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Wendy, always remember my kids are no different than yours, when you speak of me, you can bet it’s affecting them. So minimize the risk by keeping it nice!

But the most disturbing part of all is; by you supporting @bravotv paying millions to criminals, for the purpose of Entertainment, well that’s all on you. The words and actions on your show, spill and potentially hurt all the families & children the horrifying crimes targeted and ultimately destroyed their financial security, safety, & trust! Be a part of the difference not a part of the problem!

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Danielle Staub, Absolutely
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Episode transcripts

Straw hut media. This is asurprise life and I'm doing this for my
podcast and also for the day aftershow. I think it won't be surprising
for any of you to know that. You know I've stirred the pot a
little bit with my recent interview andit wasn't something that I did to stir
the Pod, it was something Iwas asked to do. So here it
is. It's minding my business todayand you know, one of my fans,
one of you sent me. Anumber of you did, but the
first one that I opened was WendyWilliams show, and so he said just
go to three minutes, and Ithink it was like twenty one seconds and
I clicked on it and you hadit on speaker, because my daughter's here
and she was being very nice.Wendy was and complimenting me and saying Nice
things, and I could tell likethat was really what she wanted to say.
It was almost like this coded messageand I like, I'm about ready
to stab you a hundred times inyour back, your stomach, your throat,
everywhere. And you know that washer way, I think, of
setting up an apology without giving meown apologies. So she begins to talk
about the special that I was onfor nightline. First of all, her
little sidekick there and needs to reada little bit and get a little education
on me, because you're not tobe messing with me because I have my
own platform. Wendy has hers,but a little sidekick over there. He
should have kept as fucking mouth shutor done his research properly. So I'm
hearing everything she has to say andit sounds speakering. Then all of a
sudden she puts up my mug shotfrom when I was a kid and the
year is incorrect, but that's okay, and she says, well, you
committed a crime too, and Danielleis this and that and the other thing,
and whatever she said, my daughterheard and I left it on as
long as I could, but thenI just discontinue to because it really upset
my my my daughter's. So beforeI go any further, I just want
to let you know, Wendy,I did a lot of thinking about this
and you just joined everybody else thatuses me to try to and I'll give
their opinion and state something that maybethey want the world to believe, because
that way, you know I'll getattacked for and I'll get a harassed for
it. And I just want youto take a step back for a moment,
Wendy, and and your side kick, and realize that you and I
have something very much in common,besides our birthdays both being in the month
of July, Uhum, we bothhave children and now we're both single parents
of children, and along with havingchildren comes great responsibility. You want to
protect your children and I want toprotect mine. So here's the thing.
When you hurt my kids, Ihave to then speak up. My kids
have been going through the judgment,in the pain of these idiots the say
things about me and then regurgitate themten years later, twelve years later.
I mean it. When does itstop? I had a lot of respect
for you, Wendy, but nowI don't and you owe me an apology.
I don't care how you do whenI care what you're doing to make
things right. And what you saidabout me and insinuated about me were words
that repeated, were repeated by youfrom the mouse of idiots in my original
seasons, and your sidekicks that arewasn't a housewife doesn't bother me too much.
I mean he was probably sucking onhis mommy's titty anyway. When I
was on the show originally, andI'm am a fucking housewife, I'm a
fucking iconic housewife. Without me andTeresa in season one, especially without me,
there wouldn't have been a season two. No one held everything on their
shoulders the way I did and protectedtheir children by walking away in season two,
without an income, without any kindof retaliation or any way of defending
myself with the things that you weregoing to put out there about me and
you were going to put into thepress about me. And, believe me,
perception is one hundred percent of whatdrives the media these days. You
should know that, Wendy, you'vegone through your own difficult times. I
won't talk about you the way thatyou did me, because that would mean
I would want to hurt your child, and I don't, because seeing things
about one's mother has a tendency torip the heart of our children out.
You had no right to hurt mykids and then laugh about it with that
hackle of yours, which I usedto adore, but now you're right up
there with Teresa. You're like nailson a chopboard. Okay, and then,
instead of saying that they committed allof these crimes while they're public figures.
Mother's trying to send an example andpointing out that I was not yet
even an adult. I didn't havea platform, I didn't even have a
mother or a father or a hometo go home to. I was sexually
abused and I was on my own, honey, and you should have done
that kind of checking, because thisis your shell, this is your responsibility,
and when you came after me thatway, you hurt my children the
same way. Teresa, Caroline Manzel, who is now being a criminal and
dean is sticking up for me andall that other nonsense, but where was
she when she was actually driving thatfucking fight towards chasing me out of town
and threatening my children and I?You don't know anything, Wendy, and
if you think it's fun to watch, as, as I quote you watch
these criminals when you judge me,honey, I'm going to push right back.
So you're now telling me in yourwords that you can done this behavior
of these criminals who are stealing fromorphans, widows. Theresa Forty two counts,
a bank fraud, internet fraud,mortgage fraud. I rust fraud.
You cannot tell me nobody's innocent whenyou're with your husband that long. I
mean, you know you had twomarriages, but, Wendy, the first
one didn't last that long, let'sface it. So don't judge me and
I will try not to do thatto you as well. I would never
want to hurt a child. I'venever even I could never even imagine having
to say these words to you,because I thought, you know, you
just having fun. But the partthat bothers me the most, besides the
fact that you just hurt my childrenagain today, or now, twenty seven
and twenty three years old, andhave to live under this stigma of media
driving a perception of their mother,the only parent that they had, raising
them financially, supporting them emotionally,physically, mentally, supporting them and educating
them without a paycheck from Bravo.I have every fucking right to be pissed,
because Teresa took that from my childrenand Caroline Manziel believed me to the
point where I was afraid from mychildren's lives. That's why I left the
shout. Do you think I hadarm guards around me in the first two
seasons, because this was a cakewalk. No, it was not,
and now everybody is seeing I wasright to have those people around me.
I was right to try to beit would protect myself. And if you
believe anybody that I had on thatshow with me was my friend for Real,
you might want to take a lookwho I actually follow and communicate with
on my facebook page, my friendspage, not my fan page. Oh
that's right, maybe there's no roomfor you over there, because my real
friends are a Plothora and many,many fold. But back to what I
was about to complete saying, becauseI'm really upset with you for going after
my children and I'm trying to remaindignified and act like a lady and try
to have some class, but Isee myself leaning forward like this. That
means I'm getting really mad, soI'm going to sit back a little bit
or lex and be the boss Fitchthat I am. Don't ever talk about
my children by talking about me.That's exactly what you did. And number
two, the biggest thing that upsetsme next to you hurting my kids,
even though you might not have thoughtthat you meant it. You weren't thinking.
You were letting other people dictate whatyou put on your own show.
It's your name, honey, it'snot your little sidekick over there that was
probably too young to remember anything thatwent on in the original seasons. So
let's just go to my second pointof contention with you. Your words,
not mine. You said, Oh, Daniel, don't be upset about the
criminals. And mean, what elsewould we watch if there weren't criminals on
the show? So you're okay withbrav O paying millions of dollars to criminals
who are stealing from children, froma mortgages, from committing fraud, forty
two counts of fraud. Theresa did. She went to prison while she was
a public figure. Erica Jane isgoing to go to while she's a public
figure. Mine was in my pastand if you want your past to stay
in your past, you should probablyleave mind there too. Okay, I
hope we never have to have thisconversation again, but I'm certain I have
just started something. Well, no, you started it and I've said it
before, I'll say it again.I will never start a fight, but
I will finish it. So Iexpect an apology, even if it's not
public, and I also expect youto tone it down. I understand you
have to have a show, whichmeans you have to tell Bravo you have
to live ravel see that you're likeall Bravos, so you can have the
housewives on. So you had tosee. You thought you had to like
throw me under the bus and makea funny but here's the thing. You
make yourself look pretty bad. Itreally did, besides hurting my children,
which I'm going to say again whenyou say stuff about me that is absolutely
utterly not true or even applicable oreven important what I did when I was
a kid, because if you're goingto rewind my life, why don't you
go back to when I was eight, about five or ten years prior to
that arrest, when my father wasraping me and no one was there to
hold my hand end and I hadto say no, after eight years of
being sexually abused and beaten with beltbuckles. So how you doing, Wendy?
I survived a lot in my lifeand just because I'm quiet doesn't mean
a week and just because they don'talways fight back, it's doesn't mean I
didn't want to. I didn't havea platform. Now we do, so
come for me again and you'll keephearing from me in this format and I'd
hate, I'd really hate, foranyone in your life to feel hurt and
pain about your past being regurgitated.I really would so leave my past alone
in my beautiful, perfect children.Leave them alone. When you come for
me, you're coming from my babies. Seeing the look in their eyes after
all these years of being hurt bythe way people speak about their mother,
the only person they have in theworld. That's a fucking enough. It's
a fucking enough. I hope I'vemade myself clear. I used to really
hold you on a past. Allthe two things that you did today that
we're wrong. We're so diabolically wrongand so far in the wrong direction that
I lost respective and the fact thatanybody listening that might not agree with me
wanting to protect my children. Youmight think that I'm trying to make it
all about me. I'm not,and you can just shut this off now,
because you're truly not a supporter andI'd rather have one supporter then a
million non supporters. Trust me,none of my shit is fake. Can't
say that about the rest of them, but you actually shocked me when you
said Hah, the crimes brother waspaying millions to the criminals. Well,
why else would? We will watchkeep them coming. Well, here's a
little fun fact for you. JoeyGorgo, when it comes out that he
was he raped a girl, hisdad lost his house to pay off this
girl. I mean, this isall like out there already. It's alleged.
I'm just saying there's been a lotof information past to me, not
just by Melissa's Ex, Brian,who wrote all of this years ago.
There's articles in the Huffington post byCris Chris so say. He is now,
you know, a politician and NewYork politician, but I have to
say, if you wasn't, youwould definitely have been on here with me
to tell you how horrifying it wasto hear you say that you support the
crimes the Bravo is promoting and payingwoman to keep doing so that all of
you can be entertained at there.Since when our crimes against other human beings?
Children, widows, orphans, Imean, you name it. There's
there's so many reasons for me tobe very sat with you, but it
wasn't funny what you said, andI think that's where I'm going to wrap
it up. I think I've saideverything I have to say you can look
for this. If you've missed mylife, you can look for this online
on my podcast, and also it'llbe up fun IG TV shortly. I'm
just I'm called. Oh, Ijust saw somebody say when they should go
on the housewives. Well, yeah, you should, won't you give it
a try it, girl. Let'ssee how you make out. See what
happens when they dig up your pastand spill it all out and tell it
the way that they want to tellit, to manipulate it, to make
you look bad so they can keepsupporting the other criminals until their crimes come
out and explode. It's all aboutthe ratings and I understand that's what it's
about for you, but you lost, you lost a respect today and if
no one agrees with it, beingdisrespectful towards me and Dr in directly disrespecting
and hurting my children, which nowyou're aware of. So if you do
it again, you doing it intentionally. It's enough that that happened, but
you can doning criminal activity so thatyou can be entertained, as you put
it. That's a different level ofrespect that I lost for you and I
hope any of you who have astrong opinion about that. Might just chime
in and let Wendy know, letanyone know on social media. I hope
that ABC and Hulu are watching andnightline, because you know what they're going
to heard me say at once.I'll say it again. If that's what
you're looking for, criminal activity toentertain you. Well, real houses in
New Jersey will provide that for you. All this criminal activities happening now.
I mean, Joey's not even justthat's just that the iceberg. That's way
in his past. It's still notforgivable. But how about all the stuff
he's doing with flipping homes and puttingup the wrong houses on his social media
page? It's all bullshit. Youknow, a lies allies a lies,
a lie, and he's a liar. So stay tuned. I'm sure you
see many more crimes to come outin the very near future, but just
now you should probably leave mine backin the s because I was a kid,
a sexually abused child that was justlooking for love and someone to make
me feel safe. And if youcan judge an eight year old and nine
year old child, then I probablylost the last year. Out of respect
to what I have for you.Every time you abuse me and every time
you bring that up it just lookslike abusing me all over again. And
whoever said Bye bye get off mypage. I don't care's think you can
bother me. It's so funny.Funny. I've survived more in my life
and you all know what I looklike. So you're all behind you a
little keyboards going. Let me justsay this to her. Let me take
my shot and see if I've beenbecome famous for five seconds. Fuck you,
you don't bother me. You're fuckingweak and pathetic. When you go
after somebody who's, you know,put themselves out there and been honest,
nothing but honest, you know mightwant to check the book of honesty,
because you always looks more like abook of lies. Like I said,
I've met a lot of people inmy life. It's just a few fake
ones and I'm sitting very close tomost of the time. Don't associate my
name with them. I'd appreciate it. The funny thing is is if Wendy
truly were to go on that show, I don't think that she would ever
say the things she said in herinterview today are on her show today.
So I'm going to continue using myplatform to speak up, speak out,
answer, speak back, but asmany people that feel adversity towards me on
negativity towards me, there's a hundredpeople to replace you. You One,
I got a hundred Deprivla, youthousand millions, because there's more people damaged
in the world than pretending not tobe damaged. I never pretended anything.
I gave you the truth. LikeI've always said, a lot of people
don't like the truth. They'd ratherhear a lie. It's easier to accept,
it's easier for them to embrace andit's easier to believe. So figure
out what you want to believe.I guess it's all up to you.
I'm always going to be here totell the truth. This is going to
be the day after show made formy podcast, so be sure to look
forward on a Daniels all absolutely onapple, spotify or actually wherever you listen
it. Just be sure to subscribeso you don't Miss Anything and we can
totally vibe. But I also wantyou to remember this is probably going to
go up on my instagram, ifit's long enough, on my ig TV,
so you'll be able to see itanywhere. But I just want you
to make sure to subscribe to mypodcast as well, because there's a lot
of different, multi genre episodes.There's something in there for everyone. It's
not just about the housewives. Thankyou Jesus. I really want to move
as far away from it as possible. The reason that I did the ABC
nightline special is because when I wasasked, you know, they said you
were the first one to go through, you know, a castmate being arrested
and charged with crimes and using thetelevision platform to, you know, monopolize
it. So, for those ofyou who wanted to know why I was
asked to do it, well,I'm an og. Don't ask anymore.
Thanks for tuning in. Guys,you know I love you massively, and
for those of you who sent methe videos and keep me up to date
on everything and never ask what Ican always say I'm filled with gratitude,
love and massive, massive, massivethanks from my kids and myself, and
I'll see you soon.