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This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by guest veteran TV personality, fellow podcaster (Straight Talk with Ross Mathews) , best selling author (Man Up!), a current judge on the Emmy winning phenomena RuPaul’s Drag Race, current Attitude Magazine cover boy, the king of drag brunches all across the country and his former partner of almost a decade Mr. Ross Mathews. Plus, Ross plays “Spill the Celebri-Tea” talks about Celebrity Drag Race, which celebrity gave him the cold shoulder for a picture?!? Here’s a hint it rhymes with Yonce. And what the past year has been for like for him. Also, Ross grills Salvador about a new man in Salvador’s life. Along with another exciting edition of Celebrity Swipe Left or Swipe Right #hititorquitit! You can find Ross Mathews on Instagram @HelloRoss.

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The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

I got a tattoo last night?No, I did. We're on my
arm. I'm looking at your arms. Hors it. Oh, Oh my
God, does it hurt. It'sso great. It hurts like a mother.
It's great, good, it's perfect. I love the placement too.
It's so unusual right there. Socan we say what it is? Well,
I can. I say the story. So the story was I was
at home working in the podcast onlike I need to get out of the
house, I need to go thehouse and I wanted ice cream. So
since I live closer to highland parknow and it's fucking hot outside for October,
I was like, I'm just gonnaDrive Down There next tot of the
neighborhood. So I was walking around. It was all abuzz and like this
is great, this feels like me. Apparently I walked by the ice cream
place three times. Didn't notice,but I saw the tattoo place. I
go, you know what it's time. Had you been picturing what you're going
to get? Oh, yes,screen grabbed it. Great, so you
knew. You knew what you're gonnaI love because it's pay such a manage
to wear your front. Huh.A year ago I screen grabbed it and
I was just like, you knowwhat, I'm always like gonna have the
money on but I'm like, ifI don't do it now, I'm never
going to do it in something calledme to do it. I love it
still like an so I did it. I love it and it did hurt
and Moan. What can we say? What it is? Yeah, it's
a palm tree, because you're fromPalm Springs. Yeah, it's so perfect
and I love plants. Yes,yeah, it's Wednesday and this week on
the wind down we have veteran TVpersonality, fellow podcast or best selling author
and judge on Rupaul's drag race plus, he's the King of all drag brunches
across the country, my former partnerof ten years, Mr Ross Matthews.
We talked about his latest pop cultureobsession, the new celebrity edition of drag
race plus. We go deep.All this and more right after the break.
Cheers. God, it is Wednesday. It's white call Wednesday now instead
of wind on Wednesday. I changeda sponsor. No, but they should
be. They should be right Ryan. Okay, and that voice, that
voice you've been hearing, by theway, is Mr Ross Matthews. Hi
Oh my God, high we didn'tdo the whole yet. I love a
little chat, a little bts.You come in like mid mid send yeah,
conversation. I was just saying anemail. Yeah, it's fine.
I know. It's so good tosee you. You two. Can I
do a little intro? Oh,yeah, you're in charge. Yeah,
welcome to my house. If youdon't know who Ross Matthews is, Ross
is a TV a veteran television personality, fellow Podcaster, best selling author,
a current judge on the emmy winningphenomenal rupaul's drag race, current attitude magazine
Coverboy, the King of drag brunchesall across the country and my former partner
of almost a get decade again.Ten years, ten years, ten S,
tens, tens across the board.Did you play on that? I
thought added on the way over here. You can preoder Ross's latest literary masterpiece,
titled Name Drop, at named dropbookcom. Be sure to follow Ross
on Instagram, Hello Ross. Youcan also follow Ross's brunch time adventures at
Ross bubbly brunch and his podcast,straight talk with Ross Matthews, at Hello
Ross pod that's a lot. Pleasewelcome the interview. You've been waiting for
me. They have been, theyhave it. They have been for the
past year. Okay, losing theirminds. Mr Rossman, will, it
is so good to be here andI am so proud of you. And
you know, I listened to yourprogram like I said, and I what.
I texted your called you last week, Uh Huh, and I said
you are getting so good at broadcasting. I'm so proud of you. Thank
you. You're welcome. It's reallyenjoyable. Thanks, you're welcome. Doing
a great job. We just youknow, this is my like socializing time.
Huh, and this is where Isocialize here. That's pretty much it.
Well, I'm that's not true,but I know, because so can
I. Can I say what wejust talked about? Huh, on the
walk in here? What I knowthat you're socializing more than just in this
room. I mean like afterwards,I go out because I can night and
I'm a lazy driver. Without sayingany too much kind of anything. Nope,
okay, ready. Imagine. Letme tell a story. Okay,
good, that isn't about us.Okay, so imagine two people to get
read for a very long time andthen and they're no longer together, but
there's family forever and their friends foreverand everything. Sure say they got together
and they starts talked about dates theyhad recently gone on with other people and
caught up. So that's why I'mjust saying, you're okay. That might
have happened. All right, soI know that your socializing. Well,
I mean like friends and whatnot.I understand. What what? That's the
story people want here, dude,you're dating. I don't think they care.
I talked about it here all thetime, but you're not talking about
this one. Who? What?What? Okay, all right, I'm
just saying I like this. Ijust say, SIP your white cloth.
You like the white cloth. I'mgood. I'm going in gate hard.
Cheers, cheers, tears, cheersto whoever those people we're just talking about
are those. It's a whole group. Don't know all of us. Yes,
all of them. Okay. Sowe usually do a fast five,
as you know, but for youwere doing tense, ten, sens agross
spoil for our ten episode and ourten blot of ten. I love it
great. A lot of tents.Okay, some of you might know that
Ross was born and raised in MaltVerne and Washington. Yes, my question
to you is, have you everthought about you're gonna Laugh, I know
you're gonna Laugh. Okay, butlike opening up a Ross pathew's theater to
support like the local arts or visualperforming arts, or like like an organization
like Oprah School for girls, givingCrisco Ross the school for girls. Listen,
will you know? I love whereI'm from and there's a little theater
there. It called the Lincoln Theater, where I was started. In my
first play I was Bilbil Baggins andthe hobbit. My friends called me Dil
doebeg. Yes, he knows allthe same stories. So it will anyway.
What's going to tag team these stories? But that theater is really instrument
mental in that small town. Livein farm town where from, and they
would play like foreign movies and theywould do live theater and they would do
all this episo. I've in thepast really helped that theater out financially.
We raise money for it and everything. I'm actually going back. I'm performing
sort of workshopping my upcoming tour thereto benefit the local hospital in town.
So I would I love the ideaof giving back to where I'm from.
You know, if it wasn't fortheater and having a connection to the arts
in my little farm town right Idon't know that I would have even thought
to have left as far as Idid, you know. So I think
it's important for kids across the country, in these little towns, to be
exposed to art totally. In alot of art programs, programs have been
taken away from the schools. Yeah, and the schools and these towns,
from like the Y, MCA,to whatever, because they don't think they're
pivotal to it's interesting you ask thatquestion because I have been thinking about as
you know, I just turned fortyand you get an you start seeing mortality
in your face, just with withyour parents health and with your own age
taking by quickly and you thin becauseyou start thinking less about how much what
you can achieve in your bank andalso you start thinking about what your legacy
will be, what you're going toleave behind you, what you want to
contribute to their sight. Funny youasking that question, because I've really been
thinking about what do I want tocontribute lately, and maybe that's it,
you know. So I've been thinkingabout what it could be, because I
do feel that would be the nextstep for you. Yeah, as to
give like the this younger generations sokind of an outlet it, whether if
it's like they want a dance programor you know, but it's clean.
You know, I am known formy, yes, natural dancing abilities.
Loved you in Black Swan. Okay, speaking of forty, you currently turned
Fort Lee Forty now. It's lifedifferent now than when you turn thirty.
You know, forty feels really comfortableto me because it's like it's the same
person, it's the same body,it's still you know, you know,
the face is still kind of together, but I've made the mistakes, I've
fucked up, I've write. Youknow, we all fuck up, but
I try not to fuck up twiceat the same thing twice. So it's
like almost like you're still in thefight, but you have all this experience
under your belt, right, doesthat make sense? It feels like to
me it's like, Oh my God, I know a lot now and I'm
still like able to it's early enoughnow to adjust to life. Does that
make sense? Yeah, yeah,yeah, it's not too late, but
it's also not blind to the realitiesof the real world. Yeah, never
too late, never too late,but it feels good when, at that
moment, I turned forty. SoI was thinking about and I know you're
what, a year and a halfaway? No, No, Uh Huh.
So we won't bring that up.So imagine there was a guy who
was the podcast a year and noway to drink forty. I just wanted
to. So I was as Iwas approaching it, you know, I
was thinking, how do I feelabout this? And then I know was
born at ten fifty one am.So I called my mom at ten fifty
am and said mom, look atthe clock and we watched it turn ten
fifty one am at the same time. Right, and as soon as it
happened I went oh, oh,feels good, feels cut. Tends across
the board. It's across the board. The fuck with the tens, yeah,
but the tins, with the tents, with the tins. We all
love Rupoles, drag race, race, yeah, you know. So you
know how much we love the show. was on it. We love this
show. I remember watching with youwhen Tyra Sanchez want towilerlert one and fainted
or whatever. I'm we watching like, oh my God, and nuts.
I know. Okay, so yourecently went to the Emmy's with the cast
of Ruples, drag race. Yes, tell us what it's like to be
at the em well, I'll tellyou. You know. So we've been
at the Emmy's a bazillion times,covering with red car right, because,
but like salwood style, me forthe red carpet right, right with for
e. But this is a differentbeast. Like the inside. We never
go inside. We never got togo inside. We were using the Porta
potty outside and I though, allI can think about my first time I
went, which is three years ago, the first time we were nominated.
I thought I'm going to use thatbathroom inside, and it was great to
go and we didn't win that firstyear. And then last year we went
and we won and it was so, such a crazy blur. They said
her name. It was like what, Whoa, what a? Also in
your up there and like there's TinaFay looking at you, and it's like
what the Whoa? And then andthen we were whisp backstage and it was
over. It was just like whatjust happened? And I'm of course you're
so grateful, but I people werelike what was it liking? I'm like,
I don't remember. And so thisyear I was just we we just
went. I didn't think we'd winagain, and then we did. And
then the thing that I was armedwith in that that goes back to being
forty or having some life experience andyour butt was like Ross, pay attention.
This time it was just as exciting, but like I heard the them
say our name and it was likeOh wow, and I stood up and
I looked around at people looking atus and I looked at ruined his eyes
and I walked up and I lookedat the well, those are the steps
that bring you up, and thenI was looking at the podium and the
countdown clock in the back and theyand you know who I saw in the
front er or she's in the secondroom. Who Thinking about how full circle
life is? You know, I'veloved one with paltrow forever and the last
time I found out who she waswhen Brad Pitt thinked her when, right
when the Golden Globe for tell monkeysright, she was in the audience.
And I walk up and stage inthe first face I see is my friend
Gwyneth and the audience and she's likeshe goes, she mouths my baby looking
weird and it was so crazy.That's here and I just you see me.
If you watch it back, yousee me, look at her.
Go back how it was. Thistime just felt like the first time you
think, God, will that everhappened to you, whereas second time is
like you better pay attention to thisand enjoy it. And who knows that,
if what ever happened again. ButI've had both versions now and it's
incredible. I'm so grateful, I'mso proud of you and happy. Thank
you. That team does it.You know that team totally and amazing.
One of them like loveliest fun caringteam you can be around. Like being
around. That said, everyone justis literally there themselves, and that's what
makes it work. Well. Iwish that kind of experience for anybody to
fulfill the because that was a dreamof for me right. But but to
have experienced it twice is the extrafrosting of it all, because I got
to do it again and pay attention. The second time. Double Dildo it.
It was the double deal, though, of Emmietts, I guess.
Double Dild Uh Huh. Tell usabout your new book, Name Drop,
and can you give us a sneakpeak? Yes, well, you know
you were there when I was writingmy first book, man up, still
available everywhere, by the way,Matt let's. And so I never thought
I would I write a book again. I just didn't think. I thought
I did it, you know.And then one morning, so I was
in the shower. I don't evenknow if you this the story. I
think I do. Yeah, butit was in the shower and I was
nude. Everyone picture it, andall of a sudden this idea hit me
and I was like what, Ohmy God, that'd be a book.
What would I if I did thatbook? What would I write? And
I came up in my head withthirteen chapter ideas and I walked out of
the shower dripping with soaps. Iand I upgrade my phone to the new
ones where I could like, youknow, I didn't risk it, you
know, it would dripping on thephone. I type the name of the
Book and Thirteen Chapter Ideas and thebook is now namedrop and there are thirteen
chapters in it, the same chaptersI said I'd write. In that moment
it was like a curtain opened anda lightning bolt came from somewhere and gave
me this idea. And now thetoo are putting together to tour. We
have like over like twenty five citiesthat I potentially may be going to through
the US and then Canada and thenat least. So it's exciting. That's
fine. The book is the reallygood slubby stories. I usually tell it
happy hour. Yeah, you know, there's some. I know I know
some of them. I'm not nervousabout it. I'm just like, you
know, well, it's not mystory to tell. Understood, you are
in the book and we're thinking ofa specific job. Ter Jesus. Yeah,
so that's a Fing Ryan is scared. Now everybody, should I say,
there's no celebrity is harmed in themaking of this book. We tell.
I tell the truth. I gothere, but I try to understand
all of it. I'd write maybeone. I try to make peace with
everybody, at least my side ofit, by the by the end of
the chapters. Got It. Yes,'re adjusting the microphone, very sensual,
my goodness, Oh my God,yes, lower, lower. Well,
thank you. So you understand.Like, yeah, it's not like
a tell all necessarily, but infact that's exactly what it is. It
is, it is, but it'snot. It's not. You're not going
to feel grow toy, you're goingto laugh. It's not malicious and at
all. It's done out of likelols and chuckles exactly, and because it's
happy hour. Until you know,I cook every single day. You do.
Every chapter is partnered with a cocktailand a recipe that's funds based on
the person. So, for example, like for sleeping dion, it's my
artichoke. Cart will go on forFade unaway. Yes, at a mom
me, dearest, you like.I was actually thinking about how you make
a really good artichoke. I do, Goddamn it, and I'm now hungry.
That come on, I'll make itfor you. A good that's good.
Favorite cocktail recipe in the book.Um, well, I look for
Lady Gag I have a star frootMartini is born and I'm a my favorite
Rossipi. There's a ton of them. You know, bake CD WITH HIS
Z is for Liza. Yeah,for Jackie Collins, best celery salad,
because she was a best selling yeah, come on, for what about Gd
and for beyonce? Okay, Ido you know green beans are called hurt
covert from right. So I doa green bean for Tata called Breckie with
the good hair covert. Yep,I like that a lot. Kyrect for
you with a good hair coverts.Uh, that I'm I get behind that.
I get behind that. Thank you, Audi. You, you okay.
You have a widely successful podcast calledstraight talk with Ross Matthews. It
has a legion of fan and followers. It does. I'm so. You
know, I love the show,do you? Did you ever think your
podcast would create a subculture that yousee in fan forms now? Um,
you saw that our I remember whenI created a straight talk it was after
the talk show Hello Ross won away, yes, and that really threw me
for a loop. D DUP d. It was a talk show I had
on e for a couple seasons andthen, for things outside of my control,
it went away, you know,and I just really dreamt of that.
My entire life is really through meand I thought, I don't know
if I want to create anymore whenI don't have control of what happens with
it. You know, you putso much yourself into things and there were
so many steps between me and theaudience. There are so many yeah,
people and opinions and voices and things, and it was so frustrating for me.
And so when I created a podcast, and you know what thing at
too about this now, I justwanted to create a I wanted to be
an environment where I could create,where there was literally nothing between me and
the audience, no one, nothing, no one telling me what to say,
how to say, no focus groupingit. It really was almost mass
debratory in a way, because itwas just for me, MMM, just
for me, right. And thenpeople showed up right right, and remember
I just being like, Oh myGod, people are listening to this bullshit
right, because it was so sillyand so stupid. And now we've just
got it. It's not like we'regrowing our audience, we just have it,
and that's I don't Gi Shit tome. It's about people have found
this little community and they're doing itwith your show to sal and it's so
intimate. It's so intimate when youget those headphones, it does it look
ear pods in your ears and listenerto a podcast. It's like your imagination
takes the wheel and they see youhow they want to see you, in
the picture where you're sitting right now, you know, and then and they're
they are with you and they're havingthat conversation. Have you seen that meme
where it's a kid saying in frontof a poster of people laughing and he's
like laughing with them and it sayshow I feel listening to my favorite podcast?
Oh, that's funny. That's howwhat it feels like, you know,
and it's just I think it's themost intimate medium happening right now,
podcasting. I also feel like it'slike what rue says on our talk show,
find your tribe, and I feellike, Oh yeah, and I
feel like with straight talk people havefound their tribe with you or with other
podcast like they can connect really intimatelywith that person. Absolutely their finding,
their trying. Yeah, that's whatit feels like. You know, we
have a secret language almost the streettalkers who listen and if you don't listen,
takes a second to like pick upon it. Yeah, but when,
when, when that is really becomestangible, is when I say,
Hey, we're going to do alive show, it's free in Burbank this
time, this day, come ifyou can write, and two hundred people
show up at Burbank on a Tuesdayat six. You know, like,
Oh my God, they're listening.Yeah, people are it's crazy funny.
Yeah, but if that really great. But it's like, Whoa, I
just I never thought it would andI do it out of the guest room,
you know, in the middle ofthe house. HMM. I turn
that into the studio. So Imean we're I'm literally at home doing it,
so it doesn't feel like any workexactly. Okay, so you have
a string of pop up drag brunchesacross the country, but my question is,
how do you select the Queens toperform at each drag brunch in each
particular city, and who are someof your favorites of US far? Great.
Thank you. So it is bubblybrunch. Ross is bubbly brunch.
Can go to Ross Bubby brunchcom I'vebeen many a time, Havel so we
start in La overy over a yearago, and now we have we're about
to announce our fourteen, fifteen cities. What's okay, tell me the cities,
and then, Oh, High California, and then a international city would
be our sixteen. Okay, MexicoCity, but in Mexico? Do the
math. I know. Yeah,and so kind of go to that.
Yes, I say I am pushingthe gay agenda when drag Brunch at a
time and I just loved drag Ilove Brunch. H My God, we
are for you, we are bornthis way. Sorry, we're brunching people.
And what I love about this iswe get a mixture of the best
of the best drag race girls becauseI'm on the show, so they trust
that's going to be a good product. And then we also have really started
highlighting some Queens who I think areextraordinary and every city queens like Savannah Westbrook,
who's a queen out of she wasin Chicago, now she's in Las
Vegas. She does all our showsout here and she tears the house down.
NICKI MONAE is an amazing performer andshe hasn't been on drag race,
and so we're fine. A KiraJata, all these performers who maybe wouldn't
have national platform of our, youknow, are big in their cities.
Now we get to bring them likewe're going to bring you to this city
and show them, because you tearthe house down here and come here right.
But what's important to me, salvator, is to show a wide range
of dry queens. We we haveat our bunches and it we have every
shape every size, every color,every type of queen. I want to
make sure we have Trans Queens.We have everything there and it's important to
show the diversity. Yeah, allthe cultures to I represented. I've known
every culture. Ye, that wecan. You know, we try.
We can't hit every right color ofthe rainboat every brunch. You're not the
UN in our roster of girls.We have every type and every rothster.
Well, what I'm like that,Dude. Oh my God, I got
can I tyra mail? Yeah,so we win in world of wonder.
Just announced the celebrity edition of dragrace. First question will the will it
be men and women competing? Doyou know that? I do, okay,
and you can't say it. Listen, I didn't even know they are
going to announce this. Last week. All of a sudden I saw in
my instagram that I was tagged anda thing that they announced. I'm like,
Oh, we could tell people now, because we may have already shot
it. MMMMMM, understood. HMM. Got It thinking up more white cloth
because I was so excited about Idon't have cable, so I still can
tell you that. I assume Ican tell you. I would not be
surprised to see both genders. Yes, fine, okay, okay, people
you know and love, celebrities weknow and love. Okay, okay,
Hoodie, like who would you wantto see? Like wish list, like
who do you I'm afraid I'm goingto say something I can't say. Just
like who what I want to see? I I want to see OPRA and
Gael computers a team. I likethat. Okay, I like that a
lot. Yeah, sobody, bestfriends. Competition would be fun. And
Bran Gael. IOTHER garden. Ihad a Garten Katy Krk because they're friends.
That's a Barefo Contessa. Yeah,just chaler knows. Is Like my
point. If I know. Say, WHO's one celebrity you want to meet?
I garden. I've never met her. I I guard. I know
and Jeffrey. She cooks chicken forJeffrey every Friday. I know her.
I don't even know how I know, but I know. You know through
us, Moss living with me forten years. You know'm proud of you.
HMM HMM, nope. Tell usabout your current pop culture session.
Well, I mean it's Rachel Maddowis. I feel like I'm not binging,
like I'm so behind on I justfinished big little eyes. Oh,
to which I'm like eight months latebecause I just I get home from work
and I have to see what's goingon in the world, in pop culture.
Enough people in politics, you know, that is the hotbed issue right
now. It's like are we Idon't need to go down that road.
Do It, you do it.I am just like petrified and I'm fascinated
and I'm horrified and I'm hopeful.I'm all it's really all the fields,
you know. So I watched tosee how close we are to to the
breaking point, to rock bottom.You're going to I hope you find this
funny, but last week we dida celebrity swipe left and right, yes
and I had stacy dashes Mug shotand I go she's running, you guys,
and everyone got so scared for president. Everyone's like going, running where.
I hope she do it, doingwhat Siphon off some of those oats
from him, but it is scary, yeah, isn't it? It is.
I don't like who you supporting inthe Democratic primary. Me and the
we. I talked about this withsomebody last week and we're just kind of
like, HMM, don't know,don't know. We were up and down
with somebody and then we're like don'tlike that person, don't like literally talked
about it. Yeah, I mean, listen, they could, yeah,
I don't need to get political,but they could nominate a Pumpkin and I
vote for a pumpkin interest and overwhat we have, white cloth. We
call yet present white cloth. Downwith it. Yeah, what have you
learned in the past year and what'sthe best piece of of advice that someone's
given you in the past year?I was was talking to somebody who somebody
I've been seeing right M and Iwas saying like you know this and this
and this, and I can dothis, and he goes hey, homo,
he's like how many pagans do youhave your house? I was like
three, and he goes, well, if you're going to try to solve
everyone's problem, why you fill thoseup with homeless people, then why don't
you? You can't solve everything,so just clear your mind out, because
you can't produce this. You can'tsolve everything. And I was like okay,
I almost and you know me,I like to tidy and try to
make it and try to force itsay it is. It was one of
those moments where it was like,Oh, hey, let go, because
not perfect is okay. Yeah,is that makes sense. HMM. And
it's not like I'm a perfectionist,but I am perfectionist in a perfections kind
of way. I just I canpush right and I can nudge and I
can sort of say it sine,sine, sine. Fine, right,
it is fun and like making peacewith the fact that it's not perfect.
Does that make sense? Kind of. That's the best advice I got was
Ross. You can't fix it,so stop, let go. Yeah,
you can't fix like frozen Elsa.Let it go. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, that's good. It wasgood. It's good. Where do you
see yourself a year from today?Oh, that's the other thing I learned
is fuck, if I know right, I think I live life like that.
Ryan knows. Yeah, you do. I don't know. I used
to think. I know it.Know. Yeah, and that kind of
thrilling, though I've always loved it, as you know. Yeah, I'm
like whatever, I'm gonna get thatTattoo right now instead of ice cream.
HMM. Oh, see, youburied the lead. You didn't even get
the ice cream. No, soI walked by the ice cream place.
It was closed and so do youdo you get a tattoo? You're at
the old no I says when theice cream shop is closed, get a
palm tree tattoo. I was lookingfor the ice cream play understood, and
I couldn't find it. In thatI was called to the Tattoo place and
I was like, I need adrink or ice cream. So I walked
by and they asked some donut friendsis like vegan place here in La.
It's don'tut friend, don't friend.Yeah, and don't friend was closing and
I go where's the asking place?There, like next door. It's closed.
And I was like so I wasgonna get a drinking and I was
like, I'll just have a glassof wine now. Great, yeah,
Tattoo glass of wine. HMM,YEP, every ten years real, ok,
a full circle, weird. Yeah, time for a break. Oh
Oh, yeah, that my hunandand ten. That was your ten.
Ten. How did I do?Great, trying to be really honest,
you know. It's great. Okay, and then when we're back we're going
to play something called spilled. Acelebrity. I feel like I should ask
you questions. Feels Weird to knowyour house because your shout relax. Can't
fix it. Can't fix it?Yeah, I don't know. This is
a need fixing. By the way, when we come back, where in
the place, celebrity with Ross andhonor of celebrity drag race and his new
book named dropped. Oh, okay, we had a little breather. I
love a little breather, but we'reback with Mr Ross, mathew M I
feel sometimes. I feel like allday today I've been feeling like James Lipton
from Oh yeah, yeah, insidethe actors studio. That's what our friend
Taya Calls Anal sex inside the actor'sstudio. Ha Lana del race back backwards
spells an. I just learned that. Oh, Yep, Oh hmm,
Yep, Whoa, Mah Huh.So we're going to play spill the celebrity
in honor of celebrity drag race andyour new book named draw. This is
fun. So I've pretty selected fivecelebrities on the IPAD. Okay, and
I did not. I don't knowanything about this. I told you,
not a Goddamn thing. Okay,so do I get a pass if I
can't do it? She yeah,sure, and you're either going to do
like a Word Association the first thingthat comes up to your mind or like
a and elaborate, if you metthem, a story. Okay, great,
ready I got first person. FirstLady, Michelle Obama, eyebrows.
And the reason I say eyebrows isbecause I know I got to meet Michelle
Obama. I interviewed her at theDemocratic National Convention back in Two Thousand and
twelve when our Obama was running againstRomney for reelection and I was covering it
for e news and we actually theyweren't known for coming politics, but because
I'm obsessed with politics, they sentme there and I got to remember interview
Nancy Pelosi and the late John McCainand became friends with their family. Right.
And I got to interview Michelle Bamafor about fifteen minutes and I would
try to ask these questions a reallycreate a moment and she would answer and
you know, any good journalist sortof listen to the answer and I am
not that because I asked got tostart talking. I was like, oh
my God, her eyebrows. AllRight, I gotta Oh, I got
as far as just like kind oflike I got lost in like her makeup
and her eye right and how gorgeousshe was and how nice she was.
Her arms, her arms, andI and she was a sleeveless I didn't
even listen to her answers a coupletime, and that is kids don't do
that. Yeah, okay, great, good, that's what you want.
Great. No, it is likefun. It is fun. Next person,
chloe Kardashian. Well, you knowwe love Cloan. Yes, you
know, we love that family.I write about not chloe in particular,
but I write about Chris and Caitlyn, ha ha in the in the new
book, need to drop Brucey's andavailable now, and NAM drop bookcom beautiful
pre ordered. But chloe is trueblue real deal good girl. Does that
make sense? Yes, the wholefamily has been really kind to both of
us. Yea. And we spentChristmas eves there and had a really good
time. In fact, we wouldleave early every Christmas Eve because I would
make Spaghetti, Uh Huh, andso chloe knew that and to every Christmas
Eve she's like, are you goingto leave now and makes but your spaghetti.
She remembers everything. She shows upwhen you ask right. She's a
true Blue Real, real good person. Speaking of Christmas gift, yes,
do you still have the pizza maker. I don't know what Pizza Chris Jenner,
give us a pizza maker when Ihave it. If I have it,
it's yours. I want pizza withmy new friend, pizza night.
We like to cook. WHO HAVEI turned into? WHO's your new friend?
But don't okay, never mind,but I just thought at the pizza
maker. I have no idea whereit is. It was like a pizza
oven, which I thought was sogreat. Pay For, but I or
we could just use to do theoven. You see the oven. That's
like fun. And then you didthe thing and then you put it in
your oven. Yeah, HMM,okay, I'll use my Dutch oven,
gross, if you're into that.Okay, Oh yeah, I'm next person,
beyonce. There is, of course, a chapter about beyonce in my
bouquet. Huh I, of course. Do you remember the time that I
interviewed her? Yes, I tellthat story and I do a lot of
squats. I asked her, howdo you how'd you get your body like
in shape? LEAS this she goes. I do a lot of squats,
okay, and I think I wasone of the last interviewers to get interviewers.
She's do interviews anymore. HMM.And in that interview I did ask
her. I said, you know, Madonna want to go and globe for
a vida when she because use promotinga movie, right, and I said
Madonna want to go and go forVida and she's just one named Madonna,
share, one an Oscar for moonstructshe's one name share. I said,
why are you going by Beyonce Knowles? You just go by Beyonce, and
she said, you know, that'sreally good point. I would like to
I just like to ask the roomand the last times you've ever heard her
refer to herself as beyonce? No, right, she calls herself as Carter.
That's right, but you know,I'm saying how she's just a onename.
Wonder. Right, I stand proud. Do you remember the movie upset?
It's called obsessed and it I say, I say in the book,
that it was truly terrible. Wasn'tobsessed, I was obsessed with how awful
it was. Yeah, yeah,but I love beyonce. I it was
fun. She like beat up,Oh, somebody, right, and I
think Eatri Elbo was her husband inthat. Yes, was it him?
Yeah, yeah, I think itwas right. Oh, Howe's that?
I don't know. I remember wegoogle it. I don't know. So
I don't tell him. Um,did you recently see her at the glad
of words in Los Angeles? Oh, I did. Hold I'm obsessed,
beyond ugly obsessed movie. Hold on. Hmm, you just helpo thinking.
I saw beyonce at the glad ofwords. She Angela did medley of I
was hosting in La yes, chanceldid a medley of beyonce for beyonce and
beyonce was dying and living in theaudience. And then how about this?
This is not in the book,but then they had people go take pictures
or they had like the hotel roomsort of to the side and certain people
got to go take pictures with beyonceand Jay z like a side piece hotel
room. And I'm the host ofthe event, right. I was not
one of the people who got likea picture. They were like no,
wow, wow, yeah, bay, Bay, Bay, she held me
at bay. Okay, Anderson Cooper. Anderson Cooper is I should have written
about him in the book. Whydidn't I write that chapter? I don't
you didn't ask me. I shouldhave asked you, Anderson Cooper. I
Love Anderson Cooper and I remember whenI went to go cover the two thousand
and four Republican convention for the tonightshow, I my whole point was to
meet Anderson Cooper because I watched nnnon so now I watch him at SNBC
mostly, but I watched a SNAnonstop then. And so I spent the
whole Republican convention looking for White Hair. Right. That's fun because it is
easy a spot right. And thelast day I'm like, Oh my God,
I said to my writer, ohmy gosh, there's and just anthony
the writer, right, Anderson Cooperstarter. What do I do? What
I do when he goes, gosee high so I never go set you.
So you know this all. Youever go bug people right, right,
right, right. But I wentup and I just tapped him on
the shoulder and he turned. Isaid excuse me, and he goes,
and this is news, still likenot publicly out right. He goes.
Oh my God, Ross, Ilove you. I love that because I
ever that person. Now you,like Fay, like girled out and I
was like a Shayeah, is that? Oh my God, Russ, nice
to me, a Bubbaboo, andthen I came back and I was like
I shouldn't email Anderson, but whatwould I should say? This what I
want. What would you what wouldsome of his email adjust be? And
so at NBC it was a certainsort of configuration of your name, either
first name dot last name or firstletter dot last night or first let dot
let what it was that sort ofright thing at NBCCOM and I thought,
well, let me try that configurationat CNNCOM and just see what happens.
So I sent email like hey,it's Ross. Don't even know this email,
but grace to meet you. Towhat I thought. If I were
to if it's that for NBC,it's probably that for CNN. Right,
right, right. Thirty two laterI can email back. Was it like?
It was interesting. Girl like that. He was fun and then he
had me comment a show and itdid a piece for him for the show
and he was so nice and he'sjust been wonderful to me ever since.
I'll tell you after the okay,I'm just left, you know,
for the people. You'RE gonna riskmy job on. The people know I'm
just like you. Know what Ido. I confirm after ruse as it.
I'm not stupid, I know,I know right. Yeah, show
me a press release and I'll confirmit. Oh, look what just camea
okay, last person, M MeganMcCain. It's so funny I just brought
it her. I love making McCain. You know, we don't agree on
everything, yes, but her andher mom Um, you know, they
invited me to Thanksgiving when John wasstill alive. Right, Senator McCain,
they were. He was so nice. When I got to meet him he
said, AH, my guy,I watch you all the time. He
like knew who I was. AndMagan has always managed, even though she's
a Republican and has some issues onthings that I think are just playing wrong
right. She's always been a supporterof Lgbtq community and all and and marriage
of quality. Even when her fathervote, it was vote not voting for
marriage quality right here, and henever changes tune on that just is just
a side note. He held tohis guns. But I can respect anybody
who plants their flag and has astrong opinion, as long as your opinion
isn't telling me that WHO I amis wrong. Right, and I think
that they have. They really foundthat sweet spot in that just having human
kindness, even when they didn't agree, agree or have the same experience.
I don't think so many of usare, not even like the left,
should be able to say, okay, I don't get it, but doesn't
affect me and God bless right.Right. If we could all just say
that to each other, wouldn't bepretty good? And I think making does
a pretty good job doing that andI think she's made the view relevant again
and really interesting. She just hadher birthday show in the view, I
believe today or yesterday, okay,and she said for the birthday show she
wanted drag queens from drag race,so she had money exchange and Nina West
and and her cake was all succulentsand that's so cute. I could see
myself hanging out with the Megan McCain. She's really good. I remember.
I should put this in the booktoo. I remember we were texting when
trump announced that he was running forpresident and I text I go, Oh
my God, are you watching this? So hilarious, and she goes hilarious
but scary. I said, wouldn'tit be something if he took off and
she goes AH, right, right, and that was before we knew interested
we would. It was just kindof hilarious umber in the beginning when it
was just like, Oh my God, what a mess. But he was
on the gold. Ask later she'sgreat. Yeah, yeah, she's something
else. All right, say alittle break our back. I mean I'm
like to white cloth, and soI'm like, oh, puts me to
bed. I was at the beachbefore I came here. Son, so
I've been laying in the sun fortwo and a half hours and there's sand
in places. I'm like, Oh, it didn't. I well, I
didn't know I had that crack right, and so I came in a little
like and I have like salt waterhair, you know, and I like
does that kind of Jennifer andison thingand I can't my water. And so
I've had half a white cloth andI'm like MMMMM. I'm like a one
and a half in. I'm likeHMM, ready, hmm, ready,
now. So it's a little truestorum. So yeah, why, called
gets you, but that's certainly slogan. The clow gets you. There's no
law with white cloth. There's nolaw with white called, apparently, is
the slogan. MMM, I canwork on that. Um, okay,
we're going to play celebrity swipe lefttheir rights and I thought about theme songs.
I have a how's going to make? I mean you make the left
or right? Well, it's allright. I mean out of the out
of like the four jobs that II don't think I can make nat it
for you. I just yeah,okay, so lory's that's all right.
Hey, Ryan, drop that andwe're going to use that. Thank you.
Thank a little realm down. Asyou know, I joined the tender
community. Uh Huh Oh, Iwas on it too, and it's horrible.
Yeah, I will sit up onceand I never tried it again.
But my friend Jamie stone, asyou know, she's a regular panelist here,
told me to join Rya Ryan islike the Soho House of Day napps.
I haven't been accepted yet. Howdo you do it? Because I
didn't join that. I joined itand, like you sign up, you
do like the application thing, andthen that's it. Literally looks at your
contacts, which is creepy, andit is like these people are in riot.
Also, they got chief depend itand it's like actual subrias. I
had a celebrity friend. Uh Huh, I'm going to mouth it to you.
Yeah, okay, who that?It's so awful to do to the
listeners, but I don't know ifthey want their business out there. Right,
who was on this? And soI was like, girl, give
me a thing, who's honest?We are looking, and it was like
right, other like lead movie stars. Yeah, on it, like these
the famous famous people. Right,I just Maut the movie star who was
on it. Wow, okay,I don't tell anybody else's business. That's
I tell my business. I'll tellmy business all day long. Well,
if I was there, I'll tellyou a me just told me there's a
lot of Dj's out on there.So Dj's yeah, she goes. You
would like that, but not forme. Dj's yeah, what's wrong with
the DJ? I'm not mad atit. It's spending me right around.
So I joined, right, Ihaven't been accepted yet. Okay, so
we play fantasy here, fantasy kindof like you play fantasy football. Yes,
I will tell you. I didjoin tender and I met. I
met somebody really. Yeah, onit. That's who's a at the beach,
but you know, no one forme. Well now, but you're
doing. No, no, nope. So we're going to play celebrities.
So we've left for right, let'ssay, realize it. Right, civilians
loved. Right, you're ready.Are you ready? Ready? Yeah,
Russell Wilson. Oh my God,can I lick right and left? Yeah,
Russell Wilson is the Karma Mocciea ofmy dreams. He is the quarterback
for the Clcahawks, which you know, is my team. Yes, see,
I met Searra. She was aguest judge on drag race. I've
seen next to her and I go, oh my gosh, here I'd tell
you I'm such a fan. Shegoes thank you. I go, no,
of your husband, Russell Wilson.Well, what's her reaction to that?
Started laughing, that's funny. Andthen she said I'm going to invite
you to a game, and shedid. I got an email, but
texting is this Ross. I'm Mike, who did us? And she goes
it's see. I'm like see,how Searra, do you want to come
to the game this weekend in Seattle? I was like, Oh my God,
I can't be. You followed throughand I love you for that.
That's great. Love her. That'sgood level up LAVELA. Next person,
I know garden the best round.My God, that's can, I can.
I let me tell you something.I love her. You know why
I love her. Tell me what'syour minds to my mom, you know,
and but she's just like the samekind of Bob. And my mom's
always cooking right, always, butshe has every gay in Hampton, in
the Hampton's at her house. Larry, Larry and Donald are doing floral arrangements.
Well, you know, Michael ispicking up pastries. I can't wait.
It's going to be amazing. Right. And then they all come in
with like a pink sweater and likea Paisley shirt with that, with the
callt with the you know, thesleeve huff roll that flips up. This
is a different print Apatley. Yeah, and the like the sweater wrapped around
their shoulders and the turquoise reading glasses. That gay. So I want to
be that gay. More than anything, I want to have a truly awful
double Paisley print shirt. Wow,they're a past house sweater goals with with
a turt like a turquoise reading glasseson a string that hangs around my neck
and I just go I know theyhad Petunia. Wow, that's the goal.
Wow, yeah, O, we'rehaving crab. How fabulous. Yeah,
I really liked your impression. Yeah, thank you. Of the gay
and of Iena. They were similarimpressions. Of mostly I yeah, did
it and I wasn't sure who itwas, and then you I heard the
voice and I was like, Iknow who. The only thing about watching
the prefer Condessa is she says youhave be careful and TV sometimes people have
crutches. Use a word over thesays amazing all the time. She goes,
and I even did it in myimpression. If she goes, Oh
this is amazing. Is An amazinguh, it'll be amazing, moving back
by back with my amazing recipe foramazing cheesy. That's what sells it.
PUTAZY but tasy. Great. Stopsaying amazing. Yeah, not everything's a
gonna easy. It's like a drinkingit's also my pet peeve when people who
do reporting go I'm so excited tobe standing. Tell me you're excited.
That's the worst. You'll never hearme say that right anyway. Next,
or with people overroom live, reportersdo hands to know where, where they're
like, we're here and they're likethis and where they're they're like just just
stingulating with their like hands all thetime and they're probably like and then they
hold it and they go to thediamond here in the middle of their chest
because they don't know what they dowith their hands. And I always go
hands to know where you have tohold your thumbs together like this when you're
doing live right, so you don'torder hold the mic gift to hold something.
That's funny anyway. Pet peeves,wow, real, real, next
person, Robert Pattinson, and yours, Batman. Left to right. Left
means no, yeah, yeah,left, okay, I can appreciate it.
A strong job mine. I justRyan was surprised. Yeah, it's
not my cup of tea. Ilike my tea without milk in it,
and I'm saying I like a darkso not my thing. He leaves a
yeah, he's as white as heis in twilight. Okay, great,
I mean, wow, sae,not well, he's been standing in the
shape. Clearly he should go.He's think about going in the Sun Ready.
He's very talented actor and I knowyou loved him that movie. Remember
me? Remember that? Just forgotabout it. Yeah, yeah, I
watch that and cry a little bit. It's great. That's great movie.
Next one Liza with his ze yearago. You know, I that's of
course likes leash. Yeah, there'sthere's a life. Is A for her
cocktail. I have lot life isa Caberne old chum, white chump,
because that life is, I know, real chum is like. You know
all that, buddy. Yeah,I love Liza germ of the time that
I saw her on the street inNew York and I followed her into a
restaurant. We follow her in.She was wearing she was wearing a juicey
guitar, Black Vell. It EdHardy, Oh my God, it was
Ed Hardy. Had to toe velvetand I ordered soup just I could watch
her. Remember. Yeah, wesat and just stared at her. That's
in the book Liza's Natural Habitat.And I met Liza and she said the
stories in the book, but shesaid to me she's a goodly shos shit
nuts. Yeah, and but it'sa kind of nuts that I really,
really adore she because she backs itup a talent, you know right.
Remember, we saw her perform,like we did, and she sat in
a director's chair and she just draggedthe director's share behind her. She was
like starch bread in the news.I was a shit and then she'd shit
yeah, with her scart. I'mleaving. She Jay, and then she
dropped dead. Then she dragged thedirector's chair behind her and then she shit
out of yet he really terrific.fucking nuts, God bless I love it.
Right. Have you seen Judy?No, salad or. I've been
wanting to go but like, Idon't know. I was in London.
I had a day by myself.I went in covent garden to this theater.
Forty minutes of previous. I justwant to say forty minutes the previous.
Worse there than here. You knowI'm at. I didn't get the
part of Judy. Really. Iit was between me and renee right.
People don't know that right, andyou know, as a performer myself,
it's hard to see that. Havingnot I got a chance to know,
I get it's splitting up, butrenee's good, not as good as I
would have been. I get it. It was your time. It wasn't.
Wasn't my time, was it?I'm going to be actually I'm hearing
that RENAE's not signed on for Judytoo, and so judy her. I
was just gonna say Junior. Sofingers crossed room. Yeah, Judy again.
Yeah, right. Last person,Toby McGuire with curveball. You're welcome.
I I truly believe that Toby McGuireis underrated as an actor. Okay,
left the right. I would haveto swipe left because he's so floppy.
It's just not my thing, butI do love can I swipe right
on Russell Wilson again. In fact, you have an IPAD. He have
his picture up. Can I justsit on it for he's take that picture
and sit on it. Oh myGod, let me tell if you guys
people, I'm assuming you don't havea big NFL contingency listening to the your
podcast, but I want people toGoogle Image Russell Wilson and just enjoy that.
My God, what Ya, howdo you and say who you how
you'd Swipe me? Yeah, quickly, right's good. Right, yeah,
right, Russell Wilson. Right.Oh, really, HMM, just for
the story. Right on a garden. Right, Waitney, it's to here
you looking at. Oh, Patty, Robert Pattinson, you'd right, right,
all day lies of right. Right, for the story. Yeah,
left it. Danger in the ice? Who? WHO'S SELBY MCGUIRE? Danger
in the eyes, Slok, sleepynow like things. He does. Like
things, you know. Oh mygosh, can see you can't. He
doesn't. What does that mean?Just like I don't trust them. Okay,
fair enough, eyes aren't trusting.He seems fine. Seems like a
nice upstanding citizen. MM. Isaw the movie with the poker and whatnot.
Molly's game. Oh, I lovedMolly's game. Yeah, I feel
like he was part of Molly's game. I think you might be right.
Seeing thing, I'm pretty sure thathe's part of that. Yeah, yeah,
the Leonardo DiCaprio, I feel like, who was the kid from Juno
who is in Molly's game? MichaelSarah was. Oh, yeah, that's
why I say that, because Ikind of just love Molly's game. It's
great under her. Yeah, thatwas fun. How did you like your
white cloth? I haven't had anyreally, really, I know, I
say real later. Oh my God, to go cut, it's a go
cups the one. I'm good togo. Okay, yeah, no,
it's good. White cloth is actuallyalso where I get my manny petties.
Oh really, where? I lovethat I love that place in Studio City.
All right, can we have thethank you. Yes, Ross,
yes, thank you for coming ontoday. Is it done? And we're
done? Well, let me tellyou. I have to tell you I
am so proud of you. Thankyou and what you've created here. I
think it's really great. Thanks youand it's great to see you and I
love that in this the Internet thatyou're having fun allegedly like, look are
bears and everybody cares. Every cares. They all your less. Just care,
I promise you. They care.Why may they? Do they think
I'm like some needy person that complainsof some needy to want love, whatever
it's. Ryan agrees with me.Ryan, it's not needed one love.
No, here I'm adding. Ilike to talk about the trials and tribulations
of dating in the S now.Let's be on. It were as there
and it's it's difficult, it's different, it's difficult. You also tell me
about it. It's just like weit's a weird like swiping and lefting and
writing. It's weird. So what'sThe leavests? I don't like that.
I like like person on person,like meet someone. So what's WHO's like?
The last session of it and wherecan we find you? See,
isn't it fun that people who spenttime together, people think we're like mad
at each other, or they alwaysdo. They always do. We are
not. We are supportive. Ialways want to know who you're dating.
I tell you I'm day. Wewe just want the best for each other,
of course. Yeah, we postedmember when we told the world that
we were no longer together. Wesaid family forever. We meant it right,
Um, Yam, that's happiness exactly. Want each other to be happy.
Yeah, people can't believe that,though. I'm happy that you seem
really happy to me. How aboutthat? God. Okay, I the
White Clif if you want to followme and let me do this party,
yeah, go ahead. You canfollow me, hell a Ross, on
all social media. Okay. Mypodcast is straight talk with Ross. It's
Heller Ross Pot on instagram. Okay. The brunches are Ross Palli brunch on
instagram and Rossballi brenchcom were and citiesacross the country, a cities like Columbus,
Ohio, or in Brooklyn, NewYork? Where in Chicago? Where
in a sandy ago, Oxnard,Bakersfield? What did I say that?
Anyway, all the other ones toI can't think off the top of my
head. Okay, Oh, inthe book. Please do support the book
because it's really I really stand behindit. It's really funny and if you
pre order it will be the daycomes out and if you preorder, all
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So if you're going to think aboutordering it and you're going to order
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was going to say that's my favorite. Yeah, I'm going to record
that soon. I'm recorded it yet. I would love the audible version of
that. Great and I also thinkwe're going to be doing there's a target
addition with the special chapter coming up. That's what that's nice. Who's a
special chapter going to be about?Anderson Cooper or when? The stories we
talked about today? No, Iknow, but none of those stories.
I've already written it and it's abouta store. It's a because the book
is Chuck Full of Subberies I've met. This is a story of a celebrity.
I didn't to got it. Youdon't know the story. I might
nay, I know, think Ohshit like well, I'm proud of you.
Thank you. Thank you for havingme. You've got a great show
here. Come on straight talk soonto promote this deal. Okay, good,
and you can catch me every Wednesdayhere, exclusively on Straw media and
across all social media platforms, atStyla Salvador by. Cheers,