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This week on The Wine Down Salvador is joined by panelists actor, producer and the host of LATV’s “The Q Agenda” Enrique Sapene and Salvador’s BFF Carlos Silva aka Rambles Del Rey. It’s an all male review on this week and things take a sexual turn because one of us can’t stop talking about spanking-while another one of us can’t stop crying. Also, the panel and Salvador discuss why Miley Cyrus felt like the Bachelorette and is Céline Dion getting some?!? Along with another exciting edition of Celebrity Swipe Left or Swipe Right #hititorquitit! You can find Enrique Sapene on Instagram @enriquesapene and The Q Agenda on LATV! Link up with Rambles Del Rey on Instagram @glamgreen63. For more of Salvador find him across all social media platforms @stylistsalvador and For more great content and bingeable shows take a peek at Straw Hut Media! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Wine Down
The Wine Down is a pop culture infused panel show where guest/panelists discuss and dissect the latest pop culture stories of the week or what they are currently obsessing about in pop culture, social media, music, art and fashion. The Wine Down is moderated by show host, celebrity stylist and lover of all things pop culture Salvador Camarena. Salvador will add his signature and unique point of view on all topics and will relate them to any personal or professional experiences he’s had throughout his decade long career as a stylist working on every major red carpet-Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes and Grammys. Salvador will also add his own personal flair with current latino-infused entertainment stories. The rotating panel would include celebrity guests, influencers, long-time friends and fellow podcasters. The Wine Down will also include one on one interviews with celebrity guests. So, basically you can think of The Wine Down as a chisme (gossip) fest with your favorite friends at happy hour. Just add wine! From Straw Hut Media

Episode transcripts

I try to target the Latin xcommunity. Yeah, if you know what
I mean. To be a goodleader, Roman, yes, yeah,
a good role model. Yes,you are, and you're starting conversations that
are very much needed. Thanks,Sarah. Thank you. Yes, thank
you very much. I can tellus something about yourself that nobody knows about
you. I'm Huh, Oh myGod, as you said that I almost
gave the Michael Blowjob on accident.What the fuck is happening? Carlos the
way. Now, by the lastcoming up on the wine down, we
have embery kiss up in from LaTV's the queue agenda and my bff Carlos
plus. We're trying to figure outWHO's a banging seline dion. I mean,
come on, have you listened toher new song? And miley Cyrus
talks about her relationship with Kaylyn Carterand how she went from zero to thud
and sixty plus, how she feltlike the Bachelor at after meeting some potential
new partners. All that and morecomed up next on the wind got cheers.
Does anybody know what day it is? It's one, say get Wednesday.
Is Me, Nicole, Awesome,Oh my God, you guys,
it's Wednesday. And actually here.Hello, no, I'm alive. We'll
glider back. I'm a lighter.It lost some weight. Nice, I
can tell. Yeah, good,you look very good. Thank you.
Cheers. Tell your way, share'syour story show. So male review.
Yes, it's an all male review. Right, is thrilled by the lay
center of attention. Okay, sothose voices you hear in the background are
how do you pronounce your last nameagain? Stop, any stop Anny,
and they get stop anny. He'san actor, producer in the host of
La TV's newest talk show, theq agenda plus. You can catch embreak
at Instagram, at Embrique step anny. HMM, great, right it.
Yeah, that other rambling voice youhere in the background is might be a
F of a decade. Carlos Lais a regular panist here, panelist here
on the wind down. You mightknow him as a ramble's del Rey.
rambles are ray on bad people asecond, did don't give them a second,
please, because it will go onfor three minute. Get ready to
ramble, right. And you canfollow Carlos at Glam Green Sixty three HMM,
on instagram, instagram and dirty.No, I'm just kidding. Yes,
just kidding. And they can you'venever been here. You know,
I'm so excited. You know,we actually drink wine. We kind of
turn up a little bit before anddance and before you got here and sign
me up. Yes, we dosomething called a fast five, which is
a small interview with you. Soask you a series of five questions.
You can elaborate on those questions asmuch or as little as you want.
Oh, I like to talk.It's great too. We love a good
nouth. We all love a goodmouth here. Okay, tell us about
your when you started first doing acting. I know the story, but the
audience, I think, super interesting. Well, I started because my family
was all involved in television. Soas a kid, well, my family
owned would was like the NBC ofVenezuela, called our RCTV, radiocarcast television,
and so, you know, everytime I go visit that more whatever
was like no TV, saids productionoffices, things like that. So me,
some of my cousins and I wegot interested and but my family were
very much of that. You haveto make your own path and build your
own, you know, way andthe whole thing right. So we'll start
it from like from carrying wires on, you know, it's not. Never,
hand it to us. The firsttime that I actually said that I
wanted to be an actor, momsuggested that I went to classes and I
went and says a thirteen year oldfor the twelve. Thirteen year old,
I started going to classes and thenI auditioned for it. Then, in
a way, though, and Ilanded my first room after audition for it,
and I had to audition like literallylike everybody else, went for the
big call, then got the callback, then went to producers like by
the book. And how old wereyou again when you got the thirteen?
Thirteen. Yeah, wow, Istarted in commercials like a little earlier,
like I was like probably like tennishwhen I did my first like national and
Venezuela. Right, but my firsttell Anoi level was thirteen. For you
still look thirty style, very stop, very starr very handsome guy. Never,
right, airs, Ye, never. I mean you are young.
What am I saying? Thank you, but you're young. Thank you.
It's a spirit. It's in air. Interview. Not so excited, okay,
but yeah, what do you lovein pop culture right now and what's
your pop culture obsession? Okay,so I have to admit it. I
remember Moholic. I okay, lovereality shows. I'm nine play ninety nine
percent of the gate. Yes,I'm obsessed with a house. I mean
it's not healthy. It's like literally, Oh, and Rupaul's drag race,
I love to. I'm such alike a, I'm so basic, literally,
like I just housewives. And rupulserag race, I love. I
know to, Love, Love,Love, love. Yes, no,
I it's just like they're guilty pleasure. You know, it's like you see
this train rex and and they're funand you laugh and you cried. You
actually feel like you know this people, which is so weird. And then
you know, met a couple andrun into some of them and you see
them and it's like, oh shoot, you're not what I thought it was.
And if it's like your heartbroken andit's like Whoa, what's going on
here? You're an IT's m yeah, it's crazy. But then the rupels
rag race, yeah, girls who, I feel that have broken so many
boundaries and started so many conversations thatneeded to be had, and who knew
ten years ago or twelve years agothat this was going to be the mega
success that it's been, and itmade drag now, well, not made
it because it's always been an art, but made it as something that people
just they don't just look at Racqueens, but they respect right the art of
drag. Yes, she's fantastic.And the way those queens carry themselves on
camera and off camera, it's reallygreat. You can go to any of
those queens at a bar and they'llhug you and, yeah, just be
so nice and kind and generous.If they're just kind of they get it,
and they're many Bethany's, because theybecome like brands and like they have
lipsticks and makeup and wigs and nailsand things, and it's like, Jesus,
I love you. I mean thisis so wonderful of you, like
making something amazing out of the opportunitythat, you know, world of wander
give you. This is this isa good question. Do you think probably
the Queens on drag race or moresuccessful than the women on housewives? No,
depends the really I think some ofthe House Webs I've really used it
as a business and used her platformwhite Lee, while, hello, Bethany
Franko, which is like, youknow, she was already catering up for
yeah, she was skatering, buthello, I mean you know, like
in reality television, and you knowthis, all the contracts changed yeaster Bethany,
because she was literally the one whowhat. I ran with our contract
and make bazillions of dollars. Andfor all of us who came after that
did. I did a reality showand I own we TV called my life
that telling away laugh, so tellinga real actors. She changed contracts for
all of us, you know.So when you receive them, it's there's
some big policy of like negotiating.A few started business or something on the
show. Now you have to givethem a percentage and blah blah, blah,
blah, blah, Blah Blah.You know what I say, cut
it out. CUT It out.Honestly, I go there like you can't
do this for a year. Year, I always say, like I'm not
going to sell my soul to thedevil, right. So I cut that
shit out. I have to Deveyand I'm going to play Devil's have a
kid with you, because I thinkthat if you're getting that national commercial and
exposure for Your Business, I findit it's kind of fair. I mean,
you have to negotiate it in thecrazy, you know, but it's
makes sort of sense if they're goingto be producing a big national commercial for
you. Well, I just alwaysthink like when they try to hold you
and you can't do another show fora year or this or tiles, and
I'm like cut it out. Well, or add another or at another Serio
to the paycheck. There you go. How are you? Reality's cheap.
That's not well, but you know, if they really want you, they'll
add the other serio to the paycheck. That's true. Okay, tell us
about your newest talk show, thequeue agenda, on latv. Well,
I'm super excited about this talk showbecause we started last year with LATV.
They're very much all about inclusivity andhaving all the colors and all ethnicities and
things like that. But we launcheda show called glitter bomb last year and
it was a first ever lgbtq talkshowed targeting the Latin x community. Thanks
for the invite and we didn't knoweach other, but now, but now
we do. Now we do,but we we did super well and we
aren't primetime and we raised their ratingsto the through the roof, you know,
for the commercial. But what thenetwork realized was that we only had
the g from the LGBTQ and Ihad gay Latino Man on the show.
was three of us. So theysat and we went back to the drawing
board and now we came up withthe Quegen. That where we have a
whole variety of so we have JulianaJoel, who's a transactivist and an actress,
we have Leanna Carrera, who isa lesbian comedian. Right, we
have Victor Ramos, who is celebritymakeup artist Afro Latino, and then me,
who you know, I'm an immigrantand gay and married for the so
we're all in different places in ourlives and everything. So yeah, it's
a it's a talk show and wetalked about entertainment, news and politics,
all through the Lens of the Lgbtqcommunity and targeting mainly the Latino, the
Latin x community community. So wetalked about issues that affect us and how
they affect us and however spond ofit, I try to target the Latin
x community. Yes, you nobody. Yes, yeah, good role model.
Yes, you are, and you'restarting conversations that are very much needed
and necessary. So yes, thankyou very much. I can tell us
something about yourself that nobody knows aboutyou. I'm hung said that I almost
the Michael Blowjob on accident. Fuck, no, I yeah, no,
it was I was joking. Butlet me see something. I love scary
movies. How about boring? Isthat? But I love scary movie.
Really, you like to be frightened? I Love, Love, love,
scary movies and scary TV shows andAmerican horror story. I am obsessed.
Yes, obsessed, yes, obsessed. Yeah, Love American Horse Story.
Describe yourself in three words. Whatdo you call that? When you're like
you want everything, like you're verywell, I'm passionate, I'm loyal and
I'm ambitious. That's the word.That's good, I can see that.
Yes, what's your saying? Leowith a liver rising, so the craziness
gets a little bit of a balance. I love. I have a no
clue what that means, but Ithink that's what you said. Ask next
what I mean. Yeah, well, it's, you know, like the
Big Leo's have a reputation for beingvery overthetop and like need a lot of
attention and love, and I haveLeo friends that are like that a hundred
percent, and I have a friendWHO's at Leo with a Leo rising.
You don't even. I mean,trust me, you go to you just
sit back and like let him dothe show, you know what I mean?
Like that's it. But the librarising in my case kind of balances
a little bit of the attention whoreof the IDn't know this. My mom
was really interestrology and to all thissign stuff and everything. So, like,
ever since I was a kid,was always like depends on you find
out what you're rising is depending onthe hour that you were born. It's
mad, yeah, very sort of. Yeah, but it's cool to find
out because then some of the questionswe've always had about yourself and like Oh,
okay, this kind of makes sense. Or here, what if you
were born on a cuss? Ialways feel lost because I was born.
I'm like, I feel like ayou're a UNI fucking bat, shit nuts.
You're you on our climb, Sagittarius, half capricorn and literally born on
the cusp sweet. Well, Idon't know what that mean. I wonder
what time it was then. Thenthen through the time you get your rising
and then there's like the moon thingand whatever. I love like at home.
Yeah, MMM, me too.Huh. Wow, a lot of
things today. We have two askmy mom what time I was born.
Yeah, you're one. It's fun. A donut. I'm dram late and
that's what that remling ways here inthe back of Carlos, it's your larn.
What does it mean that you're adonut, because I've heard I'm a
twinkie. I'm I havena. Iheard Hollo for me. I don't know
that. Carlos. Okay, Philipsill, Carlos has been here, probably what
to time, a couple of times. Yeah, it's good to be back.
Yeah, our okay, yes,Philip, and what you what if
you've been up to lately? Tolet the audience loves you. Good,
Lord, and I love the audience. I love everybody, but Oh,
I love yeah, Oh, wow, tremendous, MMM, sensual, I
mean compliments, by the way,to you with this wine. Is really
good. Thank you, the cockwine. Everyone loved comment. Totally.
It's French cock, French God win. Yeah, totally, but anyway,
no, I've basically a bit justworking and I had an amazing weekend and
a side from getting over a littlestomach thing I had, I'm doing pretty
well. Yeah, I mean weit's been a couple weeks. When to
go to Guatemala. Yeah, Iwent the weather my lie. I was
there for about a couple of weekshelping my ninny year old mom. Any
your young mother. Yes, reallyre salish herself back in her little place
down there and she's already pack himfor when she comes back to stay with
Marty and and me and I herein the lay again. So that was
it. That was really cool.It was really cool being down there.
Did a little. Marty is Martyand party is my life partner. Yeah,
let the audience know. Yeah,okay, here's a real important question.
You can't look at my computer.I know you're sitting close to me
and you want to know. Howmany times have you cried this week on
this lie this week. Zero.You want to know the truth, is
what it's me. You'd cry.I've cried. I know you've been right
every sate. Okay, wait,but there's this story here. It's I
want to know, like every outsgoing on selling. Okay, yeah,
remember how I say never crime,membery. First eleven months. Never.
I remember the older I get,I'm losing my shit. Eleven years ago,
when I make you, you sayyou'll never cry. I never cry,
and now I do. Use andhow does it feel? Because I
feel as fantastic to cry once ina while, let it all out.
You know what I feel like?I feel like a nuts person, really
like batshit nuts out of control,and isn't it fantastic? Well, I
imatchine nuts anyway out of control.You See, you've gone out with me,
both of you, and I'm likefun light, but this is a
whole different like that shit nuts missand I'm just like, Oh my God,
am are like, I don't knowwhat's happening in me. A thirty
seven and the rephrase that. Imean I haven't cried like emotional crawling emotion,
look like emotional tally and a whilefor you know. But I do
shed a tear every now and thenwhen I'm watching, when I, you
know, showed that I like currentevents or something good it's happening to a
person out in the world, I'llshed a little tear. But I'm I'm
sorry. I'd love to cry.I mean I love to cry it out,
like I just feel it's like acleanse. I don't like I say,
I loan there crying. Well,no, I mean I don't stand
in the mirror and look at myselfwhen I'm crying, I do it properly
and dramatically. I should video andway over here. I'm only bringing up
the crying because I was actually methat was crying, and that's been a
lot lately. I like a lot, like who's gonna want to date this,
but I was driving over in acertain song. Come on, I'm
like a certain songs. Come on, I'm like motherfucker, and before like
what, I'm like a mess.Anyway, yeah, Carlos, it's a
good question for you. If youcould spend one night with any celebrity,
who would it be, and why? Good, one night, more like
Jennifer Hudson and dream girls. Whatnut only wouldn't I think that? I
would love to spend a night withLizz Oh, oh my God, that's
such a good answer. You know, she's great in bad. You know
she'd be great in bad. Shewant teach you shit exactly. You know,
she did mains that chairs. Yeah, yeah, you know she'd be.
That's such a good I'm stealing thatone from it. And she drink
like vodka with the little blood untilhe blunt but Douche. It sounds like
that could be the plan. Andthen, O her hot wings yeah,
we're jumping the fans. That said, we're getting married. We're straining.
No, but I love her.She inspires me lately and thanks to you,
because, I mean I know aboutleaves. Listle but I remember we
were having the conversation. Yes,said listen to list so or else.
I said, okay, I wascrying to we're crying, and that's how
it took. I mean, Ireally got into her music and I love
her. I love her energy,I love how she doesn't give a shit
exactly. I just think that she'sunapologetic. She's just in your face and
if you don't like it, andthe balls, like what she did with
when she wanted to play or soon the Little Mermaid and she got all
dressed up and like, you know, painted makeup and everything that, and
did her she did poor unfortunate souls. I was like yes, girl,
like that's it, that's how youdo it. And it's also about like
selfcare. She's also about like fuckingtake care of yourself. Yeah, album
is it's all about like love yourself. So it's not I think I love
that message because her love yourself messagecomes from the heart. You can feel
it, you can see it,hmm. She invites everybody, doesn't matter
who you are. She welcomes everybodyinto her world. Yes, and I
think that that is a quality,a very on this quality that I feel
from her. You don't feel itvery much from any other artists, but
from hers, like a girl.Hey, you're very head. Had A
bad bitch. Yeah, yeah,yeah, that's right. Yeay, two
more questions. Okay. Best Memorywe've had together in the past ten years.
Oh my God, there's so many. There are so many, so
that it's fucking ten here. That'scrazier. It's been years. Saying years.
Oh, that's a great testament toFrench. I I mean like,
you know, the love and friendship. Yeah, legit, ten Yeahs,
I mean and our lives. It'slike a movie. I swear it.
That's the way I see it.Every I see being yetts of when I
think that we see Ben yets ofdifferent things that we've done, but all
of everything we've done. This justbeen a mess. A man, seriously,
you know, broken wrists, breakingaway, bring yeah, the subway
and laughing about it, and thenext day we're just like right, I
gotta arrested. Fine, girl orhot right now, be remember only your
number when I was in jail goingwho can I go? I'm NICL soal
of forro black in the morning.Wow, that's a huge compliment. Me
Like losing my shit. Yeah,Carlos, I've been broken up. Help
me move. Oh my God,that's like call kinds of life shit.
We you and one of those emotionalroller coasters we both had, and you're
right twirling. Are you trying toknock my sell out of my head?
But I wouldn't let you. Thattime you walked home from yeah, you
took off running and you thought Iwas going to be running after you and
I'm like, what is this girldoing, and you are in heels.
I was running and have a blogdown and turn it around to see why
I was following you and I'm justended they're going. Okay girl. That
time you walked home, the timeyou walked home from the bar and I
was trying to get to yeah.I was really something. Your Boulevard perfect
and you were going by the museumand I thought I was Gwen's too.
Funny. Oh yeah, I wasvery bad night. I was emotional total.
I was emotional and drink and twirld. That's I started in a singing
that when the funny song and Ifelt very much not. I started crying
and then I was doing this scenefrom her video and I was setting it
down on the sidewalk, singing atthe song. Then that done. Maybe
I should take a nap in thegun yeah, next to the buy the
fucking tarp pit, right by myGod. No, I'M gonna get a
risk. No, this is thata good idea? Is Three dirty in
the morning. I should get homesomehow. Funny, see, I've at
least try to like not be arrestedbecause I'm an immigrant. So it's like
the last thing I needed for mygrand guard wants to get arrested. Yeah,
that had the UI, but hit. Let's who wants to talk about
that? Okay, that's question.What are you listening to right now?
Music lies, I mean, Ilistened to everything, but of course it.
Lizzo, okay, is the latestaddition to my collection. I can't
I have all of her recordings now. Okay, recordings like the fifty world,
like the fifty well, LP,yeah, there's a bad we are
true color TV now. We dohave my cut remote. I think I
love my God and alert about thaton my phone. I think right,
we have phones and carry around dactphones. Shit, do you talk to
you? What? What? Yes, yeah, what. You Can Watch
Porne? Yeah, I do that. I don't have to go to the
theater for that. A O.That is the old nickelodeon. Well,
did they have porn back then?They did. They had the lead these
up their ankles. I was veryyoung. The Legend says Yeahsin Nicol and
it ends the NIPPLODEON. Oh Shit. Okay, with that said, we're
gonna take a line break and we'llbe back with some pop culture comments topics
in our segment. Cold One andcheese, may cheers. Oh, I
love that. All Right, okay, so we're back with wine and cheese.
Man got carried away, so holdon. Last me story a little
bit. There we go. MileyCyrus says she felt like the Bachelorette after
meeting some new potential partners. Asyou might known, Miley split with her
gorgeous husband, a longtime, lovedLiam Hempsworth, and he got any world,
world, worldwind, fleeing with KatelynCarter, who was recently married to,
now divorce to, the gorgeous,broody Chenner. Right. So,
the Star and recently instagramed October onetis lit and she was in a pumpink
pumpkin patch. She crossed paths withsome like goats and pigs and animals being
my Ley. Fun, Fun,fun, and she said literally last night
was a goat goot period in betweeneach one of those letters. And she
said the funniest part was she meta couple of potential partners, a clear
riff off her recent breakups, becauseKaitlyn and her split, she said.
She also said this interesting that Ifound that she went from zero to d
and sixty after her divorce from Liaminto Kitlyn and she put the brakes on
it. From Sara to sixty.I'm confused. Like zero to like she
got into that relationship really instantly.Oh, I've got didn't that be like
Sara to a hundred? Why areyou stupping at sixty? Gold? Oh,
she's she's a girl that she's thegirl that follows the speed limit and
brin get. She does not breakthe law. I just gon she does
not break it. I love myLee, I love my life. I
Tho her to and I love howopen she is about her life and I
how about you know, you knowshe's cool about everything. And she opened.
She's very open and I think she's, you know, like very in
tune with what's happening in the worldright now with kids and how they feel
and being sexually fluid and all thatstuff. Yeah, so I appreciate that.
Yeah, so. So, apparentlyshe took a picture at this pumpkin
patch with some zombies and said like, I feel like the bachelor. I
found some new potential mates, kindof like raphine on her exes, that
they're fucking zombies. Ohow, whichis hilarious. It's funny. She makes
fun of it. She right somemarriage quid. I buy need it.
She said, this is interesting.She gets good buys or never easy,
but GTCH got to go. SoI'm start using GTCH now. Have you?
So my question to you boys,M is, have you ever gotten
into something real zero, two hundredand sixty? We're going to use my
lea terms, zero, the sixteen, but meaning like it be gets up
like everyone say. It's like fromzero to sixty like fast. It's like,
yeah, I've always gotten like fromzero to a hundred really always,
yes, every single time, likeI have, you know, totally.
I never like halfway committed to something. I always went like boom, a
hundred percent on it. I waskind of like with a you whole outside
kind of deal. Really totally.I fell in love with people and then
I got my heartbroken. I wouldpull my hair and cry, like get
it. I like this was thisbig mess. What? But I always
went fully committed. We've always mywhole life, I've been like that.
Never halfway. How about you,Carlos? Well, honestly, I think
that, I mean I might havedone that a long time ago, and
that when I was very young,maybe once in my lifetime, and after
that I become more and more conservativeabout it. Yeah, shield I go
slow now, thirty five miles inNour. No, I love Probo's catching
on. Bro Oh, your residentialstreets totally red. Cool, school area,
school zone. Yeah, children areare killing it. Welcome, Tiffany
Hattish to the podcasting Oh my God, very good. I've always been the
opposite, hmmm, which is likekind of get away from me. That's
Carlos now. Yeah, yeah,but you have changed that, you now,
but no, now I'm like afucking mass. You're well. I'll
tell you something, though. WhenI first when I decided that was going
to take it slow, and didn'twant to meet somebody and just want to
have fun. That's when I mademy husband. MMM, that's see,
that's what happens. That's what happensand that's what happened to me. That's
how I met my Marty. Youknow, I was not out to do
anything, but I just want totake a break for my two bits friends
at the time, you know,my party friends and and that's how I
met him. Yeah, that veryconservative environment. We met well, but
I didn't mean him and come Imet him online, but I hadn't that
work, because that shits hard.Well, I thought it was going to
be a one night I always saidit was setting one night thing. That
became two nights, I became three. That became for that nine years later.
Where online did you meet Craigslin?No one, and I'm friend.
I was gonna say where the AdamAdam Age? Yes, because I never
got grinder and and we never reallyever got because it grinder became water like
after that, you know. SoI never had a grunt grinder profile,
not enough to knock down the grinder. I think. You know, likes
fantastic, but it just I didn'tget to it. Yeah, there's so
many APPS, though. Yeah,bullshit APPS. You really feel bullshit APPS?
All Right, okay. So thenext one is celine dion's life motto.
Is Our midweek motivation. We itis Wednesday is the midweek motivation.
All we need sing. You know, Celine's known for her weird, kind
of corky sense of humor and hernow lavish style, absolutely which makes sense.
She recently didn't interview with the LaTimes and offered some poignant life advice.
Life is short. Can we justhave a good time? I can't
do a great celine. Let's let'sall admit that. So seline have the
sound that. Can he look likeher? Oh my God, now that
you were so set. Yeah,HMM, just gone. I'm just gone
that. Oh flattery will get youeverywhere. Chickbone, Oh my God,
trying to make the moves on it. So she has a couple new songs
out. Here's taste of one ofthem. It's called imperfections. Try to
all right, that's good enough.I'm gonna drink right now. I'm getting
emotional, my ship. I'm kidding. That's I love that. Okay.
So CELINA also says like she's anentertainer she loves a spotlight, whatnot.
You know, we all know herfrom the heart goes. She's a NA.
Yes, she's an icone. Shelost her husband of twenty one years
to in two thousand and Twenty Sixteen, Twenty and sixteen. But here's my
real question. Okay, she's writingall these songs about like imperfections. And
what's the other one called home on? Let me open my phone. Here,
Papa lying down her ridge. Okay, lying down with courage? No,
no, is that a party atdefault line every Thursday at a thirty?
Very good. My question, youboys, is I honestly would have
read this. I really thought ofthis. It's seline getting some out come
on, she hope. So.I hope she is, because too and
let's kind of let's do it likea match with seline. And with WHO
do you think she's getting? OhWow, oh, I hope she gets
it like from like some really hotlike wrapper, like I think, like
you know what, like I wouldlove to see like fifty cents like grab
her and like, you know,freaking like they had like a rapture guideane.
I'm not that Coasso, like wow, you know, everywhere, do
that to me right go. Ithink dude, that's Day, but right,
don't you think? I would lovefor her to, like, you
know, she's such a I meanit's just got such a gay Cliche,
but she's such a gift to theworld, like that voice. It's just
amazing. I hope she's getting itand getting it everywhere and with everybody,
because I look at her now andI'm just like in these songs, I'm
like she's getting stuff. Yeah,really is. But you know what,
knowing who she is, and shedoes like older man. You know.
So, do you exactly? So? I don't know. I you know,
I'm who. Do you think?So? I think she's like kind
of dating a business skuy or someonethat works in her realm Oh, I
don't know, but a business guylike that. It's like proper and everything's
not going to make you thinking likethat. Somebody's hitting the out Oh shit,
very good. Well, you're sellingmusic now, is it's fabulous.
It's very up to date. It'sup to date. She also said when
like renee died, her husband thatpassed away, she's she was afraid that
every person was going to send hersad songs to sing. So I think
she made it a point to belike, but this is like a Sassy
selene. I've never seen yes,lily says fucking Spread Eagle and link and
current, you know, like thatkind of very sick, very cur that's
what I like. You know,it's just like me. I feel like
maybe it's a younger man or somethinglike a drake. I would love to
see what would you way be socool. Hey, guys are you know?
They're too crazy. Gotta go.Three good, my age, five,
forty, five miles in our that'smom math. I have another drink.
Carlos, like you don't. WhoDo you think she's a hidden it
with? I really honestly don't know. Just mailman nanny would have to be
someone who really who's inspiring that newsound, you know. Yeah, and
she stood by her man. Youknow what I mean? When she's like
say go and I'Ti very like shereally deserves like, yeah, I hope
that day and she was alone.Yeah, for a long time. Yeah,
I mean so, I you know, now it's time to like have
to let loose. I think she'sdipping it everywhere. I hope so.
I mean I don't know if girlswould dip it. I think I said
I hope she's bidding, beating thatcat left and right, up and down.
Yeah, going let's go by.Really, it's a beat at Demo.
We are beating that love beating happeningwith you too. Yeah, there's
a there's something by being a littlesubmissive, just a little, you know?
No, I don't know. No, just a little, not for
me. That's in it. Andthen you start and then you start crying.
No, no, no, thatthe under you start going at the
end or the beginning. Don't besubmissive. If Control, oh, think,
and because really into let's go by. Yeah, you like, yeah,
you know what brooming is important.I like Lecoq wine. Yes,
it's very ver. Yes, okay, so this story we I don't we
probably all heard it by now,but you know, I've been in a
hole. Homeless woman goes viral afterseeing opera in the metro stuff. But
so we're going to listen to ita little bit. Hold on, hold
on, okay, cut that out. Great, Yep, Nope, nope,
commercial, commercial. I looked.That's because there sis in at the
beach well, and they just recentlyidentify her, by the way. Yeah,
then, I think I really hopethis. Here we go. Okay,
her name is emily. She's aRussian. She was at the Wilshire
normally station on the Metro in herein Los Angeles. Okay, so I
was fascinated about how all this wentdown. So apparently, apparently, oh
Carlos is crane. Now I'm cryingand that that gets me. Okay.
So when I read that, Imight make my shit. Okay, for
the first time ever, I mightlose my shit. So, okay,
mark this moment. A Los AngelesPeace Police officer was moved by the beauty
of the music of coaching a petitewoman and asked whether he could record seeing
her. I told him please,don't. I feel intimidated. She said,
would you expect with a police officertaking a picture of taking a picture
of you? The officer press andeventually she agree. Agreed, but asked
the clip not to be posted online. Okay, because, she said,
because her hair was pulled in pigtailsand she felt gross and Baba, Bah
Blah or it. Wow, okay. The video was posted by LAPD's twitter
account, who which was viewed morethan four hundred and thirty eight thousand times.
Wow, the tweet. I'm gettingchills. Four million people called La
home for four million stories, fourmillion voices. Sometimes you just have to
stop to listen to one to hearsomething beautiful. M is what the tweet
said. First of all, thatofficer gives good tweet. Absolutely right.
Yeah, so emily said she learnedto sing by imitating operaform performers on in
TV, by growing up in Russia. She's fifty two now. After so
young, she's yeah, after financialdifficulties and serious health problems. She became
homeless and she can live. She'sonly living on like four hundred dollars a
month in government aid. seet.Don't you want to hear this stories?
Now? It's like we're in aworld right now where it like when you
turn on CNN and everybody's like,you want to shoot yourself, and then
you hear things like this. Yeah, and it's like it reminds you that
there's magic, that there's hope,that there isn't, that we're human,
that we're human. Well, Ialso reminded me that everyone has a gift
and you just need one person tosee that and really notice that. So
Emily said the next day, whenshe went to the wilshore and Normandy station,
that people were waving at her andtaking picture with her, and she
felt like kind of weird about it. I just think it that it goes
back to everyone, like having agift, and make sure people notice that.
Like, she's spent her days andnights in Glendale, Hollywood and Korea
town, she said, she saidshe moves. She said she moved to
the states when she was twenty fourand that she didn't want to rely on
anybody, so she worked at anursing and as a waitress and she just
fell on hard times. She hada friend, a financial she had a
friend financially support her until he passedaway. He or she passed away,
and that's how she became homeless.Well, I mean, yeah, but
you see, it's like then again, like she wasn't looking for fame,
she was in audition, he wasn'tdown. This just found her and her
life's going to change, right,yeah, after this. Yeah, and
I'm not saying that somebody's going tosign her, they gonna with a record
deal or whatever yet. It apbut like her life and the hope and
everything that this experience is given toher, it's going to change her life
completely, right, you know,yeah, you know, just need a
little put like what you were saying. I mean we're humans in all you
need to do is just take afew minutes to listen and to look at
people. Look around you in LosAngeles. You know, I will recommend
you, guys, Google the soloest. Amazing Book, a real life story.
Great Porn? Yeah, Great Porn, you know, great performance by
rambles ll race. I'm not sellingher, promoting myself, no, but
I'm seriously the soloest. It's agreat story about someone who is incredibly talented
musically and ended up homeless because hewas schizophrenic, and he actually went to
the top schools in New York,conservatories of music. I ended up playing
the violin on the Second Street Tunnelin downtown Los Angeles. This woman,
you know, amazing talent, naturaltalent, and she's homeless. Maybe this
will lead into something. She alsosays that, speaking of violence, that
she used to have a violin andthat someone broke it because she's the play
it out of I think cancers,Daly or something outside for money, and
she her favorite rapper is drake,very handsome drake, and she used to
play these to call me on mycell phone on the violin, until someone
broke it. There is a violin. It's there was a violence in Venezuela
during the we had just some reallyhorrible protests, yes, the last couple
years, and he was always playingthe violin in the marches and everything,
and one of the guards came andbroken and it became a huge viral story
and now he's living in New Yorkand it's become like a huge success story
for Venezuela. I it's ironic thatthere's like this for semblance on the story
of her having a violin. Andwhat's up with people breaking violence, which
you're making to you, I meanbe in love. Yeah, well,
we need is love. Yeah,and a violin to cry and waiting for
your forty five miles. No Shit, he's going to pass you. People
are the worst. I literally whenyou told the story and you guys were
got that's like, oh, they'rebeing Romanic, I nearly cried. I
swell, I'm so much I'm allchoked up right now. Yeah, you
are. Yeah, I could tellCarlos is. You want more wine?
Yeah, okay, get that Frenchhigh. I need that. Oh,
thank yeah, some more French fringlare. Get that French cause. All right,
well, we come back, we'regoing to play the game sweeping the
nation, just the Internet Celebrity SwipeLefter, Riaz. Whoo there and no
watering. Yeah, now we're gonnaget down and fucking dirty. Oh what?
Okay, with a little game Ilike to play called celebrities. Swipe
left the right, and some ofyou may or might not know that this
is inspired by online dating that I'vetried once and got stood up with.
So now we're just going to playit now with you, hum very successful.
So now we're going to play withcelebrities. Fantasy. We're fancy,
may be married or nab is justfantasy island. I'd love you know that
your fantasies may reality. Okay,that's an inside joke that no one's gonna
get Carlo. It sounds stirn noone's gonna get a tension. And this
okay, for first person we haveis we've been talking about him all day
for some reason, drizzy drake.So I've left to swipe right, right.
This you like? Right? Yeah, right, left, and you
can say, why elaborate at last, routlow, sexy, sexy, sexy,
right to the right. I wantto to the right, to the
right. Okay, here's a tallguy, and I do like Tad guys,
but Um, I want to climbthat whoat, yes, yer,
cous the rise, that's a lovetree. I want to cry about tree
girl, and looks do say.Hey, it brought the dirty and all
of us and the dirty one theroom and changing my mind, and that's
a good picture. You got tobe aim like that soon. All sent
it's very handsome talent at powerhouse.I mean, hello, I'm from what
I understand, he's also a verynice guy. Yes, he is.
So, Carlos, are you changingenough to right? No, no,
I'm not changing that. Tell usleft. Why? Why do you?
Why do you hate him? NotMy caring, not my type. I
don't like his being sick. Ohmy God, I'm gonna go right.
Okay, because I think he's verysent a Tivo, which I think is
great. I made it very clearwhich way I'm Swiping, Uh Huh,
and congratulation. He seems like you'remine. It seems like a good time,
but like he means it, ifyou know what I mean. Yeah,
I agree with you my hundred percentnow too. I mean, yeah,
tomb okay, next one ready,yes, fade done away. Mommy
Dearest as Joan Crawford. I wanther to grab all the wire hangers and
beat me to a Paul beating theright going right, love her to the
right love her. I Wanta,okay, love her, I think.
I think right too, because Iwould love to spend a night just talking
to her. Yes, you know, if you guys ever, did you
guys ever see a while? Wasthat a man of selling? I'm not
gonna take it anymore movie. Somebodymight wasn't here. Too Young. I
know you're so, but I'm agreat movie and she plays that one of
the lease roles in there and she'sjust nominal. She just got fired from
a move from no, wait,what's this story? The big breaking story
about somebody who quit because, likethere was a big scandal in the last
movie that she just did. Fadeon the way, yeah, with fade
away, and I remember there wasa kind of I can't and I don't
want to like, you know,like spread gossip. That I know that
clear, but but it was ahuge and everything she touches it's like she's
Hollywood royalty. Right, yeah,she's. She's in that because she's a
legend. Theary you're doing fade doneaway as Joane Callford. You know,
Srawford, John Croft, John Crawford. You know she was wild in bed,
decrab those wire has. Think she'dbe a messy, like sloppy body,
mess, just like on a pillin fourteen things that haven't weird,
old man, she wouldn't know JoanCrawford. She was one of those clean
freaks. Yeah, control freak andcontrol. I don't like that, you
know. So I don't know.I was thinking just spending night with fade
on the way as the character.You know, would be interesting to just
talk and sex. No, I'msorry, no, no, no,
all right, I'm gonna I'm atthe Goale. I could entertain hard left,
hard left. For me, thisis good. Naomi Watts from the
recent netflix show Gypsy Naomi Watts.Really, Oh, this is good.
It's like a potato without salt.To me, potato without salts. So
you're going left. Yeah, I'mgoing left. I do like blonds,
you know. Yeah, I know, me. It's she's she's beautiful,
she's very talented, she's beautiful.She's not my cup of tea, like
I've never liked. To me,there's like that whole thing of like the
potato without salt county, like Ineed a little and need a little like
either like grab the wire hangers andbeat me or like it with the beauty,
you know, like stude, likethat, dance with with you know
what I mean. We other team. The other two options were so grabbed,
the Ba, see, grab,so spicy. This is a little
more like like want. Wow,we're gonna name this episode beat me up.
Yeah, maybe not. Maybe that'strue. Violent. Yeah, that's
right. Not Condoned by Carlos Naomi. Why? It's left her right,
I think. You know what?I don't like blond and she looks like
a petite girl and in reality,I didn't even know how Tald she is.
But I you know what, Ilike girly girls. Okay, that's
like a girly girl. That's isthat a right or a laugh? Is
the right or left? Right?Oh, okay, you know what,
you and I need to go clubbing, because we're never going to fight for
the same people we see. Wewill that we see each other. I'M
gonna go right on a me watch, because I feel like she's a good
girl with dirty side. She isan addy dirt. Oh, I love
awesie. She's an eye, butI think she's like fun, but she
be like she'll do like you're havingdinner with her, but she'll do shit
to you under the table, whichI like Aussie's. They're dirty. I
like it better if she'll do thingson top of the table and pay the
bill. That chilled will the bone. Look at Damn. Okay, call
you'RE gonna lose your shit. Rememberthe be titanic, because we talked about
to lean dion. See how Itied this on them. Billy Zane,
Oh, look at billy okay,looks so. He's such a man.
Adore him. You would do bothway left. The right is so sexy.
To the right, all right,to the right, one at a
time, no fighting lighting. Igot the exclusive gossip for you. Yeah,
one of my best friends just shota movie with him and he is
not only the kindness but like themost giving actor in the world. Would
like will come to the scene andlike work with you, like you know.
He was the biggest star on theset and he literally went to like
the kids on it and everything.I just worked on the script with them
and the scenes, and every timehe's so that tells you about the kindness
of this guy and where he's at. You know where he liked take the
time to like work the scenes andjust be so giving. So to me
his like a big wall to toclimb. Hello, welcome, thank you
very much, I love you.To the right. There's something about him.
Does he have big hands? Doyou know? I don't know,
but that that's a the old breakertoo. I said deal breaker for me,
big him. He sounds exacting me. Yeah, he sounds like shausted
to you, exhausting. Go ahead. He's very handsome. I can't believe
how much has changed. And Look, he is very manly and and probably
what they can't look us the listeningthis place. Who Really Think Bald is
hot? His is real. Look, you know he's he's bald. Now,
wait, I'm not hitting on you. I'm sorry, just realized that
you don't have air. He's sexy. So right or Le Sexy? Yeah,
right or left? Right, okay, I'm gonna okay, he looks
like I'm gonna go. Oh God, I'm gonna go in the middle,
a little towards left, but ifI were drunk enough, I to go
right. Uh Huh, because helooks like a realatory hooked up with in
pump springs once. Oh, butyou see your associating I just leaves.
He looks like. He just lookslike that. Have some more cock,
you. Yeah, exactly, haveso much friendly like you know what give
me. I like the call.Yeah, yeah, I like him.
I like him like I'm like him. I'm not saying he's not handsome.
I just feel like to tell youthat even when in titanic it's like high,
Leonardo was like so vanilla. Yeah, I'm droning here. I was
saying neither bitch die. Wow,I was like, I love him.
Okay, next one, Ben Plattfrom the politician on Netflix. I Oh
my God it. I like him. Left right. Just to Beiga,
I like, I'm that would sleepwith everybody, even like freaking no,
except for Naomi, Naomi, andnow you hate in the mine. You
Hate Naomi. No, I don't. I think she's super good. But
he's actually he's yeah, I meanhe's a kind of key. Looks like
the kind of guy you take hometo your mom. Yeah, right,
left, the right wing. I'mdefinitely it's a right. Okay, Carlos,
if I were a twenty five yearold, I say, Oh,
I love them. Well, he'sbut I think he's very talented. He
has an amazing singing voice. Hedid he did a really good job on
the politician. But no, hedoesn't do it for but this picture and
people can see it, but it'slike this mommy jeans at a pants that
he's on like word, like they'reabove his like belly, but have they
makes him look like he has alike freaking what do you call that?
A camel tone again, it giveshim a camel to mooset knuckle for men,
a Moose nls. It's amazing.You Go. Yeah, I'm gonna
go hard right on Ben Plat becauseI have been been watching the politician and
I think he's adorable and talented.Right, like I said, yeah,
adorable and talented. But and thenI saw him scruffy and I was like,
Oh, what a man, woulda move? He needs any Stide,
love, an amazing voice, singing. He's great. Yeah, just
like, yeah, adorable and Ikind of Dick that. I think he's
and he stylist. HMM, Oh, I like, I like, I
like what he's doing. Way,you know about fashion. That's is that
is that acceptably? That's the thingnow a really like higher real pants,
like highways to the plead and withlike the Moose Fiesta are back and,
you believe, with a Moose Fiestasituation. Yes, there's a lot of
beating going on in today's episode.Yes, dies, yeah, I mean
you get three Latinos in the room, but little move six dravagant size.
Not For me. Well, uhOh, look times up. Oh,
all times up. All right,that's fine. I like to kind of
making it upward. Right. Apparentlyright loves an awkward deer. All right,
well, and they kid. Thanksfor Inglo. Thank you so much
for having we're you thing this.Where can they find you be other than
scruffing greener everywhere? Now I'm noton. I know I'm getting totally kitty.
I'm out at and because if myname everywhere so ian or Iqi S
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didn't know. Honestly, I didn'tknow. Yeah, I thought an alien
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