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This week Danielle talks with Jason Lee. He is a gossip blogger, media personality, and brand ambassador. He is openly gay and biracial and endured a rough childhood growing up in the foster care system in Stockton, California, as his mother battled drug addiction. In 2015, he became the founder, editor-in-chief, and CEO of the gossip blog Hollywood Unlocked.

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Danielle Staub, Absolutely
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Episode transcripts

Straw media. So today, folks, we have Jason Lee and he's a
good friend of mine, ultimately famousDJ. I consider him to be a
rock star and one of my alltime favorite people, because I did land
myself a nice plaid shirt, whichwill get into in a minute. So
Hey, Jason, welcome to Daniells all AB absolutely. How are you
good? To see him so good. I feel like I'm just running on
wheels that are falling off all thetime. You know, you get to
a certain age where you're like,am I even moving? Is something pushing
me forward? You know, you'llpick me up a five fall right,
yeah, but we're aging and we'restill looking good and we're out here vibrant
and, you know, successful.So eight numbers don't matter, you know,
they really don't, unless it's inmy bank account. Part Listen,
I said I'm one of my shows. I say I spell phone fo in
e in the F is for friends, family people. I'm fucking the people
that are financing my business. Ifyou're not one of the people, don't
be. Well, I guess Ishould just delete most, almost everybody that's
on the financial end of it,you know. So, yeah, that's
pretty smart. I'm going to usethat one. So happy pride to you.
Happy Pride One. Thank you.Yes, I am so happily gay.
I'm I would not want to notbe gay and I don't even remember
what it was like before I wasgay. And so, yes, I'm
out here celebrating with my fellow homosexualsand we are enjoying ourselves. Well,
if we can get in with thebisexuals, to which is me. I
mean you're never not bisexual once youare. So your bisexual. Oh,
honey, you know that already.You have so and listen, you know,
and I'm maybe, I was theonly housewife that truly marched gay pride.
There's photos everywhere of me and Patterson, me and Bloomberg, me and
Christine Quinn, the first gay outpolitician in New York City. Honey,
I've been in the gay community sinceI was basically raised by gay men.
No, you're my blood, Iknow, but you know, I was
on love, a hip hop,your own real housewise, we never know,
if reality reality TV, you neverknow. There was one of the
house while I was on every fair. You know, one of the housewives
up in, I think it's NewYork. I forgot her name one episode
she came out she was bisexual.My what's happening? So I never know.
So so so it's where the samecommunity and nowadays too. I literally
filmed with my I had a girlfriend. I was done with men because that
went for a six and a halfyear divorce litigation. I got kids and
I was like this sucks. So, you know, and nobody to kind
of chased me and she won therace and we were together for quite a
while and then, not to makeit about you, because it's so not,
but I think it's so awesome thatnow you know a little something extra
about me. But you know,I'm proud. I was the first out
bisexual on the franchise in the franchise. Then everyone else was like, oh,
it's kind of cool. Each can'tjust like think it's cool. You're
either a part of the part ofit or you're not. So it baffles
me sometimes when people are conveniently apart of the gay community, like that's
what's going to say these days beinggays in like everybody wants to be gay,
everybody wants to be bisexual, everybodywas we pansexual. You know,
I'm kind of attracted to everything,kind of like I just want to go
back to the days where everybody iswhat they are for for their reasons,
you know, because it's really legitimatelywho they are. The reason why I
was really, he's about you beingby set bisexual. Well, now I
don't make sense because when I whenI first met you, you were trying
to take my man. We wasmy man. He's my ex boyfriend and
he was funny. I think Ilaid him down a hard when he just
took his shirt off. I go, I want that, and he took
his plaid shirt off and I waslike yeah, that's mine now, and
he walked over to me gave itto me. I was like, Oh
my God, I love this,it looks so good with my meal MEO
dress that I had on. Hedefinitely took the shirt off his back and
gave it to Daniel and you didliterally fishing off the animals. Still Up,
you see, still your man.No, no, we were been
broken up. We would. Iwas around the time. We were trying
to talk about whether or not wewould get back together, but then of
course he ended up want he wanteda girlfriend and he wanted me, and
I just and I was a kindof okay. With that, but then
when we start talking about the logisticsof what a polyamorous relationship or an open
relationship look like, it just isit's going to be too messy. So
No, I was in a tryodwith Princeton Apollonia. No, you were
not. Yes, it was.It's in my book, honey. I
got to give you a copy withboth can get to the high. I'm
Danielle Stall, gay icon and RealHouseways, both New Jersey, but more
importantly, I'm just Daniel Stop.Absolutely. I was in a relationship when
I was thirty with somebody who wasthe most toxic human being that, I
think of a group of parents evercreated. It was the worst relationship ever,
but it was it was the bestsex I've ever had and I was
Dre I was I was a sexaddict to this person. We were sex
out of to each other and wewere so addicted to the sex that we
literally just ignored all of the toxicityaround us. So, yeah, I'm
sorry that that's the person that youhad to have like that kind of bond
with, because there's so much tobenefit from that, that sexual kindistry and
that passion. I'd rather call itpassion, because all you want to do
is just like you get in thereand ours turn into a menu. It's
turning to ours, right when you'rewith that person, right, but it's
the way person. I mean,it doesn't mean that that it's the love
of your life. It just meansyou're what's time is a lot. Is
the love of your moment. It'sthe love of the moment. There you
go so im that. I justwant to say, like you know,
in honor of pride, I'm soanxious to like ask questions and have my
viewers and listeners, you know,get the information that's necessary for them to
make decisions, because there's a lotof people having trouble with the community,
even these days that you know,you we keep expanding the community, the
gay community, and you know,he, she, they them. Everything
is acceptable in this community and Ijust want people to feel more comfortable with
their own coming out or coming tobe. It's like a sweet sixteen for
Hetero sexuals. Liver or listening,you know, it's like you know,
but it doesn't happen at sixteen.It's just you're coming out. You know.
So when was it that you ordid you at some level always know?
But when was it that you cameout? You know the thing,
I've been asked this question before andI've never had an answer that I think
people are expecting me, because Inever had a coming out. I never
came out, I just was.I just well, there was a moment
where I would very discreet and didn'twant anybody to know, which I guess
you could say was closet or deal, and there was a time where I
just lived in my child. It'sprivacy, Jason, that's right. I
never believe, I've never believed thatthe bedroom was something that I needed to
talk about. Who I sleep with, whether it was a man or a
woman. I never felt the needto talk to people about that are broadcasted.
I do. I will say,though, once I moved to La
I just kind of just live mylife the way I lived my life,
with less privacy in the sense of, you know, being overly discreet.
But yeah, I never went tomy family and said, Hey, I
gotta Shuit you guys down and tellyou I'm fucking calvin like. That was
just never something I needed to dobecause I didn't feel like was anybody's business.
I still to this day, havenever had that conversation with my family
or anybody that I thought I neededto come out to, because coming out
somebody argue it's more for other peopleto embrace and accept you than it is
for you to accept yourself, becausewe already who we are one hundred percent.
And so, with that said,what would you suggest for people that
are struggling with the decision or can'tseem to identify themselves as comfortable in their
own skin enough to not give ashit when anybody else thinks? And you
know they respect their own selves enoughthat they don't need other people's opinions?
What would you suggest for people thatare listening that need that advice? I
actually had dinner with somebody in Miamirecently. We were he asked me a
very question. He's a father oftwo girls. He's gay now, or
you know he's bisexual, but he'smore towards men now than women, and
and in people are trying to outhim and I said the minute you control
your narrative, the minute you justsay what you own. It not that
you're to say to them, butyou just own it and accept it and
if you are asked the question,a very casually answer the question. What
you own, your own it youcontrol your narrative. You you have all
the freedom in the world. Nobodyhas power over you. These people think
by saying they're going to out you, they think they have power over you.
Take it from them, you know. And it's funny because last night
I'm on this APP called be ego. He came on the APP and in
a dating game to win my affectionand but I couldn't talk, but he
they were calmed down so I couldn'tsee who they were and he won and
it was him, and so itwas like a moment where it was good.
Do you think that it's less aboutwhat other people are feeling about,
you know, or thinking about,or describing the perception of being gay or,
you know, being in a bisexualrelationship or whatever it is that we
choose to gentify ourselves as being?Do you think it's less about that or
more about the fact that their fearfeeds fear into maybe the younger, you
know, the younger listeners and thepeople that are trying to like figure out
a way to be honest about themselvesand don't want to feel like they're sneaking
around, but they don't have thatsupport system. You know. Do you
think it should be important that thatperceptions there. Do you think this?
They should just put on their blindersand go full force ahead for their own
light with everything in life. Youshould. You should put your blinders on
and focus son, your journey,your race, your what your your your
life. I think that, youknow, there's there's a duality the question,
though, and the duality to thatanswer, because in the black community
it's very, very stigmatizing to beassociated with being gay. It's lookally being
weak, it's looking being something.You know, the Black Church, I
think, plays a role in thatblack the black culture. It's just it's
not the he's the hood. It'sjust that doesn't embrace that. It really
does put a lot of pressure onpeople and that's why the dl man is
such a permanent thing and, youknow, in a woman's life these days.
But I feel like people just haveto just understand that we share this
world with a lot of different peopleand they all are going to look like
you, think like you, livelike you. They're not going to have
them as much money as you.They may not have you know, we
all are different and I just havealways accepted people for who they are and
however they show up and I wishmore people would do that me. So,
Jason Warrior, your words should goright to God's ears, because I
find it just fascinating that, nomatter whether it's the lime community or I
don't like to segregate because, like, I'm not I'm not white, I'm
Sicilian. There's a butt there's lesswhite in me than anything else. My
daughter's about the whitest thing that Ihave them life, you know, because
their dad was super white. Butfor me, White, black, a
Latin, it doesn't matter to me. I think if people just put on
their own blind folders and like justclose their eyes is and listen to their
heart or listen to the words thatpeople are speaking and have a conversation kind
of on a blind spot, Ithink it will go so much more nicely
for people that are trying to comeup into the community. So you've never
really had a difficult conversation with anyonein your life because you just didn't value
what you know. Wasn't you didn'tvalue you value yourself more than you value
to people's opinions, are you?Because opinions about me matter and nothing.
I mean, I have a verysmall group of people that I let rent
space in my head for those purposes. You know, they give me their
feedback or they give me their,you know, observations, but they never
tell me what to do or howto think or how to move, because
they all know that I'm a verystrong minded person. I had a very
clear vision for my life, formy business, for my brand, for
what I want to do in life, and so I'm grateful to have been
blessed to be around people who elevateme and who want me to be better.
And when I go a little faroff, you know they'll they're the
guard roses that a we're where yougoing. You know, it's like bumper
cars that kind of push you backinto the center. That's beautiful to have
that, and not everybody does.So that's had to talk to you,
but that says a lot about youas well of what you accept in your
own life. Like I know I'veallowed people, and all use your words,
rent space in my mind, butit's because perceptions are really hurt me.
Like they were disgusted that I waswith a girl in season two.
It didn't bother me at all,but then fast forward, the things that
they say and hate still bother me, you know, and not because it
came from them and not because it'swhat they think. It's because of what
other people might draw from that asactually valid information rather than, you know,
just letting someone live their own lifeand not be too concerned with it.
So for those that are like meand go through that struggle of who
to allow in, what would yousay to them? How do they let
go completely? Just find someone thatthey can latch onto that will be better
for them than the people they're surroundingthemselves with? Me I'll say you know,
since I met you, I've losta hundred and twenty pounds. I
was gonna say that, but it'shard, like when I'm sitting here and
I don't have my glasses on butyour face is super lean. Oh Yeah,
I lost some hundred and twenty pounds. You know, when I W
wow lost that weight, I hada mental shift also, because I started
to have more self love and careabout myself more and take more stock into
what I was doing and who Iwas around, what energy was coming in
my life. With food, Iwas eating, what I was putting in
my body, but I was puttingaround my body. And when I started
going through that process, you know, I had to come up with my
own evict in process. When youtalk about people running space, you have
every interview boughs to come up withtheir eviction process. Some people want to
give thirty days notice, some peoplewant to just move them out at gunpoint.
You have to decide what every me. Once I started really put pilling
back the layers of all the wayI had carried physically and emotionally from people
in situations, I said, youknow what, Fuck that, I'm this
is it and literally sat down andmade the decision to wife. I did
pray to God, say you knowa God when outside put my feed the
grass. I said, okay,God, take the people that are not
on the same journey as me outof my life. And I just had
that conversation. And I'm a manifest. I believe in manifest and it start
to happy to me too, andstart I love that about you, I
really do. I can't wait tilllike really sit down and have like a
conversation between you and I in betweenthis and the next time that we maybe
go on and share it with theworld. But you know, I just
want to tell anyone who's listening andmy viewers just, you know, know
this it's okay to know a lotof people, but it's not okay to
share yourself with all those people.You don't have to do that. Is
that pretty accurate? I agree.I agree. Yeah, because people just
have a tendency to want to takeor they want to find a week spot
because they're really unhappy in their ownlives, so they like to pick on
other people. And I know it'sbecause Um really prevalent. Like I think
there should be cops for like cyberspace, I really do. Yeah, I
think that's the most dangerous place thereis. You know, for those of
us that remember life before social media, it is it is jarring right.
But think about this. Even moresad that people that are growing up in
this world of social media is theonly thing they know. So to them
it's normal. You know, it'sbreeding, it is breeding this new normal
which is which which has such ahigh level of toxicity in it that they
don't know that they don't know thealternative, they don't know what's actually except
the wall anymore. You know,it's really scared. Well, for our
for our listeners that are actually,you know, parents and you know,
with people that are impressionable and maybethe younger group, like my kids are
millennials, and what's born in ninehundred and ninety three? So you know,
they grew up with this, butthe computers were not so much in
the beginning, but now it's allsocial media and my kids just maybe it's
because of me, they stay offof it unless they're using it for a
reason to push them forward or theyjust have something that they want to put
up to share. But we're notover sharers and they I think that for
people that really want a little moreprivacy, maybe they should take their social
media pages and edit them a littlebit and take it down and take a
break. Would you suggest that maybe, just maybe, there is some way
for people to just let everything gowhen it comes to who people love and
why they love them is not importantif people just would let everyone beat them
and be true to themselves, doyou think the world will be a little
bit easier of a place? Ratherthan putting a stigma, putting a picture
up so people can judge you,take it away and just be private for
a while? Yeah, absolutely.I mean I think pride month is a
time where the LGBTQ pus community isis sharing their stories and sharing their their
pride for who they are and inself, acceptance for who they are and
how they are living. It's thesame with women's Day and women, you
know doing that. Is the samewith, you know, black history month
or any other groups of people whowant people to acknowledge their communities and to
understanding their pride for their communities.I think most people who have ignorance just
they don't just lack sensitivity but alsothink that there's some deep rooted conflict that
they may be going through, becauseI never walk in a room and say,
can everybody who's straight identify themselves,like if you walk in honey,
you could tell when you walk ina room. You know, like me,
I only need anyone to identify themselves. I've already done and I'm okay
and I love it. But whatI'm saying, though, is I don't
care who's straight, I don't carewho's gay or lesbian or to none of
that matters to me. What mattersto me, like we said at the
top of this interview, where's thecoins? Where's the deposits? where it
would wires, the pay pals,the apple pays? That's all. I
don't care about that. I thinkthe girl you'll be sitting with when you
bloom. People walk into a room, you'll be like yeah, I'm identifying
all of that right now. Ilike that so much. I gotta tell
you if there's anything that you havecoming up. I love to know.
Like, I know you're a busyguy and I don't want to take too
much of your time, but Iknow that a lot of my fans and
viewers just adore you because I doa little bit of investigation before I,
you know, bring on a guestof your caliber and I adore you like
from the moment I saw you andmet you, and I've seen you in
your versace robe on online I'm like, he's so much jam, like I
vibe you totally, like I couldhang out with you and you know,
I don't know if you smoke ornot, but I have medical card because
I have our a and autowimmune disorder. But I will share a little bit
with you and just hang you know, like, but I'm a gangster cook
and I love to cook for peopleI love, and I had to tell
you I'd cook for you all day. And you're surrounding people and all those
people that have spaced in your headbecause you're just amazing. So tell me.
For All of those reasons, whatdo you have going on that you
could post will play fit on yourplate that you don't already have? Well,
let's say. Okay, so Ihave my Hollywood unlocked with Jason Lee
uncensored podcast is doing very well andthat shows. Also a national show on
I heart. We're number one andsixty nine markets on the weekend with I
heart. So we do that.And I have a show on Youtube called
gagging with Jason Lee where I talka lot of shit and it is highly
entertaining and extra men. I wantto go there. The message you should
come on. You would love it, they would love you. And then
I'm say I'm working on my secondbook, I'm working on e courses.
I have what's the title of YourFirst Book? The title it's called,
and I can get you a copy. The title my face and I want
to hear a book also. It'scalled God must have forgotten about me.
I'm it talks a lot about likemy childhood trauma and all that I've been
through. Yeah, I love thattitle. It was a lot. My
next book is titled How I stoppedgiving a fucking start winning. So I'm
excited. I'm just I'm real.Is that supposed to be released a second?
I totally want to release it onmy birthday, August sixteen. So
we'll see. Are you a Leo? I'm a Leiah, me too,
when your birthday delight, twenty nine. Okay, yeah, you within your
own. I love you so much. I love my Leo's. We're a
big lions will come for you,but we'll also to lay down and let
you late walk on us. Youknoww just if you need it, well,
let you walk on as with winggo'll let you step on us.
No, don't know stepping on us, because that ladder stops there. We're
at the top. You can justlike share a little space there, but
now don't try to pass us.Absolutely, because we are the top of
the food chain, honey, wedon't let people forget it. But I'm
busy. This is other APP.How to say? I'm on an APP
called Bego I don't know you everheard of be Gome? What is that?
I wanted to ask. It streamingAPP where people are streaming and getting
gifted online, to just be therewith people and talking to them and they're
throwing you gifts, and I havecome over there and shaking it up and
it is so much fun. Iwant to go there. I'm think I'm
going to download that one more donewith this today. See, you just
gave me a gift to I don'tknow these things because I'm not hip within
with a hip crowd like you,but you know, I'll get in there
and I love that you just gavethat to me because that's such a gift.
I like to do things that makesense, just like you, and
I want to grab that dough too. I like that. If you do,
let on with it. If youdo, let me know, will
help you. Oh, no,I'm definitely doing it and we'll chat after
this, but I'm definitely doing that. If I can do it today,
I'd love to do it today.But I want to know everything about you
and what's going on with you andI want to meet whoever's in your life
because I want to make sure thatyou are with a deserving person. Is
You were just I see everything thatyou do and you're multifaceted and you're so
funny and so calm and I justwant a little of that to rubble off
on me. I mean, I'mlike the ever ready Bunny I'm always ready
to go, but I'd like tocalm it down a little bit, because
I need good quality people in mylife. That's what it is. Well,
I think you're one of them.I'm here. I have an apartment
in New York too, so youcan always come over. We can cook.
Oh my God, I want tocook with you. So want to
cook with you. You don't evenunderstand. I'm a gangster in the kitchen.
I throw down. You might notwant to stand too close because you
might get a little burnt, butI mean, I love so much to
cook and I cook for like fiftypeople and I don't even know why when
I buy all the meats and everythingwe please tell me that you are a
carnivore like you, like me,I am black, Greek and attire.
Holy Fuck, you're a dream likethat's amazing, because I love to feed,
but when someone says, Oh,I got this or that and I
don't like this, it's like nowI'm like not excited to cook. So,
yeah, I'm definitely coming to cook, and I'm right across the water
way, that the west side highways, right out my window. Oh yeah,
ways, right out my window too. That's awesome. So we could
basically just actually, I don't wantto get my where abouts by literally live
on the west side highway, likeI'm right there, Yep, and I
live right a crossrom it and Iwon't give exactly where, but I probably
see you through my window then,because I see all of Jersey right there.
Well, then you're looking at me. Is Half the time. I'll
point it out to y'all. PinDrops, so you could just see up
and drop, but later. ButI just have to say, like this
was a really nice surprise and Iknow, like we, we don't go
back super far, but I feellike I've known you for a long time
and I want my people to getto know you as well. So I
hope that you'll, you know,be a guest with me more than just
once, and I'd love to loveto have some fun on your platforms to
I mean you just you're my jam. You're so cool and if anybody wants
to follow you, they can justlook. Look at I'll tag you when
I put this up. All,so put something up on igtv so everyone
can get your handles and make surethat I have everything that you want me
to include in that, because I'dlove to make sure you get the traffic,
not that you needed, but youknow, everyone needs love. So
now you understand why you have suchan amazing life, because you've manifested all
of it for you. But thankyou. I appreciate that, I really
do, and I want you tohelp everyone, to continue being strong.
I want you to stay as youare. I don't have to tell you
that, but I want you tokeep doing what you're doing because people like
me, I'm watching. People mightnot think that I watch things, but
I need incentive, I need inspiration. You can't always think that you are
at the top of your game,especially, you know, a single mom
like myself, and single, Iuse that very loosely. I'm going to
kind of stay that way for awhile, but I think that more people
like you are needed in the world. So spread the love, Babe.
Thank you. Yeah, and we'llhave you on platform see is, keep
it, keep the good times rolling. I love it. Just listen.
Thank you so much for sharing todayand I hope that you'll come back soon
and I want to make sure thatyou have an incredible day and we have
time to say goodbye, because Iknow I've taken up enough of your time
and I want one of your booksand I'm going to send you one of
mine too. Happy reading to bothof us, and if anyone wants anything
from you, they can go toa website. Or, yeah, they
can go to Hollywood unlockcom or atHollywood unlock on instagram. This is Mr
Hollywood here, folks. She gotyou hurt it here, Jason Lee,
thank you so much for being hereand to any everyone in your team for
helping setting it up. And I'msorry for my tardiness, but I always
be a little bit late, butit'll be worth the way. Thank you.
YOU'RE A gem. I love YOU'REA gem. Thanks so much for
being here. Hey, guys,this is the end of today's episode of
Daniel so ab absolutely and I'm soglad that you tuned in, but if
you haven't already, please go andhit that subscribe button. We'll see you