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This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by guest New York Times Best Selling Author, the star of the Netflix hit series Instatiable, comedian, the owner of Clutchwomen. fellow Lizzo superfan and friend Sarah Colonna. Plus, Salvador and Sarah dig into some White Claws and Salvador's interview goes a little into left field (He had too many White Claws). We also learn the strangest job Sarah's ever had, we breakdown all of her Insatiable castmates, her love for LIzzo, and we play "This or That" and drive in deep into 90 Day Fiance obession. Take a listen to this messy yet fun interview! You can find Sarah Colonna on Instagram @SarahColonna1 Visit for all of Sarah's stand up dates.

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The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

Can I tell you the white callhas hit the gay bars? Oh,
has it? It just hit itlast week. I saw it. I
saw that truly at a bar yesterday. Really, you know, that's like
a another like I don't think it'sas big. It's popular, but I
saw White Claw at a barn wasHollywood last week and I freaked that.
I'm like, they have white cloth, they have it, but it's like
what you can buy for one canis what you can buy for like half
what you can buy for like atwelve pack's I know where I see oh
there, but yeah, but ofcourse I bought it. Yeah, wait,
they're that expensive? Yeah, itwas like six dollars can at a
bar, at a bar, ata bar. Yeah, that makes sense.
But like what if you get itat a liquor store? Is it?
It's not. It's like what isit? One thousand, five hundred
and ninety nine sixteen dollars a twelvepack and it's ten dollars a six pack.
Sad that, I I'm glad yougot this. I love it.
It's Wednesday and this week on thewind and we have New York Times bestselling
author, comedian and Lizzo Super Fan. It's Sarah Colona from Netflix hit show
insatiable. We talked about her oddestjob, why she follows the Church of
Lizzo and all of her cast matesin insatiable. All this and more right
after the break. Cheers. Ohmy God, it's Wednesday. It's Wednesday
and I'm a couple white close in. I've traded out the wine for white
cloth because, you know, thesugar, too much sugar, and I
have a guest in the house.You guys. Our guest is Sarah Colonna.
You might know her. She's abest selling New York Times best selling
author, actor, comedian in theowner of Clutch Women, which are stadium
of and concert complaint handbags. She'sa huge Californi angels fan and she just
started a Lizzo fan account and it'scurrently playing Angie Angie Bilodell. Right,
yeah, little on season two ofNetflix hit show insatiable. You can catch
Sarah on Instagram at Sarah Cole ina one, and her business count clutch
women, at Clutch Women. Pleasewelcome Sarah Colonna. Thank you. It's
a very thorough intro. I likeit. You're welcome. Someone just says
like my name wrong and then throwsit, throws it away, and I'm
like, Oh, never mind.How did they say it? I get
a lot of Kolana. Okay,Kolana, which I is fair. I
mean it's fine, but like whenyou'll tell someone and they're like got it,
I might get rhymes with Corona,which makes it easy, and they're
like got it, and they're likeso colona right, and I'm like that's
not what I said. Whip's fine. You're like great, it's fine,
that works. Hmmm, welcome,welcome to you. The what the wine
down? But we're having white clothand your white. God You you're excited.
You're a huge chant cherry fit flavor. Yeah, what's your favorite flavor?
I don't know. I don't reallyknow. I haven't tried a bunch
of them. To be on it, I have. I have a bunch
of my refrigerator because I had somegirls over for like a Pool Day,
uh Huh, and they brought themand then I don't I just drank them
and I never paid attention to apoint for thing work. So I guess
right now my favorite flavor is BlackCherry. Okay. What are the other
ones? Do you tell me?So I like to buy the variety pack
to try. That's how we started. Lime is my favorite. Oh okay,
lime is not a bit like LimeFan, unless it's in a Tequila
so I'm not sure. It givesme like heartburn. I'm a hundred years
old, like it's all complicated,but it reminds me of Tequila Soda.
That's why I like it. Ohokay, yeah, Oh okay, well,
if it has that, you know, if it's not too limy,
it's not too limey. Okay,it's not right. I'm going to try.
I trust you. Okay, good. I came into a podcast,
sat down. You had white cloth. I trust you. Okay, I
see with my life. I GotRyan Mark that. please. Okay.
We're going to do something called afast five, which is a short interview.
So I knew you grew up inKansas. Arkansas, Arkansas, sorry,
white cloth, it's okay, yeah, that listen, Arkansas. I
literally have Arkansas rendow. What wasthat like for you? It was good.
I grew up in a very smalltown and it was called Farmington ran
and graduated with like seventy five peoplein high school. So I'm I've came
from like a small area and it'sso it baffles me when I write,
you know, like might have aNie who was in High School in Laguna
beach with like thousands of people,and I'm like, I can't even imagine
what that would be like. Right. So I think people obviously can make
fun of like small towns and stuff, but to me it's like you get
you just you have a small community. Is Nice and you don't feel like
lost in this big system, especiallyin school like bubble. Yeah, it's
like you have. I mean it'salmost like that whole hierarchy of like popular
and right nerds and all that likeisn't there because, and I mean I
I say that, I'm sure there'sother people that have different experiences than me,
but in my opinion, it justfelt like we all it's like we
couldn't really be that mean to eachother because we there's only like a few
people you could be friends with.You like, oh, they literally know
where I'm. Yeah, so,like everyone has to, you know,
get along because there's not that manyoptions. Did you in high school?
Did you know you wanted to belike a comedian, comedian, actress,
all that? I did. Yeah, I always wanted to be an actress
and a comedian. I just didn'thave a place to do it there.
You know, we didn't even havelike a drama apartment. You didn't know
it was that. I think theydo now, but they didn't then.
I mean I when I went tocollege, that's what I studied. So
of a very useless theater degree.But no, I learned a lot by
getting that, so I'm glad thatI did. But but yeah, I
didn't get to do any of ituntil I actually got into college. So
in College, did you were?Did you want to be like serious or
did you just want to be likefrivolous? Like in terms of like your
acting career? I wanted to beserious really, yeah, like a Gwyneth.
Yeah, I mean I think Iwas. Probably, I don't.
I mean I knew, I thoughtthat I would be good in comedic roles,
right. I like that's what mostlysort of what I like first looked
into, but then I was like, Oh, I'm actually good at the
other stuff too. So I kindof want to to be you know,
to get to do these serious rolesthat you know, kind of like toughen
up your chops a little bit.What is one serious role that you wish
you could have gotten. HMM,that's a good question. You mean like
in really like in a movie?Yeah, just like in general, like
fantasy, serious role. Oh God, that's a good question. I don't
know, like all of them,Jack, yeah, Oh my God,
I'd be amazing. I keep thinkingof like a Jodie Foster, like a
silence of the lamb, something likethat. I mean, I can't you
know, I'm not trying to sayI should have replaced Jodie foster by any
means right, like if something likethat, like something where you get to
dig into this like creepy side ofthe brain along with you know, like
a detective. Yeah, yeah,let's I want to be a detective.
Someone cast me as it's a tactiveto it. Yeah, like a body,
like I'm like a body. Likea body. I didn't even finish
that. I'm so scared of beingmurdered. So I don't know why I'm
into like murder type fiction, interestingand stuff, but I am so hmm,
I like to play like Sharon Tate. What, like got dark is
that during a real dark more whiteclothes. Okay, so you play Angie
on Netflick show insatiable. Angie wasa teen mom. Yep, is a
recovering alcoholic, yes, and motherto debbi Reynolds character, Patti bliddy.
Ryan. There's, Oh my God, Debbie Reynolds, I mean if I'm
starting to have to play Debbi RenaldMam, oh my God, Debbie Ryant's
character. Yes, sorry, toomuch white clock. It's okay. That's
what makes it's a double show today. Yeah, I call it double Dildo
Day. What attracted you to AngieStory? You know, what I really
like about it is it's the kindof role I've actually always wanted to do.
It's in it the shows very likeoverthetop and satirical and fun and right
crazy, but then it's got theselike really kind of serious undertones and then
moments in it too, like Iam playing a recovering alcoholic, but then
she's also funny, but obviously thatbeing an addict isn't funny. So to
be able to sort of televinto bothsides of something like that was really it's
kind of like my dream. Iwas like, Oh my God, I
get to do and they even saidthey were like well, when we kind
of cast this, because you wereso funny in the in the audition,
but then once we got to seewhat else you could do. They they
could sort of expand on her alittle bit, and that meant a lot
to me. It's a nice balanceof like there's lessons in there. Yeah,
yeah, totally right. Yeah,and this season is like off the
rails insane, which I love aboutit. I just started it. Okay,
good, so I'm like, youhave to let me know what you
think. Yeah, there are definitelylessons, though. I see that and
I'm just like Oh, and thenyou're like, Oh, you do empathize
kind of with every character. Yeah, at a certain point, because it's
they're so layered. Yeah, onions. Yeah, totally, onions up back.
That's what he said. Yes,okay, as a traveling comedian,
what's the most excited I did anythinkabout traveling and performing for an audience across
the country? It is just,honestly, as probably cheesy as this sounds,
but it's like seeing just all thedifferent parts of the country. Like
I don't I wouldn't have gotten totravel that much and in sometimes it's not
like I wake up and I'm like, Oh, I can't wait to go
to Des Moines, you know,but but I do get excited that I
get to at the same time,because I'm like, you know, then
you get there and you're like,Oh, I get to meet like especially
in some in like not so metropolitanareas or whatever, when you get to
like go and just sort of maybeit reminds me a little bit of home,
like going to like as a communitywhere it's like people are a little
like people say hi to you insteadof telling you to go fuck yourself or
get down the street, like inLos Angeles. Right, it's like,
Oh my God, people are friendly, and other places too, so that
kind of stuff is nice. Andthen they really appreciate that you're there.
Right, yeah, like that's ahole that we've been planning this for weeks.
Yeah, yeah, people, yeah, and that's a nice feeling too,
for sure. I just love thetravel of it all. With your
career trajectory, what's The oddest jobyou've had in between that? Oh,
my God, the worst, worstand oddest. But I mean I should
just I shouldn't say worse, becauseI'm thankful I had a job, I
guess to w some money. Right. I was doing like this side job
where I had a call hotels andpretend to book a reservation and then like
evaluate the reservationist with like a theyhad like a check sheet, like did
they offer you this? Do theyoffer you this? Do they say this?
Did they do that? And Ihad to record the calls, and
this was like I was living inHollywood. I had no air conditioner.
I'd record the calls on like alike a full on little tape recorder thing,
right, and then turn them inalong with my like sheet that was
filled out, and write comments andstuff, and it was the worst.
Like, first of all, especially, I had to call like the four
seasons in like Maui. Right,right, so I'm making a reservation and
I'm like, Oh my God,I'm never gonna be able to afford to
go to the worst seasons of Maui'monly gonna be able to afford to make
fake reservations in my hot little shittyone bedroom apartment with no air conditioning,
like I was just it just wasnot pleasant and like also, thinking back,
evaluating someone else's work just feels kindof Shitty. Right, so you
were kind of like a secret shopper, but because it was like a secret
shopper. Yeah, totally. Doyou just hate it? I hated it.
Yeah, and one time I remembershe the woman who ran it,
who was very nice. She waslike so, there's this like noise on
your recordings. So, and itwas my fan like because this shit was
happening in like July. I amI, you know, and you're dying,
and I'm and she's like Seef,to turn that off, and I'm
like so now I just have tosit there and sweat. I think.
I think that's when I finally waslike just forgot it. It's not enough.
My I can't, I can't havea heat stroke for this. Were
you in La when you had thisshop? Yeah, yeah, really,
I was bartending it for most ofcafe. Oh my God. Yes,
and actually that's like reopened now,like redone and reopen. have to go.
So as bartending there and it wasjust kind of like at a phase
when it wasn't as busy and itwasn't, you know, I mean acting
work wasn't really coming in, soit was it was a little extra the
hustle. Yeah, everyone thought itsounded they were like, Oh God,
sounds so easy and it's like decentmoney in this and that, but I
was like it's a fucking pain inthe God. Yeah, yeah, I
got it. Yeah, I feellike everyone in La has that story.
And then they also made you calland cancel the reservation, and I can't
someone else do that like right atmy job be done. Yeah, but
now you had to like remember tocall back and cancel and it was just
the dumbest, the worst. Well, now you have that skill. Yeah,
resume exactly. Yeah, now onthem, very good reservation maker,
concier, and I know when toknow when to cancel them by I get
my to make sure I get mymoney back. Okay, so there's a
trend of reality show spinning off intocelebrity additions. RUPAULSTER IG race just announce
a celebrity addition. You have celebritybig brother, amazing race family feud.
Would you ever do any of celebrityaddition reality show? I don't know.
I mean sometimes I watch dancer forthe stars and I'm like what I mean?
I know that's that's like not celebrity. It is what it is,
right. I'm like, God,it would be kind of fun to like
be forced to learn like to danceand like how hard they work and all
that stuff, right, but Idon't, I couldn't do I was actually
sort of asked about doing last seasonof celebrity big brother, right, and
I I can't. I was like, I can't. I love that show.
I mean you know that for anyobsessing over Ross being on it and
stuff, but I was like Ican't do it, for I can barely
live with my husband, let alonelike I spent way too much time living
by myself, so that if Iwas in that situation, I just end
up crying in the diary room thewhole time with like Tamar Brex. Yeah,
candy, yeah, and maybe likeeveryone would be like that girl said,
boat around. Yeah, I'd belike drinking all the wine and crying
in the diary room and it wouldjust be a sad existence. But if
you did, who would you wantlike in there, like dreamcast. Pick
A dreamcast. Oh, how manydo I get? Let's cut handful.
I mean, I'd want like aJennifer Aniston in there. Okay, now
I feel like she like knows howto live her life right. It looks
amazing and always seems to be havinglike a Margarita and she likes the beach
and I just want to be friendswith her, kind of right. So
maybe her. It definitely would wantLozzo in there. I mean, I
don't think right. I don't thinkthat she wants to do celebrity big but
I don't think any of these peoplewant to do it. No, no,
I'm me and Lozzo. Okay,if he's could just be me and
Lozzo. That's it. That's it, like you said, full life.
Yeah, Oh, yeah, let'ssee. Yeah, I just create a
show. Yes, Sarahalizm, Ohmy God, my dream, the new
simple life. Speaking of Lizzo,which was actually my next question, you
release you recently saw her in concert. Yes, she is my queen,
two nights in a row as well. Why do you think people resonate with
her so much? You know what? She's so positive. Yeah, just
like her songs are fun, hersongs are positive. You know, even
when she's like that, because Ilove you song and what it's like.
You know, talking about she didn'teven know that she could be in love
before, and she's like, Idon't even want to whole no more,
like they're ge just everything she saysis just like catchy and fun, but
then also positive. And then andher show. There was no disappointment in
that. She was just like,you know, it's like a little it
is like a little sermon from stage. I kind of go into church.
Yeah, and she's her true,authentic self all the time. Yeah,
that's what it rights like. Yeah, the fact that she brings out the
flute. Oh my God, whenshe comes out with that flute, you're
like what, she can do anything, shaken, do anything. Yeah,
and she dances and and she Ialso like I follow on Instagram and I'm
like, she is enjoying all ofthis to like the way you should.
You know, there's not not beingobnoxious, she's not doing that. She's
just like, Oh my God,look like we're doing it and this is
amazing and you know, and sheobviously has that like great message of like
it doesn't you know, your bodytype doesn't matter, like you can do
whatever, you can conquer the worldkind of thing. And so I love
her. I love that she's enjoyingit, because that's a good point.
I didn't realize. I feel likeI resonate with her because she does enjoy
it and when other like celebrities inthe early aughts, were like this is
too much for me, I can'ttake it. Yeah, it seems like
she's just having fun and when Isaw those concerts, I was like,
Oh, yeah, she's having ablast. Okay, what have you learned
in the past year? Boy,ready, drink that white cloth. Learned
that white clause amazing and very lowand sugar. Sarah got scared for it,
a little bit scared. Oh myGod, what have I bird?
Well, I've definitely learned to bevery grateful for the work that I'm getting.
M I'll say that because it tooka long time to get it.
And there's a moment like after wewrapped season two of insatiable, I was
so excited because we were shooting inthe Atlanta and I got to come right
to Los Angeles and then I gotto go see my husband because he wasn't
there at the time. So itwas just like Oh, that's great,
like I'm excited to leave, andthen the second I leave I'm like,
Oh my God, what if Inever work again? So that's not a
space to live in. Right,I'm trying to live like Lizzo and just
enjoy it right, right, right. So that's one of my biggest lessons
probably is to just be like it'snot that I'm not greatful and definitely grateful
for it, but I'm always terrifiedthat it's good about to go away.
And I'm not a healthy place toeleven. But it comes from so waiting
so long to actually get that rightgoing. That that I'm like every day
I'm like what if I have topartend or call hotels? Again, you're
like it's happening. It's happening.Like, Oh my God, yeah,
like I have that skill. Yeah, yeah, I mean, I guess
that's at least I can be likeI got a skill set, I can
partend and call hotels. If that, if we can turn that into one
job, then that would be great. Side Note. What other Netflix shows
are you? Do you love?What about watching right now? Oh,
I just started the politician, whichis really good. Ben Platts adorable.
Yeah, that's a good show.It's very it's it's not what I expected,
right. I really enjoying it.I Love Dad to me. All
that scrap wasn't it's so good,so good. Yeah, I watched that
pretty quickly. What if I wasobsessed with I hope great. I mean,
can it please come back sexy?It was so good. Yeah,
it's so weird and I didn't Iwas like, I don't know what's happening
in the show. What I likeit Renee's whole makeover. Yeah, yeah,
new face. I mean you knowwhat I think, though, because
I was like I was looking ather and I'm like thinking back to Bridget
Jones, right, and I thinkshe might have, she said, like
really squinty eyes, right, andI thought maybe she had her eyelids lifted
because in like you can first ofall, my stepmom told me I need
to get that done when I waslike twenty one, which is not a
compliment. God, thanks my stepmother. She's listening. I always tease her
about that. But it's like thisthing where like you had, like you
have droopy islids and they actually havelike a surgery to bring it back because
as you get older it can likeimpair your vision a little bit. Right.
So I was like maybe she justdid that, which actually is like
why not, like if she wantedto. But I don't know, maybe
I'm overthinking. Renaie's hours, right, I don't regularly. Like you know,
what distracted me during that? Whatif? What if is the lip
did it? Yeah, it did. It didn't really like it didn't move
on one side. Oh, andI was like did she hum? Like
something go wrong? Oh, Idon't know, I didn't notice that.
Yeah, if it doesn't. Youalways couldn't done that? She talks about
the side of her mouth a littlebit. I don't know, I don't
know. I'm all from people gettingwhatever they want to into their face.
I just say when you're like sometype like, go to someone that won't
let let it go too far.Yes, go to go to a no
person. Don't go to a yespersonal. Sure, that's great. Go
to someone that's like, you knowwhat I think? If the side of
your face doesn't move, you're notgoing to be comfortable. I think you're
good. Yeah, yeah, anythingelse you're watching? I'm trying to think
what else. Well, and watchinga Oh, I just finished fleet,
both seasons of flea bag. Iwas behind on that. That's Amazon.
I think, Oh my God,have you seen it? No, Oh
my God, it is. Youwould love it, really love it,
or you would love it. Youwould love it. It's fantastic. Ryan's
losing his mind. Yeah, it'samazing. It's the woman that created it
also and she stars in it.She also created killing Eve, which I'm
also obsessed with. I heard that'sgreat. It's so good. Yeah,
that's like that's one of those showswhere I go, okay, that's I'm
a writer, but I don't knowhow people's brains work this well to create
something like this. Wow, yeah, killing eve, Yep, flea bag
and flee back. Watch them both, and just because she created them both
and stars in one. But youdon't. They don't. They're not connected
at all. So it's not likeyou have to got it. Watch one
to watch the other. Watch themin order. Okay, but you would
love flea bag to God. Okay, you're in, I'm in. I'm
in. Okay, looking at yourlife now, what would you tell ten
year old Sarah Colona from Arkansas?That it's going to be fine. Yeah,
that's going to be fine. Theyou know, like I don't know
that I was that stressed about whenI was like ten, but right when
I got a few years older andI was especially I mean it definitely until
my twenty one year old self.It's going to be fine, and my
thirty year Oldsoe, by the way. But yeah, that it's going to
be fine. What was twenty oneyear olds Sarah Coneld Cologna? Well,
I moved, I just moved outhere and and I was enjoying it,
obviously, but you know, havingfun, not taking it too seriously figuring
things out, like I sort ofstumbling, like I didn't know anything about
right. How did get what Iwanted? I just moved here and started.
I took an acting class and gotof our tending job and just you
know, right, you meet whenyou take those restaurant jobs, you meet
other people in this business and youyou get these like people that you can
rely on to, like we're alltrying the same thing, right. So
that actually was very helpful. Butyeah, there was when I earned twenty
five, I had like a meltdown, like people have their forty year old
meltdown, really like fuck you.I was like, so I'm so happy
to be forty, I never wantto be younger again. Like when I
was twenty five, I had avery had a lot of pressure on myself
to like be successful by then,and it didn't happen at all. So
where you like at twenty five,one, this, at thirty on on
this or some more. Just likeI'm turning twenty five and I'm still broken.
I moved out here and and I'donly been here for four years.
Got It. In retrospect, that'snot that long, right. At the
time it felt like the long isfour years of my life. You know,
I got it just felt like,oh my God, what was I
thinking? Like I'm just another personout here trying to do this ridiculous job
that is impossible to get. Andwhat was I thinking? Where you like
should I give up, or shouldI move on to them? Did you
ever have like a side plan?Like I didn't have a side plan.
So that made it a little easierto not give up, because it was
kind of like the old what's thealternative? Huh? Like right, I
don't want to move back to Arkand saw. I love it there,
but that's not where I want tobe, like, and I did want
to get there's one point when Iwas like I'm so dumb, what have
I done? And then my mom, I was talking to her on the
phone, telling her that, likethis was biggest mistake and like, you
know, I wouldn't ask them formoney or anything, like I was was
right, I'll just get bartending jobs, like I just didn't want them to
be responsible for like my decisions.And she wrote me this card that was
like basically like don't, don't youdare give up. Like most MOMS at
that time, we'd probably like yeah, I give up come back home live
here right, like, I hateyou being on the West Coast and this
and that. But she was likeI've you know, I've been to your
plays, I've seen you like,you're so talented. Please don't give up,
like we support you in this.And I was like we're like lost
it, right, cry, cry, but it helped me. It's good.
Yeah, that's nice. Yeah,maybe my mom should talk to everyone's
stay girl, you can do it. Yeah, okay, we're going to
take a little break and when wecome back, when you play words with
on egoes, the instatiable addition,I'm kind of sweating out white clow we
always whatever. I mean, whiteclass sweats going to smell a way better
and right, other sweat. Right, I am to what clothing. I'm
a little bust makes me tired.It does. Yeah, you don't want
that, like sleepy. Don't saythat. They'll never let you sponsor.
Oh, I love whatever beers.Energized. Yeah, energized and happy and
uplifted with wonderful smelling sweat and abeautiful perspiration. So we're going to play
words with Amigos, the insatial insatiableaddition. Drunk a little bit. What's
our Colona. So what we're goingto do is I'm going to say a
name of your cast member, oneof the names of your cast member,
okay, and then you're just goingto describe them in one word and feel
fill feel free to elaborate. Okay. So, Debbie Reynolds, I'm just
kidding. Debbie right, wonderful.Yeah, she's just wonderful. She I
mean, especially as someone who grewup she would did it. I mean
this is way more than one word, but right. And that's how you
did a she did a Disney show. She was a star of a Disney
show, and you know those,that stuff is tough, like, yeah,
they grew up in this like spotlightwhen they're young and have all this
the fans and the young fans thatput this pressure on them. And she's
just like like she knows everyone's nameon set and that doesn't sound like it
should be a big deal, butit is. It is. No,
for the start, like someone likethat, and she's just if someone had
a birthday, be it the guyholding you know, like didn't matter who
was on set, like everything waswas she's just really a wonderful girl,
big heart, great big Fan.That's awesome. That's great to hear.
Yeah, Dallas Roberts funny. He'svery funny really. Yeah, yeah,
he's also very he's incredibly talented.He's he's one of those actors it's just
like wow, and I think hehad played a lot of like psychos before,
so now he's playing like a littlebit more of a fun sort of
and still some layers to it,but like he's just funny. He would
keep me laughing and scenes. AlissaMilano, the activist, Jesus Right.
Good for her, and she putsher money where her mouth is. Like
she's also very warm and sweet,and I don't think people realize that about
her, but she is. Imean, maybe they do, I don't
know. But with all the,you know, political stuff that goes on,
people can be so nasty and it'slike God, she's such a good
person in her hearts in the placeof just trying to help people. So
I'm really grateful to get to knowher. Also, maternal, seems like
very much, very maternal. Yeah, yeah, she'd make sure every like
and she grew up. She's beendoing this acting for so long, right,
so she like if something sort ofnot working on said or something like,
she kind of has this confidence toswoop in and kind of handle fan,
you know, and it's like,Oh wow, that's how that works.
Okay, it's like it's pretty amazing. She's she's a vet for sure.
Yeah, Christopher Gore him ABS.I Love Christopher so much. He
does so many good things. Helike literally like has every charity you can
imagine. It is like running amarathon to raise money for this thing at
culture city. I'll plug it forhim at Kultur city. May Do.
It's like for inclusiveness for like,I think, to like a sensory inclusiveness
for like autism, and wow,that imagine, to be out in the
world more. And I'm probably wordingall that wrong and I'm sorry that I
had a white cloth, but anyway, he does all these amazing things,
but he has to take a shirtoff like every episode and he has nice
ABS. So, so funny.That's why that's the first word that gay
came to mind. Sorry for allyour hard workers. I'm just going to
talk about me. sureless ABS.We just love your APPs Arden Marine.
She's hysterical. I mean that girlis yeah, she is, and she
her character is insane and I don'tI can't picture anyone else doing it with
the the way that she does,because you still you like her, right,
and she's like a terrible person,right, and you're still like,
oh, but she's still lovable,even though she's a nightmare, and it's
like the best and hilarious. Bythe way, she's perfect in that room.
Yeah, she really is. It'slike, I can't imagine anyone else
doing it. It's the great balanceof like, you're horrible, but you're
like, but you're still funny andI want to hang out with you totally.
Like, yeah, and like,and there's moments where you definitely are
like Oh, and she's like she'sjust fuck stuff. Yeah, yeah,
she mean to be so awful.Yeah, you empathize with her. Yeah,
yeahally, Aaron Westbrook, I'm gotmy white cloth really just like wow,
Sarah's pounded out the white cloth.I'm sure was a video of Aaron
Westbrook, aside from being an incredibleactress as well, is just, I
would say, grace. She justhas a lot of grace. She's a
very great like wish. She walksin the room, you're just like,
that's here, she is. Yeah, she just has this presence and she's
just I really truly can't say anythingbad about any of my cast mates,
which is very nice. Now,that's great. Yeah, which is nice,
because I am just grateful that thereare none of them. I don't
have any assholes on the show.Yeah, not yet anyway. Really.
See, he's in three. Yeah, that's me. Also, Kimmy,
Kimi Shields, kimmy, she'LDS.Yeah, she is just like you want
her to be your best friend.That's awesome. Yeah, yeah, Kimmy's
just like she's fun. She hasa beautiful singing voice, like she'll sometimes
like in the makeup trailer and we'regetting ready and she'll be like singing and
she's just and she loves she's verytalented and she has like such a such
aspirations for acting. You can telland and I love that about her.
Yeah, Irene Choy, Oh myGod, she's here we go. She
is so funny. Now she isa riot. That girl is like she's
she's little, she's like a she'spocket. Sighs. Really is it?
Yeah, she's a short Gal andshe is just spunky and hilarious. She's
also hilarious in that role and yeah, Super Fun to hang out with and
loves cats, which I love cats. Really said. We get to talk
about that sometimes and I think shedoes like rescue and foster's kittens and you
know, she's just like a goodegg. Yeah, Michael Provost, Oh
my God, okay, this guyis he's so good looking. He's like
that guy that I mean, he'sway younger than me, so I'm not
saying it that way right, likeif I had a kid, like if
I had a daughter, I'd belike, if you don't marry Michael Provost,
I'm going to kill you, likeI make. Is that the sweetest
the key is in the position wherehe is, his head could already have
exploded, you know. Yeah,attention and people just love his character on
the show because he's so sweet andso genuine and all the and he is
the kindest, kindest guy, verykind, very cute. Yeah, very
cute. Is He on tender?It's gonna think he's got a girlfriend.
I think he's in a relationship,but you know, the kids know it.
Yeah, yeah, but not thatone, I'm telling you, isn't
night is a heart of gold.Sometimes I'm like'T, like I'll to
see him do something like as smallas like opening a door for someone or
you know talking to and you're justlike, are you real? Yeah,
are you real? This sweet hewas just he was raised right. His
mom raised him. Right. Okay, we're going to play. We're in
playing another game. It's called thisor that, and feel free to elaborate.
Okay, to kill her. Vodka. Um, I was always a
vodka person. So, but I'mleakal. I'm coming up, like going
towards Tequila. Lately. I thinkI'm just getting tired of the VOCA Soda,
like it just gets boring. Right, yeah, but I like a
little Tequila with some lime in it. It's Basha Soda. What's your favorite
healer? Oh, I love costsAmigos Blanco. They're now we gotta how?
We gotta Casey Musk graves or Taylorswift? Oh, how do I
have to pick though? Sophie's choice? Okay, I'm in a pick Taylor
swift really. Yeah, yeah,and I never thought I'd say that same
yeah, but I don't know,I just feel like she's really growing into
her own and I appreciator. They'reboth great, right, both crazy talented.
Right, I can listen to blankspace on a loop all day.
It's like I don't know what happenedto me. Yeah, I'm officially a
swifty as well. Yeah, Inever got it with Taylor at first,
but now it's like I get it. I think we're getting it too,
because she's getting a little older.So she's kind of coming into this like
right, like maybe it was alittle more I don't deserve this member those
days. Yeah, and now she'slike and she's not afraid to speak her
mind right, like things that matter, and I don't know, I appreciate
that. Yep, Cardi beat orNicki Minaj, Cardiv. Yes, yeah,
I don't know. I yeah,I like Cardie be. I've like
I've listened to her on this likereally long interview with Howard Stern and I
was like a cessed afterwards. Ijust find her very entertaining. Do you
follow her on Instagram? I don'tand I should. You should. She
gives the best instagram. I meanI've seen so many, like I've seen
her instagram so much in the newsfor you know, when she goes off
and it's Hilarious, right, andso I guess I kind of forgot that
I don't follow her because I justalways hear about it. So, yeah,
I got it. She's great.She was talking about tricken and home
in the other day and there's levelsto tricken and Hohen. I love her
so much. Did you see hustlers? I did. I thought it was
great, great, I was obsessed. Yes, great, I thought it
was so great. I was mostlyobsessed with wide Jlo doesn't have one wrinkle
on her neck. Like I leftfeeling like, like bad about myself.
Yeah, yeah, she doesn't drink, I know, but that's not I
mean still, eventually, some really, you're gonna have a wrinkle. Carmeldon
crumple, I don't know. Imean it is like flawless, and that
I like. I ended up orderingthese things you can put on your neck
at night, so I keep ithere to keep yourself from wrinkling at night.
Like I'm not getting your shoot changedmy life and I'm very maybe,
I don't know if it's a positiveor negative way. I think I saw
that in your story. Like obsessed. Where did you find the things?
Amazon in my friend sent them tome. Her instagram is. It's at
Blue Mountain, Deneine, Uh Huh, DNA e any I believe, and
she has them on our website.Wow, and it's like it lifts the
skin like tighten upposed to like yeah, and then I think you're supposed to
put him and then I think thatit's also the idea as they go in,
like for wet ladies, they goin between your boobs a little bit,
because that's like when you sleep theykind of wrinkle together, right,
so this keeps that from happening.Yeah, obsessed. It's a whole thing.
It's a whole. It's like asheet. Is it like a sheet
mask, numb and like in tree? Yeah, and they have them for
like under your eyes too, butI'm just using the chest ones and the
neck. Yeah, welly is likea sheep mass that you sleep and but
you can like reuse it. Sexy. Yeah, yeah, I'm like trying
to use them all. WOM mythernot. Okay, Oprah or Gael.
I mean the thing is that Idon't know what we'd have gale without Oprah,
right, right, right, butGael's got our own thing, right,
and I appreciate that, but Imean Oprah brought us cauliflower, pizza,
cress. So Oprah Bra yeah,I was going to say Gael really,
because you get the oprah benefits.That's true. I mean that's also
true. Yeah, right, it'shard. It's that's a Sophie's choice,
for sure. That's that's hard.Yeah, Ninety Day fiance or the Bachelor?
Oh, Ninety Day fiance all day. WHO's your favorite? Well,
of which there are seventy five versionsout right. There's a that tell the
other way. Oh, that Idon't know that one. My God.
The other way is when Americans aregoing to other countries to be with someone.
Miss Oh my God, it's amazing. It's amazing, it's amazing.
And there's before the ninety days andthere's yeah, and then there's happily ever
after and then there's the regular ninetyday fiance. So they have overwhelmed my
dvr because they're all on at thesame time, and now I'm like,
every time I get home from aweekend, it's like you have forty seven,
I need a fan. My wifeand I watched them all and yeah,
Sean Roberts will never be out ofa job. No, well,
my God, I know. I'mkind of jealous that she has that job,
though, because I feel like shedoesn't even really like watch the show.
No, I'm like, I kindof want to host that. You
should yeah, Pedro in family,Dutch on Tall Oh my God, I
didn't watch that. I didn't watchthe family hunt. How I actually can't
stand them really. Her family droveme a little crazy, but I just
was a little too much. Iwas like it's felt like. I mean
I I watch a lot of realityTV, so for me to pretend that
I don't understand that things are manipulatedthe way they are whatever, as I
got it, but sometimes I justbe like, okay, her parents are
exhausting me. What about and onFisa? What happened to her? I
don't know, but I loved her. I love that she was just like
whatever, by me Shit and likethat's what I'm here for, that's it.
And then the cold, that coldtilte. I forgot her name.
Yeah, they were. They wereobvious. Obviously our original favorites, Danielle
and Mohammed or my God, reallywrangled me into that show. I mean
they were the first season, Ithink, and they got me hooked because
I was like this is a disaster. And what was the like Sophia va
Garl one that got pregnant? Whatwas her name? Oh, yeah,
and the guy with the man banks. Yeah, and he was and he
was like from Russell. Was Hisname? Russ and I can't think of
her name. She did a music, you doo video and he didn't want
her to be too sexy. Yeah, yeah, I like them. I
like them. Yeah, I guessactually think they're in love. Yeah,
some of them not so much.They actually have a baby, I think.
Now. What about the Asian Guyin the guy that looks like the
Penguin from Batman? Oh, thosetwo? That yeah, those two are
a nightmare. That's the one.He was like living in like a like
a old firehouse, right thing,at one point where someone's garage upstairs.
Yeah, it just was like Iwas like, this isn't going to work
out. I don't think. ButI think they're still together. And then
there was the hot guy from Russia. And, yes, and the girl,
like she was, she was shelooked like Milik Mila Kunis. Oh
right, he was from Israel,I think. Yeah, they were good
couple and they were actually I thinkthey're actually in love. To actually root
for them. You. Yeah,some of them I root for to never
be together again. And there's oneon right now. And maybe this is
the other way. You See,Michael and the and the woman from the
south, like the she's like Machael, Machael, have you seen that one?
Let's be on the other way.Know, yeah, she's she's really
not an older lady, right,but she eats cigarettes like she eating now,
like she wakes up and eats cigarettes, and so sure she looks a
lot older than she is, whichis kind of a bumber because I'm like,
I hate that, you know,and I hate saying that, but
it's just true. And she andshe has this young guy. I forget
where he's from, but and it'sjust a it's a very it just looks
it's like uncomfortable to look at.There was a woman from Palm Springs on
their right, and then you season. Oh, that's right. I can't
remember which one though. I can'tremember either. I don't know. God,
there's so many people, because there'slike forty seven, yeah, couples
from ninety, yeah, fans,there's a lot, but it's I love
it so much. It's so good. Do you think? Here's a question.
Do you think, because they dothe casting annountains announcement for that show,
do you think people are just likeclamoring just to be on that show?
Now? Well, yeah, becausesometimes I'm like, is this real?
Right? You know, season one, season two. You're like,
okay, okay, I guess.Yeah, but like sometimes I'm like now
are they just trying to get onthe show? Because there's one. There's
this guy named Caesar who is datinga woman from somewhere, not Russia,
but somewhere similar. You Crane,yes, it is. I think it
is the I think it is,you crane. I don't know anyway,
but they have never met and sheonly sends him videos where she says hi,
Darling and things like that, becauseit's clear she's sending videos to like
fifteen guys, right, who aresending her money every month. And then
she they were finally supposed to meetup and she never showed up. In
like he went to Mexico to meterand she didn't show up and then she
was like, well, my flightgot canceled. It was like just all
this, like it's so clear thatshe's never going to meet him right,
and I don't think he can be. He doesn't seem like a dumb guy.
So that one I'm a little suspiciousof. It's like she's sending out
cameos to him. Yeah, ifI mean it really is it's swear to
God. It's like you love that. Probably it's just like it's in the
vault. You can me'll find thevault. Yeah, Sweetie, how are
you so funny? Been Moui thefifty? Yeah, right, that's a
hundred percent. But he because hesays he's sent so much money to her,
and I don't know. I'm justlike it just doesn't feel like.
It feels like that one might besomeone's just trying to be on the show.
MMM. What other reality shows youwatch religiously besides many day? So
Ninety Day below deck? Love itreally. Yeah. Do you not watch
it? No, it's so entertainingreally. Yeah. Yeah, I don't
know why. I really don't know. I mean it's just all the same
as any other reality showeds, it'son a boat. So would you and
your husband ever do amazing race?He would probably. You're like, yeah,
no, I don't have the skillset. Well, he can navigate.
You could just like follow him.That's true. I guess. Sure,
if that as long as he's goingto navigate, but I just don't
have a very good skill set forall them. That shit looks crazy to
me. Yeah, I think it'stoo. It's way too ambitious form.
That's want to set. My partnermake phone call. So hotels. That's
a great competition. Could you createthat show? For us? Yeah,
yeah, who called? Who calledit best America's best caller? Yeah,
Oh my God, amazing. Whowould host it? You would, because
you just created it. Okay,there you go, Ryan. Ryan doesn't
want to house. Now I wantto produce that, Ryan. Yeah,
okay, great, we got acrew together. Wrap it up. Okay.
Well, thank you for being here, thank you for having me and
thanks for my white cloth, ofcourse. So where can everyone find you
besides Netflix? Yeah, Netflix.I'm also on this season of shameless,
which starts November. Two, no, never matenph something like that. Starts
in November. Showtime shameless. I'mon at this season five episodes, and
Sarah Colonnacom for my tour dates,because I'm a stand up comedian as well.
Yes, and tour every weekend,or almost every week. I've been
doing like once a month right nowjust because I was filming and stuff so
wasn't able to. So hopefully inthe spring I'll get to do a little
more and then Sarah Coloona one,because someone took Sarah Coloona before me.
Find me on Instagram, Clo NNAand clutch women and clutch women. Yes,
if you're a con if you're afootball or concertgoer, I make purses
that are within the regulations. They'revery teficolt regulations to find. It's at
clutch women on Instagram and Clutch womencomand I know about it because my husband
played football, still plays football,right, for twelve years in the NFL.
So trust me when you see whenI say I made a good bag
for these events. Right, nomore clear bags, no more clear bats,
which is a great, brilliant idea. Yeah, thank you. As
someone who carries a clutch, yeah, I don't like a clear bag.
Now, I hate it. Ihate it, and I mean I'm like
the reason I came up with itas truly was I was at a game
and I had was my time ofthe month and I was like, Oh,
I just have to carry my tampon around for everyone to see.
Rawesome, and I was like no, we don't need a clear bag,
we want to cute, stylish.They're a little they're hot. Like.
Therefore, if you go to conespecially go to concerts, because they have
the rules. A lot too.And even if they don't, you get
through security a lot faster with asmaller bag. But obviously, but they're,
you know, they're like stylish andnice and made from really good material
and made in the USA, sothey're not cheap. But the whole point
is it'll last you and it stillmakes a good night out purse two and
it'll get through all the football weather, which is another thing. And what
if you're on a date and you'rejust like, here's my clear bag because
we're going to concert? Yeah,it's the worst, right. Yeah,
now you can have a cute one, you know, hide the loop,
hide it maths the way to Ilike that. You're welcome and you can
catch me every Wednesday here at thewind down and across all social media platforms
at Styla sembador. Cheers,