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This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by panelists TV Host from ET Live Tanner Thomason and returning panelist fashion designer Ngozika O'keke. Plus, Salvador and the panel discuss Gina Rodriguez being in hot water, Nikki Minaj talks good "D" but how important is "the D" to our panel on a scale of 1 - 10? Also, which panelist admits to being a soft dominatrix, who got punched in the face during sex and who got spit on. Along with another exciting edition of Celebrity Swipe Left or Swipe Right #hititorquitit! We see you Kris Jenner.

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The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

Beautiful tender's a professional. Listen,when it comes to alcoholic selter drinks,
your boy here's a pro. I'veseen your int the stories. You know
how we get down. Yeah,this week on the wine. Now we
have fashion designer Ingo Zeka o KeKi, whoop, and TV host tenor
Thomason Wood, whoop. Plus GinaRodriguez is in trouble and we're all oddly
attracted a Chris Jenner. Yes,all this and more right after the break.
Cheers life. I love your singleas. I mean, yes,
the EP. We drop it whateverday. So that voice you here and
the EPS dropping, is Ingo ZekaOkey Ki's back. Kay, if you
didn't know, in Goozeka is aformer marketing consult in print and former print
model turn socially conscious fashion design.You can find ego Zeka's Nigerian and fuse
designs with a contemporary twist. ThatIngo Zeka o Ke kycom Ingo Zeka has
also been featured in as a contestanton season three of the international design reality
show design of genius. SHOUT OUTTO TV One A. She's all freely
bad. She's also the inventor ofthe three xcel cap. She disc rides
the three excel cap as a showercap large enough to fit over braids,
dreadlocks, rollers and huge hair.Yes, you can find Ingo Zeka O
ke key at fashion diva, Ingo, Ingo on instagram. Into Hi,
how are you? I'm aw,are you good? And that other manly
voice. Oh, hello, youhere in the background. Oh my God,
that's sensual. He loves the whiteclock. Right, it's tenor tome.
It's great. No, south,thanks. It's Tennor, Thomasin Right,
Thomas. Yeah, it is aactor, writer, host, and
you can catch tenor on entertainment tonightstreaming platform et live. That's right.
Yes, fun. You might alsohave seen Tannor in the newest netflix series,
the politician. Yeah, I waswatching it. I go, Oh
my God, it's Tennor. It'sF yeah. You can also follow Tenner's
latest project, faith faith based,on Instagram at faith based film, and
you can follow tenor on instagram atGraham of Tan. Get it. It's
like the instagram of Tan. Iget it, it, I get it.
I was just about to ask likewhat, how got it? Yep,
so, Tenner, this is yourfirst time here's traving me. Of
course you're fun. It's nice tosee you after five years. It's been
it has been five. So welike to do like a short interview with
my panelist and then we're gonna talkabout some pop culture stuff. But I
liked it's called a fast five.So I know your originally grew up in
Oklahoma. That's right. What's thebiggest lesson you've learned growing up as an
oaky Oh man? Okay, soI tell everyone that the best piece of
advice my dad ever gave me.Okay, so the best piece of advice
my dad ever gave me is youcan't catch any fish without getting your hook
in the water. Now, wewere literally sitting in a boat fishing when
he gave me this piece of advice, but I've taken it to extrapolate it
to all of the areas of mylife. So, like, if you
want that thing, you've got togo out there and get your hands dirty,
sort of speak, to get it. Let's try. That makes its
own many sense. Yeah, nowI'm like you blew my mind. Yeah,
also, a check all of yourbody for ticks, because they will
get anywhere if you're outside in Oklahomalike ticks. Ticks will find the places
to hide, and so you wantyou want to look. It's okay.
Remember that. Great, it's anOklahoma. There's okay, advice. Get
like no roof everybody on this panel. Also Tanner, our first straight man
on the panel, shaking his fifthlike yes, producer Ryan, but I
know, Fy Nice to have astraight voice and though, and you know,
just not enough straight white voices outthere right now. Is Getting.
I'm joking. I'm joking for everythings. I might not be don't. I
know right, because of persone losestheir shit. What do you love in
pop culture right now and what's yourcurrent pop culture obsession? Oh Man,
my what do I love the mostin pop culture right now and my current
pop culture obsession? Well, there'sso much that's going on right now that
it's really interesting. What I Ilove will will Smith, the reemergence.
Okay, yeah, that to meis such an interesting thing because when he
came to instagram and he came toYoutube, he started with the big stunts
and we were talking all about itfor his birthday, right, and now
he's like releasing swag from the backof his yacht. Yeah, on Instagram.
That the level I didn't even knowexisted. It's so funny and he
has a social media team making thesereally cool and interesting video dope and I'm
just like, what an interesting approachto that. Yeah, I see like
kind of Kylie jennering it a littlebit, a little bit right, yeah,
but it's also doing it in themost like will Smith Way. It's
still cool, it's still kind ofrelatable, right, you still feel like
you're friends with will Smith, right, you know, even though he's doing
these things from a yacht. That'snormal. Yeah, I mean, who
died in right, that one.So okay, tell us about your career.
TRIJRECTORY FROM OKLAHOMA TO LA. Ohmy gosh, it's such a random
story. Okay, so for context, where I'm from, an Oklahoma has
four stop lights. Okay, inthe entire city there's four stop lights,
and in the summers when schools out, they don't want to slow down traffic
so they turned to of the StopLights off. Like that's the kind of
town. It's broken bow Oklahoma.It's a beautiful place right, very,
very small and Geez, I don'tknow. I graduated college and then moved
out to California, didn't know anybody, started working behind the camera for MTV
back in two thousand and five.Wow, yeah, would you do there?
If you do well, do youremember a little show called next?
Oh yes, I worked on thedating show next. I started as a
PA on the dating show next,and we did, you know, hundreds
of episodes. Of course, we'dshoot an episode in a day. And
then I worked my way up intocasting, and so I started doing casting
for reality television and that was kindof like my main thing from like two
thousand and seven to close to twothousand and twelve. Right, cheap,
bad reality TV, dating casting.Okay, what do you look for as
a casting person for these dating shows? Because I tried out for one and
they like me, you're probably toonormal. M You what we would I
used to say we would cast forcrazy. We would look for the craziest,
like catch it, not bat shit. Can I can? I put
my name on the fact that you'regoing to act up on camera, like
can I? Can I do that? And so we would find those people,
the people who would say anything,who would do anything, and that
was just their normal state of being, MMM, and who were probably also
like a little naive and capable ofgetting handled by Ducers, right, because
you need that. Yeah, andthen also like people who were like Oh,
yeah, this is my body andyou know, they did exactly idiots.
It is really sexy. I'm lookingfor someone who's like you know,
it's important to you in life.WILL GIRLS WITH BOOBS? Oh, no,
flood hair, yeah, look,flot hair. Yeah, yeah,
okay, okay, that's fun.I had another about you. That's yeah,
reality guys interesting. What's your favoritething about hosting? Oh Man,
my favorite honestly, my favorite thingis when, and normally it's normally I'm
normally I'm doing what you're doing.Right, sort of, the person saying
will tell me about Blab, butright, but that's that's my favorite part,
is I getting that moment to likeconnect with somebody and talk about something,
whether it's like their career or amoment in pop culture. To me,
those things are are so interesting andso much fun. And also,
to finish it off, tell usabout your project, faith based. Oh,
faith based, I'm so I'm soexcited and so proud of it.
It's, by the way, doingyour homework there. I know, I
know. So faith based. SoI've faith based is the second movie I've
produced. The first one I didback in two thousand and fifteen with a
couple buddies of mine, and thenwe it started out as this saying,
Hey, if we were going tomake a movie and we were going to
make it for Twentyzero, which isno money to make a movie, and
we're just going to shoot it ourselvesat our houses with our friends, like,
what will we do? That wouldbe a whole lot of fun.
So we came up at this ideaand then, long story short, a
couple of people full who finance movies, low budget movies right got interested in
the idea and they decided they wouldhelp us do it. And so we
kept we were able to keep alot of it small, but then,
because these people were interested in helpingus do it, we were able to
get we were able to get biggeractors involved that we you know, we
got Lance Reddick, we got JasonAlexander and we got a Margaret show and
so there's some of these people who'vebeen in a lot of things who we
just like convinced to come to ourreally low budget movie that they're just like
what the fuck is going on theredoing it? Yeah, it's a it's
a mockumentary. It's a little edgy. It's a mockumentary about two guys who
discovered that religious movies always make alot of money, even if they're not
very good. So these guys decidethat they're going to scam a church out
of the money to make one ofthese religious movies, and so they have
to learn to make movies and theyhave to learn to church. What.
Yeah, is it based on atrue story? Also, your first movie,
Horror Film, Right, I thoughtfear, fear, ink. Yeah,
funny and great and I loved it. Thank you. So I did
for bat to at home one dayand now i's like, oh, that's
a tannerline. I feel like hewrote that. Yeah, it's a great
it's Halloween season. So if youhaven't seen it, a spookie season.
We're on itunes. Now we're onthe LRA network. Yeah, I think
we're on Amazon. It's a greatmovie. It's actually a fun it's a
fun romp, as they think itreally is. So he said I had
a wrong. You a everyone getinto the pre us favorite line, which
is so late. Yeah, okay, in Gazeko Ki Ki. Yes,
it's been a while. It has. I know, Philips. And what
have you been doing? What areyou doing? Oh, my goodness,
pushing the three xhl caps. okay, caps are doing really well. Okay,
funny, we actually have distribution andproduction like hammered down finally in Asia.
So that's nice. congratulately, likefingers crossed with some retail product placement.
I started a PhD Oh, damn, you're nuts. I know,
I'm a little bit insane, actualsmart person, you know. Yeah,
I we just gotta GET LA tocatch up to liking them right, true,
working on a new collection, toevening down collection, and so that's
what's been to keep you be busy. What are you making me for this?
I'm just kidding. Well Out,are you an I need for me.
You know, you can always comeby. Jump in an example side
now. Yeah, I need yes, you come by this video anytime.
Grab a Sam Paul, you know, just take some pictures, tag me
and do it. Stories, cameranguethe whole thing. Whatever you can,
okay, can't. You were recentlyfeatured on Voy Je lacom. How does
that make you feel and how didthat come about? I've actually worked with
Voy Jelly before, so it wasreally nice to kind of like have a
come full circle again, but fora different area in Los Angeles. So
I think the first time they feeeach with me, it was for the
clothing line and the brand and thebrand's mission, and so this time it
was more full circle in that itkind of spoke about both brands, so
the shower cap and the clothing linebrand. So it's really good to kind
of like let people know, like, Hey, I'm a fashion designer,
this is what I do right now. My formal education is in business,
so not necessarily in the arts.You know, I used to be a
professor. It just kind of letme talk about all of those things.
That kind of showed like the wholepicture of who I am rather than just
like an x reality fashion designer.Right, right. Yeah, it was
nice. What have you learned inthe past year? Oh, this is
good to have your duck question arow, whether it be in business or
personal, but more specifically for me, like business, you have to have
it, your ducks in a row, because when I first launched the three
xcel shower caps, I wasn't reallysure how well they would do, but
they ended up doing a lot betterthan I initially like anticipated, and so
then it was like me trying tocatch up with the buzz of the cats.
Well, I like, yeah,probably should get production that can actually
sustain a lot of cats. Wouldyou? Would you ever go on shark
tank with the three excel cap,and I should totally would so like fingers
costume that. Would you date oneof the sharks? It's the real question.
I would probably date what's his name? That owns the Damon? No,
Mr Fantastic, and he's married MarkCuban. Yes, she totally was
not my sight. I okay.If you could design, finally, if
you could design anything for any celebrityor pop culture icon, who would it
be and why? Right now,it would be share. Really, I
love share. Always have like totalicon if we're talking about well, yeah,
like you said, icons, forsure share, because she has been
the most versatile, you know,artists with so much longevity. Obviously she's
been singing for like what two hundredyears, right, I love it,
and she's still Mova. What wouldyou make? Yeah, yeah, what
would you do? Like really likepiece like that? Yeah, we would
have to do a headpiece for her, okaycause like the long black I just
I love it. So we wouldhave to do a headpiece. That's like
already on the list. But thenI would think, like maybe some sort
of Tuxedo dress gown. Weird,you know, I'm just picturing she and
I on the carpet at the metgala. I was gonna see a very
matt gala. Yes, if youcould bring sure back in the Matt Gala.
Yeah, that share. Where areher people? I don't know,
just say it's manifest. That shitcome to me. Maybe that's your other
side, hustings said, singing.Yeah, maybe I can even like be
on the back of a track.There you go, give me and the
share. But yeah, definitely designfor share. Anyone else? Someone else
like more with the generation or maleor both. MMMM, I don't know
about mail, because I just havefun designing things that are just like so
overthetop that I don't know a lotof guys that would you when I call,
Oh yeah, Charlotte, yeah,maybe roll through. Yeah, yeah,
who can do that? And hewould kind of be like a more
of like walking art piece. Right. Yeah, thanks. It wouldn't even
do like a pantsuit or a gownor something like that. We would do
like some like whole other shit.Okay, through, I would do that
for sure. Okay, yeah,yeah, cheers to that. Cheers.
Okay, when we come back we'rein the color back and break down some
pop culture topics in my segment,I like to call wine and Cheeseman.
He. Okay, you guys,it's time for some wine and Cheeseman and
one of my favorite actresses, GinaRodriguez, if you haven't her from Jane
the Virgin and look, someone great, which I love. I love that
movie. Isn't some hot water becauseshe said the end word singing too,
ready or not by the Fuji's SilasMan, I haven't watched this video.
Okay, I'm played the video foryou guys. Yeah, receipts will do.
I could do what you do,believe me, Niggas, give me
he be gene beas. Okay,okay, so you heard the lyrics.
I will not repeat them. Andthen she everyone has. There's major backlash
because of the apology she made,and power saying now that too. It's
not sincere. So here's the apology, and apparently this is the second time
she's said that. Where I've heardthis, I've heard that. Okay,
Gina, I love her, Iknow. Really hold on. Let's come
on, Gina, speak to me. Oh, the Internet is giving goodness.
gave it and then now it's takingit fucking me. Give it a
good Internet, given a good Internetaway. Here we go. Oh what?
What? Hold on, hold on, eyes, I'm sorry. I'm
sorry if I got really start overand by singing. We're gonna start over
because I'm on the fence about this. Many, okay, singing a lot.
Hey, what's up everybody? Ijust wanted to reach out and apologize.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry if Ioffended anyone by singing along to the
Fuji's, to a Song I lovethat I grew up on. I Love
Lauren Hill and I really am sorryif I offended you. Singing a lot.
Hey, what's up every okay,we get it, you know,
we get it. I love you, but we get it. All right.
How do you guys feel about this? Honestly, for reals, as
a resident black person, I'll gofirst. Break lies. Nigerian born fashion
designer. I was prepared to sithere in silence for an hour. I
just wanted you to know. Tannersweating blacklow right, turn on the air.
We'll see. I had only justheard about it last night, so
I don't even know. Wait,did it happen? Yesterday morning? Tuesday
morning? Okay, so it wasa few okay, yeah, because I
didn't even hear anything about it untilyesterday night. Um, I don't know.
I mean I've always liked that songtoo, and so when I saw
the clip, I thought it waslike some sort of joke or something.
Or when I saw the apology,it was like a spoof of her apology.
Yeah, and so I was likewait, what happened? And so
then I saw the cliff. Iwas like, Gina, what is she
not? Blugerish, like Hispanic andblack or some but how do you feel
as a woman of color and whensomeone says that word, even if they're
just like singing along with the song? Yeah, I don't think it's out
of malice. I don't know.Yeah, I don't think she meant to,
like she said, I don't thinkshe meant to offend anyone by saying
it, because it's like she's singingthe song. It's a lyric. So
it was kind of yeah, herjust like singing it, mumbling this herself.
But I do think, since heapparently has said something to that effect
before, like you definitely have tobe mindful of that, and apparently she's
already like expressed her disdain for blackpeople anyway. So I'm like, I
did read that and I got avery problem. Yeah, so that is
where the issue came because to meI was like, Oh wait, she
was singing the you know, theLauren Hill Song, like we all live.
But then when I saw, likeOh, she's already talked about how
he doing, like what I'm saying, Oh girl, I'll come off,
I like, he can't. Ithink she may. I think she said
something to the effect like, youknow, black lives matter, but she
did like all lives matter, andit came from that. Well, Gina,
yeah, Beautiful Gina Rederie, whitestraight man. What do you think?
My God, finally someone as Crankywhat I think like it. Finally,
it's not because usage of the endword. You know, as the
straight widest, as the only straightwhite guy who's ever been on the wide
down. This is exactly my placeof Excusin for Ryan and everyone. Look,
I mean, it's not for,it's not for. It's one of
those things I always think. Ialways think and I don't I don't know.
I feel like in scenarios like there'smy the best thing that I can
do, and anyone who's like me, who happens to be listening is to
listen and and just and just soakit in, you know, like it's
not really. I don't think.I don't know. It's like there's an
example a couple of years ago whereI don't remember what the rapper who the
rapper was, but he called thegirl up on stage who was like singing
one of his songs like really wellin the crowd or something like that.
And this guy called her on stageand he handed her to the MIC and
she's rapping a song and she saysthe word. And is it like is
she walking around using doing this inher daily life? Go The starbucks and
like yeah, it's just shouting itin a finger out of her car,
right. Is She compartmentalizing hundreds ofyears of oppression? It's not. I
don't you know. Right, theshort answers don't do it. I mean
know that's like yeah, so someone. But also side note. What the
heck was she thinking? Why wouldyou like if you're doing, if you're
by yourself getting ready in the morning? Yeah, feeling gangster as maybe that's
maybe that's what you're doing in themorning where you're getting ready. But then
there's a video going on instagram lieand then apparently someone next to her,
maybe we gave her like a lookor something, because then she looked at
them was like well, she's whatshe was on instagram and she was getting
her hair and makeup done, maybefor some project, right, and the
hair and makeup team and she,you know, some people like play their
music and like of course, yeah, so, MMM, I don't know.
I don't know either, I think, because I don't think it's done
out of mouthice. Well, forsure, I don't think she got on
Instagram was like, you know,well, I don't know how, yeah,
how clean it any this could be, but I mean I don't think
she got on there to like rantabout that. But I also feel like,
given her history with this word andlike surrounding the whole issue of black
people, like it's just like girl, right, you have to be aware,
you have to be exactly it's like, okay, so, Gina Rodriguez,
look, I'm white, like salton sugar, and so like I'm
aware of I'm aware of what thatis and what that looks like, and
I feel like today we all haveto be that way and recognize that everyone
else has a lot of you know, opinions and feelings and they're all valid
about how a lot of these thingswork and your job is to, you
know, be, I don't know, up front and honest about that.
And so if that means not sayingsomething, doing something you don't say,
to do it right out of theway. I feel. Well, someone
giving a Gina Rodriguez a passes SeanStockman sink this. Well, one of
the singers from boys to men.Oh, he says Gina Rodriguez can singing
the word. Oh, I waslike, wait, what are you?
And he also says Latinas are black. This is what he said. Oh,
interesting. He says Sean Stockman.It says Sean Stockman is giving Gina
Rodero gets a passer saying the Nword. It's only fine because her parents
are Puerto Rican. Latino's are black, because we do have Afro Lettinos or
Latin people. It's not here.How is that? It? As as
a completely awkward signed note, LaurenHills playing the ball tonight? Is She?
Yep, as I drove past thebowl, I'm sorry, is going
to be there? My pulls upon fight now right. What did you
say? Sean also said he's he'snot offended by GINA's word because they go
to step further. Same people ofPuerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican and Mexican,
the scent, can say the Dword because they're all different shades of
black. Which is, which is? I have a brother, I have
three older brothers. We're all differentcolors. Okay, yeah, so I
don't know. If I don't know, it's a sticky situation for someone who's
like Latino, I think to becauseyou're like, we do come in all
shade, M and I'm trying tolike. We do have after Lettinos and
Lettin as and Max People. LikeI said, if three older brothers and
my I always say my middle brotherlooks like hooty and the bluefish. He
looks like Darius Rucker, really me, really does. And I have a
brother who looks very like span yourdish and me. And so I don't
know if people, because within ourculture and cultures, HMM, people really
see that in a like a worldlyspectrum. HMM. I don't know.
I just think with the whole herpass saying whatever she said about black people
before, I don't know, andthen when he're saying it this time,
just like I don't know if youdon't like black people that you can't say
a word. That's some people feellike only black people can say. It's
hard. It's a yeah, knowthat. That's a hundred percent. I
also, like there's a part ofme that wants to give Gina Rodriguez the
benefit of the doubt, because it'slike it's hard for me to imagine that
she doesn't like black people right asI'm like, because, you know,
I guess it's lightly possible, butit's hard for me to imagine. Yeah,
I just I don't know. I'mlike, you've been in show business
for like ever, right when youcan't live in Allah. Yeah, like,
how did you be here and notlike? And she also produced a
movie for Netflix called some someone great, something great, someone great, where
her boyfriend is luck in the movie. Yes, I just don't think.
Like I said, when I sawthe clip, initially I was just like
m and then I saw like theapology after I was like, Oh,
so this is like really a thing, and then I started seeing people's like
I was like Oh, okay,and then like her comment from back in
the dam, like Oh, maybethere's a I don't. But also,
here's the thing too. That's thething. I don't, I don't,
I don't even want to speak onit, because it's like if her comment
was something for the past and shecomes out with one of those all lives
matter things. HMM, I don'tknow. It's like that's such an it
to me, that's such like animportant movement, because I'm very like I
am, I am a black livesmatter person, and but it's not a
simple there are some people out therewho was a tenner. You're wrong.
It's a hundred percent simple and ahundred percent easy to understand, but sometimes
you have to like go down andreally sit and think about yourself and think
about your upbringing and think about things, and you saw on thinking about what
all of this means, and thenand then come to the conclusion. You
know, right, yeah, andmaybe she didn't do that. I don't
know. Yeah, I think kindof being raised in Arkansas, like Oh,
we're in Arkansas, a little rock, little rocks, yeah, Whoo,
whoop, go respect Rais. Ican said. I just think it's
all, you know, it's justlike one of those sensitivity things. And
then to come to somewhere like Lahwhere it is so diverse, but then
you get here and you see thatthere is still a certain level of blanketed
racism here. Anyway. It's justlike one of those uh not, another
line kind of thing. Easy,AH, for sure, I see.
I for sure. I just Ihonestly and somewhere in the middle, because
I feel like our culture is allthe colors. Yeah, they because they
netflix did do this good example,did do this show called maiden maide in
Mexico and then they got backlash becausethey said they only hired White Mexicans,
not Mexicans that look like Mexican.Oh Wow, so it's it's like you
can't either way when in my likebeing Latino, you run if you're light,
if you're dark, and like areyou Lugino enough? Like what is
that? Yeah, you know exactly, and that, like a lot of
these people, like my great grandfather, had like blondhair, bluays, like
you know, and it just happenedthrough the years, right, we just
happen to be all different colors inour culture. It's interesting. You're talking
about being from Arkansas, Little Rock. So broken bow is just maybe two
hours from Little Rock, like likeTexarkana. It was our closest mall right,
that's it was an hour and halfis our closest mall. But I
do think that there's like a certainrule mentality about, like why are you?
What's wrong with your feelings? Getover your feeling. Yeah, like
don't be so offended all the time, for sure. But then there's the
there's the metropolitan mentality of like,Oh wait, hold on a second,
like this is a very real,serious issue. Yeah, and and I
do find myself balancing these two,for sure, as an adult, between
the two. Yeah, for sure. I don't know. I just think
it's one of those realities. Itdepends on, for sure, where you
live, what generation he came upin and who is in your echo chamber.
Right. I think that all ofthe beautiful Word Echo Cham yes,
time, don't get me started.But I think all of those things have
to do with, you know,comments like that. Right, all,
right, now we're going to moveon to something completely different. But Gina,
if you're listening right, come onout to the wine down right.
Feel free. We're having like Latina, Latina, support Latino's. That's right.
Talk to us about it. No, seriously, because I'm a little
confused as a Mexican, first generationMexican, American well, and it's like
it is. I don't think thatthere's hot I don't think that there's a
rule book for this. I thinkwe're feeling it out in this new yeah,
in our new love. Like thisis the first generation that actually says
like hey, that's something wrong withthat, right, the first generation that
feels embolden enough to actually say whatwe're going through and talk about things like
microaggressions and talk about things like racismactually being a thing and not being swept
under a rug. Right. SoI feel like now, since we have
this new explosion of like Hey,this is what we're feeling, we're going
to say it. You know,this is what's going on for the first
time. I feel like that's whyI'm don't get me sad, but that's
why we are, I feel like, in this country where we are right
now, because everyone is able tosay for the first time on their own
platforms, what they actually experience,how they feel about those things. And
you know, everyone doesn't like that. Everyone now has a voice. Yeah,
that's that's a hundred good. AllRight, I wish we had a
Bale Beach. Okay, so,Nicki minajh talks getting good d from boyfriend
Kenneth Eddie, to Justin Sylvester's fromnews, this daily problem. Listen,
listen to the are you just everything? Okay it, Oh, I love
it. Let's watch that's gating advicetoday and it's really hard to read.
Has Good D for Life said ittoday? I didn't. I'm like,
so we're so first of all,we're very close as friends because we've known
each other since we were kids,but also we're so sexually attracted to each
other, like we always want todo it where you both fine, you
find people can say all they want. Oh, love is not about looks
or at this and physical drage here, right, if you're if you're not
physically attracted to that person, bythe only person I good time you do
is I'm in, and that's onlybecause he got some good d. But
if he stopped having good D,Not even he could help me what to
do. I was little crazy.I was do you lose it? Okay,
what happened? Do you get goodit? Does it stop? Do
you stop having okay, questions.I got distracted, I pulled out of
my body. I got real.I'm like, how important is the D
or the P or both? Ina relationship. You Gauze, Cookey and
your side with me. I definitelythink, like all definitely feel like sex
is a important part of relationship.Up Now, depending on the people in
the relationship, it could hold acertain weight. Right, if you get
two people together that typically don't putthat much value on sex or if they're
just not as sexual, you know, that's one thing. But then if
you get to people like she justexpressed that both of them like having sex
a lot, then that's the thingtoo. So I think when you have
people that are like equally yoked,that are both like on track with their
sexual appetites, that prowess, Ithink that it's makes it really, really
important. But if you have peoplethat are just like what about for you
want to scale Oneto time the importance? HMM, maybe like a six a
sex? Yeah, like that's justabove a five. I know I'm one
of those people. Pagan lament,okay, yeah, straight, White Man's
bill, say, I feel that'sa ten. That's important. Yeah,
I think that relationships follow sex.Okay, that's what I think. Oh,
because there's even people like, youknow, term. I was like,
if there's two people who aren't reallyall that into say yes together,
like is, does that even happen? Maybe, I maybe, I guess
it can happen. I'm in doit. I'm in the sex. I
feel like it's important. It's oneof those things I feel like. I
mean, look, I feel likeMay and I'll step out on a limb
here. Maybe you guys are withme on this one, but we've all
had like relationships that that were sortof like based in sex and it was
like a tumultuous thing in the otherpart didn't work out and so eventually relationship
fell apart. And then there's alsobeen relationships were like the sex wasn't good
and eventually a relationship fell apart.I just tend to think that, like,
if you don't have sexual chemistry,then at some point somebody's going they're
putting the hook in the water.Some myself. Oh my God, bring
it around, and bring it around. Yes, full circle, low tanner,
for bringing around circle scale of oneto ten. How important for me?
Yeah, Oh, it's seven eight, seven eight. Yeah, yeah,
I would say seven eight as well. Yeah, I feel like guys
would always mark high than women,though. That's interest. I think you're
right. Yeah, it's just likewhy do you think almost guarantee that you
guys are going to complete could youimagine getting two guys to get women?
That's, I mean man like asbathing. I think she just imagine two
men like all the time. Ican only imagine. Yeah, really like
sex. Yeah, but again,that's because you guys typically, like ninety
percent of the time, our guaranteeto complete the act. Right the world
it's not a fair and equal place, we all know. Absolutely. Don't
get me started on with that.But yeah, so I feel like that's
probably why you guys like it somuch. Two dudes. I couldn't even
imagine exhausting, sad that I wouldimagine. Like yeah, I just like,
yeah, I bet, just likelike when you're when you're a straight
person, and you think about likeand when you're a straight guy and you
think, I like to you know, listeners of the wine down, we're
really going there today. Yeah,here's my here's my sexual appetiter, here's
my sexual desire, and most ofthe time in like a straight relationship,
it takes a little coaxing and takesa little whining and dining. It takes
lots of like warming up to toto rich a scenario where where everybody's kind
of in the same yeah, right, versus if it was someone else who's
like mood in general desire was justabout equal with yours. Yeah, like,
do you ever leave the house?Right, okay, Hart, no,
I had one week and what Ididn't leave the house in the past
year. That's okay, that's theway. That's crazy aired. Well,
yeah, it's exhausting. That promoteslike physical and psychological health. I'm sure
your sinuses were clear. Oh,there's cat, there's pussy in build.
HMM. No, m okay,come on, it was a joke out
of it. That's good, it'sgood. I like it. Okay,
but yeah, it's I don't know, I think it appends on a couple
all right, good, all,good for Nikki getting the good deed.
So I one to ten. Oh, yeah, yeah, like you said.
What'd you say? Seventy I wasa seven eight hundred and seventy eight.
Yeah, seven eight for sure.Yeah, seventy solid, solid.
YEA seven a half, seven ahalf. Okay, all right, like
the Olympics, you know, kissand at that point, I feel like
at I feel like at that pointlike communication and like hey, would you,
if it's really if you do thisthing, then right, you know
to be willing to have those conversations. For sure, for sure, like,
is that how you whisper at Shit, I'm getting need to you to
look me right in the eyes,too intimate. Gotta go whisper and I'm
like pay feel about cat and night. Go Out of the room and then
come back in the room, butbut this time I'm going to pretend that
I'm asleep. You're a stranger.You're so much, completely different stranger.
Your strangers had to ring the doorback, get the pizza box, delet
me some Amazon time, very detailed. Oh my God, Oh my God,
all right, you're the door manand I just ordered don't drops.
Oh my God, crazy, that'sgreat, wonderful. You gotta find your
thing. You gotta find your thing. You know you will do of you
wants to help you, sure thing, and you would help them with their
and then, I'd think, whenyou do find your thing, though,
but I feel like that attraction kindof like it's so few and far between,
though, for women to really getit. But I feel like when
you do find that, then maybewomen are on the same level. I
would say probably like seven, eightshit, maybe even a night communication to
yeah, it's like, you know, it's gross and it's unfortunate and we're
getting better, but I do feellike for years and years and years,
we've liked taught women that they shouldn'tbe sexual or like presented it in a
certain way in the media and thenlike a religious component, right, like
all of those things, like yeah, press that sort of for sure,
repressless feelings. Yeah, okay,great, get to know seven, eight,
seven, eight, five, six, solid, eight five, stack.
I can keep Ye, all right. We all know who Casey must
graves is, right, right,Basic Casey. Yeah, wait, who
is this song singer? She's acountry singer. Oh, I'm playing can
yeah, Ryan country, okay,absolutely, a hey's for hits like that.
She recently will that was the hookright there. Right, she recently
was in w magazine and did somethingcalled spill the tea. So we're going
to play along with Casey. Gonnabe a messy. Guys, I've had
two white claws. I don't knowwhat's about to happen, my God,
and it's gonna Lose Shit. He'snot, he's not. I'll be okay,
yeah, kw it's Casey must graves, and today we're spilling the tea
Cuta cute, she's actually drinking sequila. That's exciting. This is not water
in here. So basically I'm aboutbe wasted. What's the worst experience you've
ever had with Tequila? Probably bothof you and myself's first dad, like
at the table like which I havethis Um worst experiences. Probably, I
think, like in the Philippines itwas we went after a day of taping
the show and we all went tothe bar. So of course I'm like,
Oh, yeah, I've never hadTequila. That's all that's here today.
Like yeah, it's no, wehad like four shots and for an
alcohol that you've never had before,I wouldn't recommend it children. Oh don't
do it. But I remember gettingout of the jet me and it was
like raining and like dancing in therain, and then after that I remember
like waking up like on the benchand everyone was still dancing in the rain.
Definitely, hands down worse experience.Awful, Tanna, that's a pretty
solid one. Mine, Mine mightbeat it. I went to Mardy Gar
one year. Oh, very subtle, very relaxing. We Hey, yeah,
real snooze of weekend and drank waytoo much of that unholy liquor and
wanted up getting separated from the group, trying to crash and like Windi's or
something, and they're like you've gotto get out of here. And then
I was almost a man. Ican't believe I'm a menting this on the
podcast. I was almost arrested.The New Orleans PD were coming to get
me. Literally they were like walkingtowards me, because I was staying on
the street trying to like figure outwhere I was at, and these guys
walked out of the windy's and theysaid he's with us now. I was
not with them and I did notknow who these guys were. And then
one of them brandished his at it, brandished his lapd badge. There was
an lapd officer in the Windy's,off duty at Marty Gras, who saw
me. They were laughing. Iwas like trying to you know, I
write, have my act together,and this this off duty officer, vouch
for me and cut me out ofjail that night. And then they and
then they called my friends and they'relike come pick this guy up, and
they did. Ah, here wasdon't work capes. Wow, that is
awesome. Mine is not great.He's it's not great. Okay, it's
not my proudest moment. Hit uswith it sided. Is it worse than
mine? It's a yeah, it'sreally close. Excellent. It involves another
country, so let oh good.I was in portified to Mexico with Ross
a couple years ago. Ross MatthewsPost records, the EMI winning roupuster and
reason TV's Ross man hunt televisions.Ross Matthews and we had been drinking Tequila
all day and it was like myfirst time, kind of like it was
like our first kind of big vacation, and the Sun was setting and I'm
like I want to go like theybasically the Mexican police doesn't want you on
the beach when it's dark. Okay, just for like someone's going to drown
and die. Sure, and Iwas drunk enough that I started taking off
all my clothes and running towards thebeach and I'm like, I'm go in
the water, it's ready. Yeah, what we please tell me. They
came and got you the Mexican place, like you was like you gotta work,
gonna and Russells, no, no, I'll take them home. It's
fine, he's fine. Yep,almost got arrested by Mexican police. I've
also had Tequila with you and Ross, and, as a duo, you
guys were able to sling them back. Yeah, so I believe million percent
of this party story. Yeah,Oh, for sure. Yeah, and
it's now, since I've been singlenow for the past year. If I
know, I want to rally,it's the take. If you want to
rally, I've like broken an ankleon the metro. Wait, where's here?
On Tequila? Uh Huh, Ilove it though. Yeah, yeah,
I like to quile. It's mypeople's drink. Yes, well,
it's it's the only alcohol that's alsoan upper. Yeah, I got maybe
that's why I love it. Ithink I proved Oh, it's GOOPA brought.
Yes, I love, I love, I love me and Tequila,
but I saw there's a certain pointwhere it just like things. Yeah,
I'm like, Oh, wait,why did I fall asleep? It's about
well, at a certain point,you know. Never mind. Okay,
let's see what Casey says. Holdon, remember hotually, won't? She
doesn't remember. I'm just not fuckingdrink anyways. Oh, fuck my right,
kill God tree. Addition, wait, what Marty, just like fuck
man, kill all right. Oh, but who is it? Do you
consider yourself a gay icon? Ido love the gayest. Again, Gay,
right, I don't think what thisHarry styles smell? That's a good
question. What do you think Harrystyle smells like? What's that? Oh,
he's the one direction or who's nowdropping singles. Yeah, let me
see a picture. Let me saygoogle, Google. I know this name,
Tanna. Yeah, what do youthink? He smells like? This
guy? Let me tell you.Harry styles, or strikes me as a
man who always has Cologne on.Really, yeah, you know, like
it's weird. Cologne is one ofthose things where it's like some people are
at the right now. People areeither into it, into it or not
into it at all. Again,I were going through a weird Cologne moment.
M I must say. Put Julie. Oh but Julie? Yeah,
really, okay, put Julie Mixedin with like a overtone of Cologne.
Okay, this is Harry styles.There we go. Oh, yeah,
okay, goodlooking, good, he'scute. Yeah, right, he's got
he's got some tattoos. Big Todo with the the you wouldn't wear anything.
Now. What do you think itsmelt like? After seeing him.
You can see co kikie. Maybejust a natural man. I got a
little musk to kill. You knowthat man's hell. I don't think they.
I can't with you white. Yeah, no, no, I cloth.
I think you would just smell likea natural like man sweat. Let
me, let me hit you withthis. Let me teach you with an
alternate. He also strikes me asa man who moisturizes and so like.
In that regard, I think youmight smell like lavender or a little something
that's in the lotion. Yeah,like he's got some product that sandle with
Sandal Wood. He's got some sortof product that he keeps everything. Definitely
not Colombo. It has to bea product. Yeah, like to see
that exactly. Yeah, let's see, here's doll smells really good. Like
a gentleman. What's the first thingyou thought about this morning? That's a
good question. First, what's thefirst thing you thought about this morning?
Both of you, for this morning? Shoot, putting my bad together.
Really Yeah, who I was gonnalike have to do it? I'm like
coax him to doing it. Yeah, answers really boring. I mean that's
a pretty boring answer, but myanswer pretty like I knew that if I
got up half an hour early,I could clean my room a little bit.
Yeah, I'm sorry, sound thatone really wants to here. Oh
what, lawyers, ACID DICK?Okay, all right, it's all right.
Where is it? Okay, seveneight. All right, up by
your what? Do I can byyourself, or do I gotta go?
Yeah, yeah, well, Ifeel like nate. Yeah, seven eight,
listen, that's what we're going totitle this episode. Seven eight.
I feel like a lot of guysthink about that as they come out of
unconscious, because you wake up.Are you talking about me? And Yeah,
lest I'm gonna say, saw metalking about man. Man, hi,
hi, well, y'all wake up, hey, man, what y'all
think about? We y'all wake upin the moll. It's happening right as
I swear. More wine. Yeah, never, Makay, okay, she's
boring. What's your favorite Britney SpearSong? There you go, that's a
good question. What your favorite BBritney Spears? Toxic, toxic, nut
here. We need a video.Came right here. That's pretty good show,
my gosh, like to be honest, like, look, I went
through an unhealthy level of like BrittanySpears hit when I was like right at
the right age to be obsessed withBritney Spears, and so I was one.
I was, oh my God,guys, I was one of those
people. This is okay. Iwent to a Britney Spears concert at six
flags over Dallas fans way. That'sright, that's right. You know,
honestly, hit me baby one moretime is an unstoppable BOP. But really,
I have to say my favorite isa little little banger off album number
one called email my heart. Ohmy God, I don't even remember that.
Oh my God, no, thetitle alone. Well, you don't
know this song, sow, Ithought you know the fun like freaking out
that you know. It's literally.This is literally. It may be like
two weeks after Gmail or Yahoo Mailor whatever happened. Oh my God,
I can't believe you know that.So Larry's it's uncomfortable, but I'm here
being my true on herself. Thereyou go. It's all we can ask
your truth. I'll trans what yourhow it's going to say. Give me
any more, give me more,give me, give me more. It's
good. That one's good. noundsgood that one. Oh, also the
one where she's like, you betterwork, bitch. That's good. Okay,
that's what. Just about one toxicwhere are we judging? Based on
the song or video? Because it'svideo, than it's slave for you.
That was a video guilty pleasure.It's your guilty pleasure. You guilty.
Like what, is there a category? Should we hear her answer and then
buy things that I'm not supposed toon Amazon? Hers it is buying things
she's not supposed to on Amazon.Ka, Oh, next, yeah,
because I went like so far leftwith it. Let's do it. Yeah,
well, how far lamp to find? What are you buying? What's
going on? No, no,not behind anything. I'm like, is
it dominating? A guilty pleasure?Dominant? What sort of dominating? You're
have to categorize this dominating the well, I know what she's saying. I
do. Oh Oh, wait,hold up, dominating. Yeah, I
know, it's you's what what doyou mean? It's? Okay, wait,
hold on, what kind of dominating? I'm addy gotta say now for
her. Listen, there's different kindsof dominating. As a woman who has
delved into the pond of PDS him, I will say but I take an
interest. Did it maybe a guiltypleasure. I'll be it. Not really
sure how guilty I should feel aboutdom dating. I don't think yeah,
is that guilty? I don't makesound. I don't think it's guilty.
We I don't think so. Wenot so like hold up a session five
or six? Yeah, come on, lady. So virus. Yeah,
this is what happens on the winddown. Tanner. Okay, at a
five or six and dominating. Iwould imagine that bean like a twelve.
Hmm, Oh man, I feelreally insecure. I was gonna say twizzlers.
Jesus, more Calorie. Is Myguilty pressure? Dominating? Yeah,
calories, twiz La, right,I don't know. If for help,
don't Tequila. What's your most embarrassingI think I've had enough with her.
HMM, enough, spacey case,if they do all of that like for
like an hour something. It waslike three minutes, but like, okay,
gosh, it's a little boring.I thought. Doesn't mean more fun?
Guys, what a game? That'sfine, it's Gretty good. We
had a good we've learned that youlike dominating. Well, I mean and
I like twist it is situations.Yeah, that's really edgy. Not Everybody's
into twizzlers. It's one of thosethings I don't bring up here. It's
a new thing in silver, liketwizzlers. Have you been to that bar?
Yeah, twizzled two different people.Oh my God, fucking n you're
really too much right now. Wecan take a litt break. I'll come
back. We're going to play celebrityspikele left or right. Okay, we're
gonna play celebrity swipe left to right, because I've been on tender once and
got stood up. Listen, that'show it got me. Never again.
Sucks. Don't like it so hypotheticallywords in the play there's a barrage of
celebrities I've preloaded onto the IPAD andwhen it's like left the right on them
and say why that is? Exceptin right is with it. Oh No,
right is yes, let me know. Right. It's yes, right,
tidy, lefty, Lucy. Gotcha. Okay, ready, first one,
Gina Henri. Guess I mean.Yeah, I'd have to Swipe Righte
like I'm giving her the Benet ofthe day. We're gonna have a conversation.
That's a great photo of her.Yeah, she doesn't really pretty.
So is this just like Alf oflooks along like Tinder, whatever, fun
personality. Do you want to hangout with them? Why? I would
go right. She's this fine,yeah, she's yeah, I'm school right
as well as well, okay,James Franco, right, the like.
Yeah, you gotta Swipe Right on, James Frank here's the thing. At
the James Chunk is a little bitof a Weirdo, but you gotta swipe
right because of that. Right,it's intriguing, right, like, yeah,
I feel like he's smokable. Yeah, not that I do that,
but me either. I would withJames Franco, though. I know,
right, just for the story.Yeah, why not? I was like
maybe a gummy beer. Okay,all right, off us. That's not
domination. That's another that's a levelfive, finely safe vanilla. Maybe a
little COCO. That okay, ChrisJenner, what? Right, get my
career together. I want nothing morein life than for Chris Jenner to give
a Ted talk about like managing,right, a dialog or whatever, like.
I just want her Ted Talk.So I'm going to have to hit
her with the right so I plusright there, grant, that's a beautiful
let me tell you. Yeah,HMM, I would go right as well.
How does sily? I don't know, but she can teach you a
thing or two. And that photojust yeah, I'm not mad at it.
No, you like it, likeyou like it. Yeah, no,
I'm into that. That's a reallygood that's a written listen, Christ
Jenner, if you're listening right now, you row hot in this photo of
sous holding it. Yeah, okay, Oh, do you guys who know
who? No, no, what, sorry, sent too. Yes,
and Tanail, I work for entertainment. Oh, yeah, that's right.
Right, let me look at Kay. Apparently he shaved his head and that's
a big deal. So there's Similmachine with the regular, I'm head,
regular head of hair. I likethe regular here. That's the thing is
that's when he's got the boy's charm. Yeah, I'm right for here,
with the shaved head, he lookslike my ex h really. Yeah,
I got hitting with the left Swipe. I'm gonna go left. Shaved head,
left, you shaved head left?Yeah, right, head. Yeah,
full of them. I like thehair. Okay, yeah, seems
it's tall and you like me talk. Yeah, how big is he?
I don't know. Ask Him.Is He a viking? What's his name?
Noah, since into Noo sint meto all the boys I've loved before.
That's the movie he's starting on thatplace. The woman is Asian.
Oh Ready, last one is ready, stacy and her much Oh my God,
stacy, wow, definitely left forme. Okay, no, not
even for a clueless moment like alittle romp. Yeah, this is not
a just for crazy a battery.It's not. Fine. I don't enjoy
crazy opinions, you know, justto watch turn that happen. I don't
even mind the opinions, it's justif we can, you know, have
a civil discourse when talking about them. But this chick, I don't know,
girl, what are you know?She's running for what? When I'm
kidding away, everyone got scared.She's running. She just look. It's
about two thousand and twenty. Anythingis FOSSI legit, right. Oh God,
that's funny. No one likes acy. I mean I mean someone,
someone loves her. She listen,I feel the same for her that I
do about a lot of people.Say, I want good things for you
in your life, Ran, Iwant you to accomplish the things they shore
want to do. They don't hurtother people are in hinder their rights.
Right, I'll drink to that.Yes, poured up for it up because
she's literally drinking too. They addrinkthat. Yeah, a soft domination.
This is a soft is a soft, soft white Wye DOMINATU's feather time,
just a little clapp but on likelevel one, third level. All right,
you go. I got a hitat like a level eight or nine.
It was fast, like she hasjust see that. Like fuck is
that? Where did that even?That's so unexp like what? No,
crazy. What goes in people's headwhen they do that? I don't know.
Without discussing it previously, safe wordexactly, springing something on you.
Right, that's crazy. What we'reright. Power moves. Well, that
was fun. Now, okay,ride Lester, look at it really cooking.
Where can they find you? Youcan find me on Instagram, fashion
diva and go. That's in go, and from there you can see the
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