, sometimes
it's gets a little political, orit could get a little pop cultural or
or yeah, that's we've had.Like what's it called like people who work
in like healing and whatnot. Idon't know what, like psychics and something
along that line. Yeah, yeah, we had like a chiropractor one time
too. I think interesting. Well, what's your favorite? Who has been
off the five fasts? FY,but who has been your favorite guests so
far? Oh goodness, okay,you put me me, not see to
me. Well, besides you.So I I mean, I feel bad
saying this because he's caught up ina very he's not in good news right
now, but I really liked theone radas was there, just because he
has a hot body. I know, you're Hilarious, I know, but
he's he's in a hot mess rightnow. I'm like, Oh my God,
people are probably gonna hate me forsaying that, but he was.
Yeah, and can you remind theaudience who radio is? It's just in
case they're not familiar. So radiasis an actor and he's also a youtuber
and he came out on Hulu's IsaslosHigh Hepez, and he's gorgeous. He's
so got. He showed off hisABS. I was like, oh my
goodness, I have a long wayto go, honey, like I know,
it took me a lot of workto get there. It's I'm readyus
and here I and here I amwine. Okay, I know you're a
huge HMM, huge. Yes,chody, Socie, say by the Bellfan.
Oh my gosh, yes, wait, say, that was the first
word, chody. So Sad.Does that means? It's like a it's
like a Mexican stuff. Oh,big, should do some say by the
Bell Trivia, because I'm a bigfan to. Okay, you know,
I just some trivial last year andI actually lost. I could not believe
it. How did I know youthis pairing was gonna work? which character
do you relate to the most?Both of you can answer this, but
Lisa Turtle, without a doubt.You know, I met her at least
a turtle, crazy, batshit crazyLisa turn on the show, only in
real life, well, Lark,yeah, or here. Yeah, so
Lisa Turtle was also was always afashion place. She looks so cute.
She was a woman of color.She is a woman of color. She
was see, yeah, no,Doam I know you did it. I
didn't think. I didn't say it. I was joking. Um, so
I think. Yeah, and Ifeel like, even though they never explored
that on the show. I feellike if we were have a Lisa type
character nowadays, she would totally havea gay bestie. Come uh, yeah,
like they never, they never hada good character on the shots for
no, maybe the way too earlyfor that. Yeah, wait, though,
but there were some characters that Icould totally see beings who tell us
spill the Tsis. Well, therewas that drama teacher on the last episode,
the graduation episode. Oh, youremember when they did that, like
ballet the ball didn't like something happenedwhere they get I don't remember, but
he totally seemed gay to me.Yeah, you know, she's like there
were certain things about his persona thatseemed stereotypically gay to me. Yeah,
I think, like a little bitof a list for whatnot, you know.
So, yeah, Jamie Sun,what a character would you be?
I mean, I think you couldprobably guess Kelly, a Pouseki off,
oh my God, he's a literallythe reason I became a cheerleader in high
school. Are you sed to really? That's great. I've said that before.
It could risk great. I waslike, she's just she's just amazing.
She's call like a Pawsky. Yeah, I was going to say Kelly
Kapowski as well. Really are you. Was a bet of fan too.
I'm making the middle. Okay,do you think anybody says Jesse? God,
let's see. She's just so annoyingon the show and just like exhausting.
Yeah, well, she's very like, you know, politically, all
right, oh, exactly. Ohmy God, that's a great moment.
But she's just exhaust she's like thatexhausting girl, you know what I mean?
Not, not. was fighting fora woman's rights, you know,
which is her. No, Imean, that wasn't. It was just
she's just too much. He's alittle too much, a little too much.
Let's run. I actually met heronce. How was she? She
would lovely. Oh my God,yeah, Real Elizabeth Berkeley is like really,
really nice and yeah, I'm verycool. Yeah, yes, she's
one of the few cast members thatI haven't met. Yeah, I actually
ran into Dennis Haskins at Costco onetime. WHO HASN'T? Okay, describe
your vlog and three words, Dennis, Hollywood, okay, Sassy, Oh
and stupid. Okay, funny.Great. And last question. Celebrity crush.
Name as many as you want,because I know this one ready.
My God, honey, here comesthe list, here comes a list.
Don't even get me started. Ialways say the best part of doing my
show is all the hotties I gothere, even of their bad boys.
I deals me a why? Why? Why? Um, I like a
rod win. When. Do youknow where Rodwen? When is? Yeah,
I see, is he. Iknow who he has. But it
comes. I'm like, come on, well, he's a I'm like waiting
for like a like or a lesser, like a Orlando Bloom. Like I
give me a Mario Lopez. Giveme. Let's see who else. Oh,
this week I met saw us soundtruly. Is it said? Sound
truly? Also, I was soundtruly. I don't know WHO's that?
Informally, audience please. He isan Argentine actor, very big, like
Spanish language actor, does a lotof tennovelas just a sick body, I
mean the boy just really hits thegym, you know, goes in the
tanning bed or just like so raysof Sun. We don't condone the tanning
bed, Jamie, at all.You're like, I'm a beauty expert.
who also am I like head overheels for just me. I was just
thinking about that when I was drivingover here. I was like, see
if they're if they look like theycould look good in a g string,
then I probably wow, wow,that looks uncomfortable to me. Yeah,
I don't think I would find anyman in a g string attractive. I
don't know why. I feel likeI have a type, like, if
you look a little juicy, thenI'm you like a juicy ass. I'll
I like. So does Rupaul,though really machique goes. I love a
juicy you like a UCSS. Ilike got juicie everything, honey, hmm,
it's much I think it's much morerare to find a man with a
juicy ass versus a woman with ajuicy ass. Yes, men, most
men that I've seen naked have veryflat asses. Yes, they're probably white.
The ones that I see. Ohsorry, sorry, Ryan, ride
with it literally rides behind a current. I kind of forgot even I don't
know what kind of like, andtook take out my, you know,
my magnifying glasses to see how juicyit is. You have anybody is beautiful.
Yes, you're a you're a you'rean ASS guy. I'm a you
know what, I'm a body guy. I've noticed that sometimes of a guy
who are a body guy. Ifa guy doesn't has like an okayface but
his body is on point, really, I will give our like Imas.
It APA same. I'm a fakegirl, I'm a face girl as well.
It can't be too ugly, itcan't be like I got to put
a back on it. Oh myGod, it's so mean, but you
know, I gotta give it tothem. You know, having a good
physique takes a lot of word.No, it does. That's much harder
than being born with a beautiful face, like me, right gorgeous about me
in the hot sea, because I'mlike, well, this is great compo.
I'm sure that there's somebody out therethat I really, really, really,
really really like, and I justbecause I'm flabbergasted and I'm kind of
dumbfound the note right now because ofthis wine, I can't think of WHO.
I would, you know, thecelebrity question. What about Reality Television
Stars? Like who is your numberone? You know, like back,
and not back in the day,but like what was it like ten years
ago? Like almost all the guysfrom Jersey Shore Roun? Yes, probably
ably attractive to poly D like asituation. You know, he's not my
type. No, goodness's personality isso he's just like a love wasn't again,
polly did one with like the DJCare Oh my goodness, I'm he
has the body I have. He'salso like the richest out of all of
them, by my very smart.Oh my God, he's. Yeah,
he's smart. Yes, yes,like your met him and he's talked like
a business person, business savvy.You think he's business savvy or he just
lucked out? No, I thinkit's probably both. Well, you could
have read that way. was alreadysuccessful. He was a successful DJ in
Rhode Island before the show start.Yes, I know all the Jersey shore
facts. You gotta ride that way, honey. Yeah, but like locally?
Well, I mean, yeah,probably in like the New England area.
Yeah, but those clubs are huge. I don't know. Yeah,
friend, right, right. Withthat said, we're going to take a
little winebreak or we're gonna come backwith something I've never talked about before,
and our segment called wine and cheeseus. I don't know. So we're going
to dive into our juicy pre meetour choice. So I just me of
the wine down wine and cheese man. So if you I never talked about
this well, ever, Oh myGod, this is spense like ever dawn.
Pause there for like a good fivesecond. I know we're gonna talk
about. I'm going to open upa box. We're gonna talk about look
how scared Ryan is right now.Well, but talk about the real housewives
of Beverly Oh, I thought asex or something. I know he talks
about that all the time. Yeah, have you met me? We're gonna
talk about two cast members join thereal housewives of Beverly Hills and the first
black woman ever, yes, tojoin the real housewives of everly hills.
Who? My friend Garcel Bovat,heard about that? Yes, first of
all, who's excited me? Iam excited because I have been following garcel
since she was on the melrose placespin off models. Hey, yeah,
I thought it was the only watch. Oh my God, who did it?
Love Model? Well, you know, it was a shortlived show,
so I would like what. You'rea living doll. Yes, Um,
and I hope that they pick itup on some sort of streaming service.
They should, I would. Yeah, I made parties fat. I'm sure
it's on youtube somewhere. But goodfor her though, right, James Soon?
Oh Yeah, no, I'm intoit right. I've loved her forever
and like, why did it takethis long to have a woman of color
during the real housewives of Beverly Hills? Well, I'm sure it's a very
particular selection process. I think theyalso like them to know each other.
So there that right action, right. Does she know anybody that? Lisa,
Rena, Denise Richer? Their allfriends. Yes, they're all friends,
including myself. What's a living fromthe carcel? Oh my God,
it's so fun. She's actually okay, I was really I haven't watched a
showing years because I'm not into womenfighting and throwing wine in each other's face.
I am last Na. I wantto see shows about women lifting each
other up and then throw each otherdown. No, and I love that
Garcel is. She literally is awoman that started this production company with all
women who's like really lifting each other. She like walks the walk and she's
funny, she's Sassy, she's aproducer, she's an actress, she's a
host, she's an author, obviouslya model. I didn't know all this
off about her. Yeah, soI'd love that. She is a woman
that is lifting the other people upand and I feel like this season of
real housewives of Beverly Hills is goingto turn more into the lifestyle in terms
of like a modern day sex inthe city, like they were recently spotted
at New York fashion weekkle richards hasa lone clothing line that she debuted at
New York Fashion Week and some ofthe girls walked it. But they're all
everyone's like boring. They're all gettingalong, but don't we want to see
women empowering other women and I thinkGarcel will bring that Sass and class to
the show. I you know,I'm a new housewives fan, like I
always watched New Jersey. That wasthe most is that isn't around. Yeah,
they're on. I think they're notfilming right now. Maybe the our
film with there. It hasn't beenon like so they do like New York
and Beverly Hills at the same time, and then Jersey, I guess something
else at the same time, likewhen it's on air right. But I
always love Jersey because I'm from NewYork, I'm from New Jersey, so
that's why I would want to Jersey. The thing is, like, I
don't I really did more to Jerseybecause I'm also Italian. Okay, so
the New York House. Why?I was like, I didn't live a
life on the upper a sad guys, you know, Um, join the
glove of yeah, but I didnotice that I thought this season they were
all really supportive of each other.For them, I'm, you know,
right, always fight but like,you know, then Camille comes in,
they're like, what the fuck,like right, crazy Camille at their re
union and everything. But other thanthat, I mean I feel like I
enjoyed watching them get along right,yeah, and I just don't understand what
that I feel like that, likethe women fighting, we've created this culture
of instead of lifting each other up, just like drama and this, and
it bleeds into this culture and thatculture, and I don't dig that personally.
Some people thrive off of that.Well, a lot of the fights,
I think, also happened because hasof the show, like right,
you know, and they try notto break that third wall, but it's
hard not to. You know that, like, Oh, I'm mad because
you went to TMZ and you saidBlah, blah, but like they wouldn't
having that fight if they weren't onthe show. Right, that's true,
but I just know Garcela and Iadore her. She's lovely. I've gotten
to do an interior design refresh inher house for her kids. We've gotten
have Margarita's she's great. If youdon't know garcelves credits, she was originally
fancy on the Jamie Fox show.She was a cohost on Hollywood to day
live, originally in the coming themovie, that Eddie Murphy Movie, coming
to America, and just signed onto join the sequel of coming to America.
I don't know. She wasn't comingto America. Yes, she was,
and she was also in spider manhomecoming with Zendia. Oh, I
love it's good for her and I'vejust been a bad, big fan for
years. Yeah, and I feellike people like the like Garcel who kind
of work quietly but are good people, deserve this opportunity. Like deserve this
big opportunity. So, with thatsaid, here's a quote from Garcel she
says I'm excited and proud to jointhe cast of the widely popular and beloved
show, and beloved show like thereal housewives of Beverly Hills. As a
working actor who has been in industryfor some time, it's exhilarating to have
the opportunity to to dive into anew chapter of the entertainment spectrum. As
the first African American housewives and theBeverly Hills Hen Franchise. I'm honored and
humbled by the awesome opportunity to exemplifythe fact that black girl magic lives and
thrives in every zip code for her. Yes, right, how could you
know it's gonna be great her?So, as I said, they were
all spotted in fashion week and whatnot. What is Kyle Richards have to say
about the there's also a new anothercast member. Yeah, I don't know
who she is. What was it? Her name is Sutton stracky. I
don't know. She's a re rereownedparty planner friend of Lisa Ranas. I
don't know her. Yeah, done, Mary may not stick. Yeah,
may or may not stick. Well, we haven't seen her. She could
go back, you know. Iknow back. Well, I don't want
to say the word about crazy.Yeah, right, I know. Tori
spelling really wanted to be roll.She did, and I like love.
I love Tori like you do.I why? I've met her several she's
like the sweetest. She's so sweetinand I feel like she'd be so good
on the show too, and Iwas kind of I mean I don't know
how that went down, obviously,with what I mean. I don't know
if you have anything else to sayabout Tory. For me it's like these
women have to be of a certainincome, you know, they have to
be earning a certain income, ofa certain level of wealth. With Tori,
I mean I'm not trying to littleshade at her, but no,
I don't. But I think shekind of I agree with you normally,
especially for Beverly Hills, but Ithink because of the way she grew up.
Oh, I'm given her a past. Okay, you know, I
see what you mean. The richestproducer in Hollyway. I know I'm a
huge fan of Aaron spelling, butI mean for me it's just like you
here's so many things on the areyou read so many things on sabloids about
her ring extremely and dead it.So I'm like, is a real she's
part of this legacy family. Yeah, I'm like, if anything, candy
her mom. I. Yeah,well, she's a little she's older now,
older now. Yeah, she's friendswith me on facebook, which is
weird. Kenndy's bell. Yeah,I don't understand why she's comment on and
she's like good, sweetie. I'mlike, what is so funny? She
has a bless me century city aswell. I want to go there.
So how are her cast mate,sorry, reacting? Kyle sets fantastic so
far. We're just getting to knowhim, getting to know them, but
it's all new. Time will telland she's all Ky. Also said it.
Someone asked her if they're like closeyet right. She says it's too
early and they're a new group,hard to tell, but she'll see what
they'll add to the upcoming season.So what does Andy have to say about
Garcel this is interesting. Well,makes carcel Bovais an interesting addition to the
group, beyond the fact that sheknows Renna, she knows de Nice,
she knows the women. Is thatwhat struck the one thing that struck Annie
is that when he saw her interview, how incredibly open she is about her
life and she's ready to go intothat genre of entertainment, which it is
true. She's very open. Ithink I saw a little. I think
you saw if you really paid attentionto Hollywood to day live htl, you
saw a little like clippets of howopen she is about her life. Yeah,
really, yeah, and she's quickwitted and Hilarious in the same way
people responded to ny so positively.I think Andy said this. I think
that people will really get get thatabout Garcel. I think it's fantastic she's
coming down and I'm thrilled and sohappy go for her. I mean,
I had to read once and Ithought she was so nice, so sweet.
Just I've never seen Gar so involvedin any sort of scandal. So
I'm like, I wonder if theladies will roughle enough feathers to get her.
But I'm upset on camera. Ithink the producers are smart enough that
they've like, let's change this intowomen lifting each other up, kind of
a show sex in the city,supporting that each other. I hope they've
kind of hit that nail on thehead with this city, because again,
I'm exhausted of women throwing wine ineach other's faces. I've been exhausted for
it for like seven years. Yeah, the fights are always going to happen,
but like, hopefully it can bedownplayed right, but also like just
being vulgar and like why do youhave to do that? Why when you
have a legitimate career like there's noreason for any one of these ladies now
to do it. Yeah, Iagree. Anyway, I love Garseels so
much and I was happy to seelike good people deserving the opportunity. Let's
hear that. She's really sweet andperson you know that she is just not
like sad for the cameras. Let'stext her. Oh you gotta like that,
honey. Yeah, let's text her. Let's see what she says.
Let's have her come on when she'sdone. Let's see. I'M gonna go
into car. So there she is. I'll see me like new phone.
Hohod this. Hi. I'm goingback to the whole subject, though,
of like, you know, notnot having women uplift each other on the
show. I also feel like alot of the hardcore like that. You
know that that loyal audience of thereal housewives enjoys it because the show is
the real housewives of Beverly Hills.These are supposed to be classy women,
you know, living this luxurious lifestyle, yet they get down like anybody else.
You know, they get trashy aswell. I think people enjoy that
tool, but it just so toxicI feel like it's created this toxic culture
and environment that like people are goingto mimic what they see on TV,
whether you like it or not,and it just has become for me,
I feel like that's so toxic and, like you hear people in the gay
community. They're like, I'm likeso inso and I'm like so into and
every late to this personality. I'mlike, why don't you just be your
fucking self? That brings up anotherinteresting point. I think the worst part
of the fighting on, you know, on TV, is when the fans
get involved. I know when whenKyle had that issue with Lisa Vander pump,
Kyle said on one of the rerUions that she was getting like death
threats on twitter. That's hard fromLEASA VNDER pumps fans, which is like
guys, get a life. Idon't mean like Mind Your Business Right.
That a reality TV show. Theonly thing that I heard about Lisa of
Andre pump was that her some lady, I think, like passed out or
like puked in her restaurant because shegot food poisoning or something recently. I
don't know. I read it.I read it somewhere online, likes,
you know, and Lisa just orsome are rep for her restaurant. I
think it was pump or what's theother one? There's like four of them.
Yes, she has several just kindof attack that the restaurant has been
around for several years and this isjust one of just is just one case
that has popped up in the manyyears of the restaurant being a business.
I was like, yeah, you'reriding I don't know. And also it's
it's it's allegations. I don't knowhow true this is. Well, it's
just as a side note, issomebody in two thousand and fourteen I had
food poisoning four times. What's where? I mean it's like such a long
story, but basically, like onceit gets in your system it's really hard
to get out, and so likethen you can eat something that maybe like
salady and be totally fine, butbecause I have that bacteria earning me,
I get sick again. No,and I went to a gaster and trill
just and he was like yeah,it's a big myth that you can like
eat it a seafood restaurant and thentwenty minutes later be sick. You don't
know. It can be in yourbody for, I believe it, the
seventy two hours. So you couldhave eaten something three days ago that made
you sick. Girl, I gotI got like a stomach virus in June
and I was a bed ridden andI got chills. I got my worst
feeling. It was the worst thingever fell in a long time. I
was bed ridden like for three days. Yeah, it was bad. I
was and I can't really pimpoint.I mean there was one restaurant in Miami
beach where I think I might havegotten it out. See, but that's
but I can't tell. You can'ttell. There's no way to tell.
Actually, the guy also told hi, I'm like teaching your audience so much
about food rising. But they canalso they say, like most people get
it from produced that's not washed properly. Well, you know why? It
a salad the night before, andI'm like, could have been the salad.
Okay, so I'm say. Isent this to Garcel. I said,
Hey, I met my podcast nowwhen we're all talking about you join
our Chob Age, and we wereall so excited and cheering and cheering for
the black girl magic on Urhobh.Love you and will you come on my
podcast. Oh, tell her ifthere's. She's still keep in touch with
her models in cast me. That'sall I want to know. Well,
ask her an interview. How aboutthat? Oh, I want to know
sent. Yes, let's see ifshe responds by the and podcast. Oh,
that we're just saying. Ready.Okay, that was I'm really excited
and I'm actually really genuinely happy forher to join that me tool. I
guess I've been a van. Youknow, right, I'm great. It's
great. Okay, next topic isChris Jenner plays the prices right on James
Cordon. Oh, I didn't evensee this. Me Neither. This is
for Jamie. I love Chris Jenner. So the price is right. There
you go. That made it happen. So we're going to play a little
clip of Chris Jenner on James.Put on the Christ Jenna when you're here.
You are the world's most famous mamager. You manage not only your children's
careers but also they're billion dollar businesses. You are very busy, you're very
important, but here's the thing.Do you have time to do your own
grocery shopping? I love a goodcostco run right, you know, and
I love to hop online. That'strue. That's true. One there.
So I look at my own stuffwhen I can. You think you're in
touch? How in touched you thinkyou are? I am a professional shopper,
all right. So, okay,you guys, do you think that's
true? You think she's in touchor not? Would not? I don't
think I'm even in touch with theprices at the grocery store. Really,
Really, oh my God, Jamie, Jamie Kardashia just joined the building.
I don't pay attention to the prices, ever, and I know that my
parents have been yelling about my wholelife for that, but I just I
buy what I want. I don'tcare. You kind of I've been with
her, it's true. I cantotally see Chris Jenner being on top of
all of it. I mean she'sbringing money. You can tell that.
She knows. You know what,do you know how to do the man?
So yeah, I think she's ontop of it. She let us
know her, you know, whenthe when the apples are too expense.
About Costco, I guarantee she lovesthe COSTCO, though. Oh, she
said that many times, I've heardherself. But does she go online only,
or does she actually go to Costco. I think, E is.
They filmed at her at Costco before. My God, I feel so honored.
I have something in common with Chris. I love going to even go
to the same costco. No,honey, hers isn't. Probably like a
CALABASA. I don't think they're gonnahave I don't think they haven't. They
don't have a the cost I'm sorry, I keep on looking at my phone
because I'm on Garsel Watch. SoI'm really good at this. Your professional
shopper at like we Len Seeaga.So we thought we'd put it to the
test and see how in touch orout of touch you might be. The
cause. I didn't. If youknow, the price is right. Shoots
their show in the studio directly belowUS and they have lent us one of
their games, which we are goingto play right here, right now.
So, Chris Slop, this allfinal saying, let's see if you can
show. Okay. So do youthink Chris Jenner is going to do well?
Yeah, no, Jamie, no, Dennis. Yeah, I mean
I love her, I'm not heyeeting, but no, I don't think
she's gonna fail. You think she'sgonna fail, like miserably fail? Okay,
I'll be only like slightly fail.Okay, we're gonna be nice.
It's too long the clips that we'regoing to go for. Where was the
last time you bought a ten ofYams, Chris well, James, last
thanksgiving? You won't take your line. Okay, Lot, if the ten
years, yes, cost less thansix dollars ninety nine, you will be
riding that tonight's than that, andby writing. That is that she wins
a ride along lawn mower with thisgorgeous man. Oh, she definitely needs
her way. See, they're oncamera. Uh Huh, Oh, girl,
let me see. Dennis is,you're always horny, by the way,
my hormone, and you also getto take home the Lawnmo but that's
fine. Six. Wait, wait, wait, we got to stop because
we got a message back from garcelbreaking news. I love you. Thank
you. excited. Oh, soshe didn't confirm or deny. Well,
she's busy. Yeah, she's probablyfilming the real housewives. Actually feels okay,
but honestly, can I comment onthis? I'M gonna defend my decision
on this, because why would anycanned food be less, be more than
six hundred and ninety nine for onething, but you know what I mean,
good point. They should have madeit like, oh, is it
four dollars or you know what Imean, like that's like, I don't
I think six donn nine is alot for one canned item. HMM,
maybe yams or seasonal. I haveno they probably are for like Halloween and
know. If it's canned, though, then it's always probably in the grocery
store. You're right, but Ifeel like they s more like a wrong
looks. Oh sure, yeah,she went. Well, I was wrong.
Okay, okay, and she tookthe lawn more man with him.
That's what you're focusing. I'm sureher fourteen gardeners were super excited about that
lawn more. Oh, garcels,writing back, I'm getting bubbles. Oh
Huh, is this is right?And what other host does this? This
is an iphone thing, right,like where you can tell? Yes,
Oh yeah, the worst is whenyou see the bubbles and then they go
away. Oh my God, wait, what? That always happens to me
with a g I have a crushon like the writing, a whole thing
and they fucking go away. I'mgonna nothing comes and you're like. I'm
like, did you want to goto a trim and let's feel list.
They're like the the, what thein? Then they're like Oh, they
go away. It's like on Instagramto think we can see. Yeah,
you can't. Feels typing. Yeah, anyway, Carsel Watch, two thousand
and nineteen is great. Why doyou just keep it next to you so
you don't keep turning around freaking out? You know, I don't want to
smell my wing down the wine.I haven't had wine like a full I
have this whole bottle of well,I mean it's an alcoholic bail right,
one and a half glasses, Iwould say, till relicious. Oh my
God, it's all you need nowadays. I want to try to figure out
this brand wild. It's called Lanadel Ray, Shiats Mamay, this down
and backwards. Look at the name. Is like inside out. I can't
read that. Why? Something?Okay, so something. Next topic is
cardibees and movie hustlers. Right,which releases? Well, it's out now,
it is. Oh yes, it'sout now. Jennifer Lopez, constance,
will, kicky Palmer, whatnot?Right? So she's been doing some
great instagram videos and I want youto react to the shit she says on
her instagram. Ready, okay,with me Oste. Even when I got
lost, bitches and as I wather, fucking me, because I'm a motherfucking
vibe. I'm forget about on,explainable, like. I'm really like that
Homie. They're Neggai to twelve too, you pussy. Yeah, just be
cute, but I just ain't thatVibe, you know I'm saying. And
then, and then Niggas go aroundand we try to play him. So
try to find another like like,because they can't believe it. They can't
believe it, and that is likethat. Yeah, you see the guy,
you come back, because I'm justdead. I get what I'm supposed
to give. So are you avibe like cardivs? What do you think
about these videos? I think they'regreat. I love her. I love
her. My favorite when she wentoff about, like where the tax money
goes in New York. That wasa long time ago. Oh, I
think I do want this one.Where am I taxes go? I Want
my money, I want I neednot fixing the streets, I want my
money. Look, it was.That's okay, bubbles went away by the
man. Oh, that's the worst. Yeah, she'll be on the I
was saying a mart bubbles, thewhat is it? The Monkey? Michael
Jackson's yeah, he's that. Don'tjust kiddy. So next partib video.
Ready. Listen to this. Okay, I love her nts. I like
like lift their hilarious Nigga come around. You need to cut that bitch off.
I will tell you her ass rightthere and then. But I don't
want you motherfucking saying that I'm promotingviolence and shit. That, you know
what, the type of Shit thatI hate. I hate when a Nigga
come around right and a bitch wantto change her boys, her tone,
and she trying to talk cute andtry to act on then again talking about
like, Oh my God, areyou serious, bitch. While you talking
like that, bitch, your voiceas well, deep like fucking pop smoke.
All of a sudden you motherfucking talkinglike Kim Kardash Stop, fucking plain
or what she trying to make fuckinglook stupid like you asked no question,
like Oh my God, remember thattime that we almost drown? And she
go like no, I remember.What are you talking about, bitch?
Why you fucking him? Make melook fucking stupid. Bitch. I will
whip your motherfucking ass? I willask them right there and then I said,
bitch, what are you talking about? Like that happened last week.
What are you talking about? Youremember why you talk like that? Why
are you trying to be cool aroundmy Nigga? I will do that shit
in front of the Niggat with me, bitch. I mean I think she's
first and foremost of feminist. Yes, that what it is. Also,
have you ever had friends that like, when they're around their boyfriend, they
talking baby voice, I call it. She doesn't want people to be who
they really are. Yeah, yeah, yes, you're right, Jamie,
the right. I translated. Thisreminds me of gay guys. Is Good.
Yes, go in, because oneof my girlfriend says, you know,
sometimes, like you know guys,they'll get on the phone with another
dude and like they'll be like what'sup? You know, they're like lower
down the voice, like hey,what's up girl? No, it's like
hey, what's up, Bro?You know what you doing, you know,
and so they change it. Theycreate this persona, and I kind
of don't like that about gay guys. Certain GIGGA. MANYTHING I don't.
I've never done that. I'm wellI don't think. I mean if I
have, who knows, but Ithink I'm so flum point I can't,
I can't pullet all. They're like, you know this, I'm setting but
I'm like, Dude, even ifI tried to do it, I think
like I wouldn't be convincing. Okay, one more Cardi big video because I'm
obsessed about it, and they it'slike, I wish I could talk like
she does. You know what Imean. Ready coming to a conclusion that
the best way, the best wayto fuck is what the TV you want
to work because something is turned onright. She's right, and people in
the niggle face and distract. Ito be dexpert, because now I want
to pop the people and I can'tfocus. That can focus at all.
Now when there's too dark and allthe light is off. Now now I'm
scared because I'm scared of the dark, and you know, you start seeing
monsters when there's too dark. AShit Bitch, I, oh bitch,
I turn the mother fucking life soul. I can't fuck like this. Now,
when the TV is gone, it'slike you know when the club,
when the club with that blue lightis going are by, look beautiful,
and by look beautiful. That's atype. You know that you look beautiful
when the TV light is on.So that's how I want to fuck with
the TV on. That's the bestway to do it. When I have
sex again, I'M gonna listen toCardi B and do it with the TV
on. I can't. I thinkshe's right. I cannot. I cannot
have TV with what I was gonnasay. I gotta have sex with the
TV. I'm not put on youto know. I got distracted. I
am such a real person. Whatever. I go into a sports bar,
even though I don't like sports,there's so many TV's around that I just
like, I just look at theTV like I got distracted. So I
know, no TV while I'm havingQuitcha qulch. You. She had such
strong opinions on it. I likewonder if she had a bad experience or
something. Yes, I will takeanother vial, the vial test tube.
This is a love Pasta right therebeing a I don't know how I she
makes a good point, though.Yeah, I mean, do you think,
yeah, no, that Jamis notinto it now? No, no,
td on, no, probably not. Just makes you uncomfortable. I
don't know if it was OK oncolor, just like I don't. I
don't see her. I don't agreewith her points about the blue light and
looking better. I'm like she's talkingabout like a when someone at a bar
like at too him, they're likelast call and everyone looks kind of cute.
Well, because you're drunk. It'snot the lighting, I know.
But you know, I kind believeCardi ISMs. Cardi is afraid of the
door and I was like really interesting. Yeah, you've done crazier things and
you're afraid of the dark. Kindof. I'm not trying to point a
finger, but still, okay,when we come and we're still on Garcel
Watch, by the way, andthe more I drink I'm more like upset
about it. We're going to playthe game that is sweeping the nation,
celebrity swipe left or Ritu, verytalkative group today. I know chatty Cathy's
here. I got hold on Oh, Oh my God, Garcel Epping.
Wait, she responded. Just finishedshooting my first confessional sciting for her breaking.
You don't, don't. We're talkingabout Garselbo way, by the way,
he he has her number. He'sgotta like that. He's on the
you know he's in. It wasa a list celebrities. Oh my God,
it's so exciting, so much excitement. Wait, so what did you
say? Like that's it? Isaid, that's how she can tell me
what. That's all that. Shetape, not. She didn't say that
was she was gonna do the winddown. Yeah, she will, she
will. Okay, I'm so,I'm serious. You will, Dennis,
how dare you? Ha Ha ha, oh, you know what's time for
you to go. There's not adoor, my wife. Sorry, Jamie,
you can have that. Okay,we're going to play celebrities. Swipe
and left or swellipe a little bitof ass, Swipe Right, okay,
and you know, like tender andwhatnot. The whole tried to Riya,
where you actually do see celebrities.Who should I join? Ryan? Oh,
you should. It's I mean I'mon it like literally just to see
celebrity like quality men. They're notquality man, but the celebrities are really
fun to watch. What would Rya? It's a dating apt, they say
is like for celebrities and like theelite and they're very picky and I actually
I might have a friend pass.Let me check them when we're done.
With the PODCAST. Also, it'slike you have to be invited to be
I know you applause that the Soho. How so fuck you connected to like
your instagram and they think somehow linkedyour contacts and your phone so great,
like it's weird because when you you'reswiping, you can see like, oh,
even girl, you can see likegirls in common, guys in common
that you know, and I thinkthey get it from your phone number.
Oh, girl, I'm probably like, I'm the I'm probably alphabet. Why?
I'll let her why. I'M NOTgonna get on that. Are Honestly
not missing anything. I've never evenheld like a real conversation on that up,
but I just I like to seelike all I can't say them on
here because they are they cute.The celebrities, yeah, the guys.
I don't know what your sexual preferenceis, but I'm straight. But I
mean they're not really there's a lotof hipsters. It's a lot. It's
very like I would love Adj alot of djs. I actually made.
I said to me for your day, I'm like for the amount of DJ's
on riot. I don't think there'slike enough Dj jobs in Los Angeles where
they're also be employed, like itdoesn't make any sense. I'm not going
to take care of that. Dj. No, no, lesis your's a
math right. Dennis is a menlike that. Just wants a car,
gets of a six pair. No, my friend, my friend posted something
that lots of things like don't flirtwith me if you don't have a car
or something like that. Well,that's understandable. Yeah, you're a MES.
Yeah, then I played that wasAfrica and as that. What about
if he has a big APP latand he was like, well, maybe,
no, I'm not, yeah,into that. Know, no,
gross. Sorry Anyway, anyway,interrupt. No, that's okay, it's
a great story. Run passed youon Ryant. I still have it.
Yes, because I like so Ijoined tender and I don't really like it.
Tender's the worst. It's just athey're just like a mouse boom of
the gender has the hottest guys physicallyand who? I've been hot to you
like like a dollar every time yousay hot Oneno thing little drinking game.
I'd be yeah, fucked up,but he's really hot and Oh my God,
his abs juicy ass to that's Dennis'sbio looking person I've ever met.
My Life. Yeah, six pack, juicy ass, big him big a
play. If you work at theStripper Pole, I will take so we're
gonna play celebrity. Swipe left theright. You know, left is no
right, right as yes, yes, okay, so I've upload you that
again. Left is like I'm goingto pass on that person. Right is
right, right as like. Yeah, so I up a preloaded five celebrities
onto the trust the old IPAD.Okay, I'm bringing a swipe left or
right on them and say why?I don't games so much. I'm getting
like really aggressive about it. Iknow I could tell. Yeah, Jamie's
in a fucking football fans. Okay, first up is Robert Penson, our
newest Batman. He's our newest Batman. That you know what? That's actually
a great one, because I'm alittle on the fence. I think I'm
gonna left the right. Jamie Sophie'schoice. I'm kind to say right,
because maybe I'll really like him inperson, but I'm not like super attracted
to him. Okay, you littleskin me for me. Okay, yeah,
okay, okay, Swipe left onyou're passing on a guy with an
ABS and face. I don't know. I don't know. You know,
he doesn't have ABS. Sow I'peleft on his looks. I don't think
he's an ugly guy, but he'sjust he doesn't do it for me.
Swipe right on him being Batman.I don't mind him being bad. Oh
yeah, I want to see youhave the costume play. If that's what's
happening down my Bat Pole, Idon't mind. Oh Shit, oh Shite's
kicking in. Is Why we playthe game ad filling. This is when
we play the game at the end. If he wants to run my Batmobile,
he can. Oh Fuck, okay, I'm gonna Swipe right on it.
Yeah, yeah, well, Idon't really know that much about him
on a personal level. So,like he might actually be awesome if you
meet him in real life. Yeah, I just I feel like he's that
vibe. I like he's kind ofchill, art, creative, fun.
Totally. Yeah, like it's heretoo. But do you like white guys?
Yes, okay, maybe that couldbe. That's all. I'm did
his ax, you know, Imean, I don't know. One doesn't
know. I don't know him.Yeah, next person ready. That and
this is a mix of it's likea grab bag of people. Lizzo.
Okay, well, I'm straight,so I'm going to say hard lot,
but just like it, like,just like in a like like, well,
she's beautiful there you. Yeah,I just I'm not sexually attracted her
because I like man. Well,we get that. Likewise, I'm gonna
Swipe right on her because she's sofun. Right. I'm gonna Swipe left,
though, because sometimes I wonder.I'm like, is listle that crazy,
or is it just a persona thatthey've made around her? You know,
she was like drinking out of likea flask or like a bottle of
the MTV. I've done it videomusic awards, but I'm like, is
it really? Is it really alcoholin there, or does she have like
water? Huh, let be funny. Actually, I'm gonna Swipe right on
Lizo because she's gonna sh she willshow you a good time. I think
she's fun. No, but Ithink I love how confident she is and
I feel like I, like I'vesaid before, I live by the Marilyn
Monroe rule, Marilyn Monroe rule ofthey can make you laugh, they can
make you do anything. So Ithink she's just I love the confidence she
has. I love, like thecreative vision she has. Yeah, I
love her. Okay, that's greatand gorgeous. Obvious music too. I
mean that picture that you're showing us. Yes, freaking in the Houl.
Next one is Brian Austin Greens.Yeah, yeah, right, okay,
watch, right, I'm not one. Oh my God, right, no,
with like. I mean you didn'teven have some like maybe even twice.
About that, Jamie, for lesslate. Sorry, I just thinking
as I watched. I'm obviously awatcher of the Beh known she were no
verboot, and I was actually thinking, I mean our I think they've all
they all look amazing and I rememberwhen I watched it, you know,
the original series, when I wasyounger. I think I found him like
the least attractive because he was literallylike thirteen years old. And now I'm
like, Holy Shit, you're anattractive man. He's Superre you looking hot
as fuck. Yeah, how Igot a gartel update, by the way.
Oh, did it just EMOJI's?Okay, Oh, okay, okay,
Dennis, right all the way.I mean those beautiful does he have
green eyes or is it Blue Eyes? Light Eyes? There's some good eye
flu. And then he has atattoos on him. It's like he's got
like that. And what do youthink about his body? Fuck, yes,
excuse me, that's yes, Idid juice down there. You know
what I have a feeling he is. I have a feeling he's got a
big old egg plant or but whatabout but peach? I don't know about
the peach, but something tells tome that has a he has a big
Mussaguat Whoa. That's just me,okay, but you know what looks can
deceive. I'm into it. Iwasn't into it, but I'm into it.
But I feel like he's also likeadorkable, like Dorky and adorable,
and he looks like it could belike an a little rock alternative band.
You know, I'm not mad atit. They said like I like the
dark hair with light skin, thewhole thing. I mean, he stated
like the did it wasn't he's marriedto Megan Foma and Fox it is he
sothink? Yeah, they broke upand I think got back to go.
Wasn't he with Tiffany? I'm bertheastinto for a long Oh yeah, when
during the college years of nonreturn.Now they are, but say by the
well, not in turn. No, she was on on, on Turno
as well. Yeah, I thoughtyou meant the college years, if say
by the Oh, no, separatecollege here, she said. Are you
right now? A little bad,but I know how Horny are you right
now? Very scaled. What isit? And that me eat minyol coats
my days being a lot. Letit get on grinder after this out.
Oh so, are you like aseven now usome? No, honey,
I'm a ten. Let me,let me, this is great. Okay,
ready, we have two more togo. Ready, raise yourself,
judith light, come on, tradingthe hall star on the Hollywood walk of
fame. I'm gonna give her andagain, because if it's everybody, I'll
I think she's a beautiful woman.I'm gonna Swipe Right. I also love
I think her career has been awesome, so I'll give her a right.
Right, yeah, good, I'mgonna give her a right. I mean,
I've adored Judas since I was akid. I mean, honestly,
to think the longevity of her careersomebody that I've grown up watching. I
never really saw her in a sexualway, but she's a very she's a
good looking woman. She's, I'man ugly woman to. Thank you.
Very elegant, very poised and goodness, I can just imagine what it must
be like to talk to have youever met Judith? No, I have
not. I should probably find thisfig your life who maybe, to put
it judith light like that came outof nowhere. What do you do?
What I do, Jamie? I'mthe producer of this show. This is
what I did. You're good atit. I almost think you're crying.
I mean, there's this, thisis nostalgia. Could you cry a little
bit? Tennis first. I'm gonnatry, but I could be the first
cry on the wind down. Ineed a few more glasses of one.
Oh my God, someone, bringit in, find it. We're like,
we're almost done. Another laugh.They're a little like a drive just
to make you cry, just tomake you cry. I think I'd cry
like just give me a few morein a few more minutes at all.
Okay, be poring and that's good. Okay, last person, ready,
M Spencer Prat, yes, Swiperight for me. Oh my God,
that is really h okay, God, but let's tell no, no,
tell us. Fine, yeah,you know when he was on the hills.
I will he's still on the hills. Oh with that's right, reads
on the lots of we're talking allthe raboots it. I love the Rep
yeah, but he doesn't look asjuicy as he did back then. Like
now he's like, you know,he's down to Earth. Well, his
body, is it? It's actuallyreally good. He's very like tight Olwa.
Is He okay, I didn't knowit. Like I feel like maybe
he's a little her dressed down right. He's a little bit more dressed down
there to be yeah, there's somethingdifferent about him like now. I think
maybe he's like calm down and he'snot a Douchey. Are you tell me?
I don't know. Is he stilldouchey on the new holes? No,
I don't. I'm not. Mypersonal opinion, no, I don't
think he is. I it's funnybecause I like kind of know him ish,
like not. Well, we've likedmed about stuff before, like on
twitter. Yeah, no, oninstagram. Oh, yeah, so it's
funny. And he's married to Heidi. So yeah, I mean I think
he's an intractive guy. I don'tknow. I just I only look at
him as like Spencer from the hills. I don't really I'll go left,
not be. I know he isattractive, I just don't really want to
do anything with him. Yeah,I get it. I do want to
do something with him. I justfind who, don't you? Yeah,
it's gotta be somebody really with justhorrible. Your horrible. Well, I'm
not as like. WHO Doesn't love? Listen, but I'm not as attracted
to women. That's all I'M gonnasay. What's that? Women? It's
just like the essence of the person. Dennis, I don't know. I
like my Nalat. I'm going toslow swipe left on Spencer Pratt. But
why am I am curious to knowabout Pratt. Daddy crystals. Oh,
so he is making that's his business. I can tell you. Jai Jamie,
does he are for Bred Daddy Crystal? Not yet. He like his
whole stick. So after the hillsended, you know they like when bankrupt,
they lost like million or they spentmillions of dollars, like on crystals,
actually, like millions, like crystalmeths, know, like, Oh
my God, no, like actuallike rock crystals. That like He'al you
quote UN oh please, are youserious? Yeah, that's like that became
his thing. He will nuts andhe is. He says that. So
then when snapchat became a thing,at one point, I think like he
fought Kylie Jenner for the title,but he was like the number one viewed
person on snapchat and he would alwayslike where he'd show his like crystal necklaces
and he had them all custom made. So then he started selling them and
apparently Prat Daddy crystals is like ahuge source of their income. Now.
Yeah, so he's still sells thesecross Oh yeah, how many did he
buy them there actually, but by'sthem wholesale and makes the Minto necklaces.
Well, the funny thing is,like crystals are a hue. We just
had psychic Christmadina on and I thoughtcrystals are bullshit. I kind of still
think they are. I fascinated bythem, but I'm like, Christs are
huge deal. I feel like there'sare into them and La. So I
would love Spencer Pratt here to teachme about Pratt daddy crystal. Damam,
he answers all his damns. Okay, I well, yeah, Jamie,
I will let dinner. Better hitthem up now and see if he has
a little dolls like so I'm goingto. I want him to teach me
about Pratt Daddy Christmas, because everyonearound me is into a fucking crystal and
I don't get it. Not Me, but I'm happy for them, though,
and he's like very into it.I know he's very like so I
want him to come on and teachme about the crystals. I want him
to come and teach me about crystalsand then just spank me. Oh my
God, Dennis, what is notyour site? That's you know what,
it's funny breathing. Well, Imean it's a it's funny that you mentioned
those, though, because a lotof my good, good, good girl
friends really have like pinpoints of that. Yes, I I like. You
love bodies. What would let's iswhat we learned today. To wrap it
up. Yes, you love bodies. H You love juicy asses, big
dukes and Jamie, and I likefaces. That's smile back at you and
when you turn them around, theydon't Damn, you have to see their
phrases. Oh my God, thisis what I always say, though,
like your body will get older,you know, and like the and faces
obviously get older, but they kindof it still looks like the same person,
right. I. Faces stay,bodies don't. Yeah, Dennis,
okay, fine, maybe I'll findthe midway point between something. I think
we're done. I think we're allwind out. Is So fun. Right.
Thank you. I had a blast, and thank you to ourself for
actually like texting back her. Funfor guests, our fourth guest go sell
bovai. She'll be here, comingin via Texas, fly flying flyinger in
via text. So, Jamie,where can they find you? Everyone can
find my podcast a little too much. You can search that in itunes.
My website's honestly jamiecom and on instagramits Ja Mie Stone. It's Jamie stone,
Yay, and Dennis Chowdi. Sowhere can they find you? You
can find me at Dennis Pastoriso,analys really long to spell, on twitter,
on Instagram, on facebook it's DennisDot Pastoris al and on snapchat is
Dennis does La. Oh No,you sure did do it. Apparently you
do, Dallas. That was myd keep it in your pants. Yeah,
I'll try, but but if he'sh and you can find me across
all social media platforms at stylist Abbadoorand almost every Wednesday here at the wind
out, exclusively on strawhat media by